Thursday, November 16, 2017

To Provo and Back in Less Than Five Hours

We had planned on driving to Provo yesterday, but Carol did not feel well.  This morning a little after eight we drove to Provo.  We stopped at Walmart and then at Sam's Club.  We got a few things to eat and the rest were cat food and soaps, etc.   We stopped at the Red Barn for ice cream.   We were home at 12:30.

Last Thursday we were in North Las Vegas where we picked lemons at Anne and Fred's backyard.  As soon as we got home we began to juice the lemons.  it took over and hour to do that.  There was a good three quarts of lemon juice.  Below is a peak into the fridge.
 There is an old board, 2x4 about seven feet long.  I brought it into the garage and pulled out some of the nails.  I don't know where it came from, but from the picture one can see that is old.  On Pinterest I found a three legged stool called a Viking Stool.  I am going to make one from the old board.  I cut five pieces sixteen inches long.  I then ripped off bad edges.  I glued them together for the seat..  In the morning I will begin to shape it.  I also removed the clamps late this evening.
While the glue is setting, I started the weed whip and cut down the weeds in the iris garden.  Hope to have it tilled next week.
Carol put some of the lemon juice into freezer trays.  Late this evening she removed the lemon cubes and put them in a zip bag.  Then she filled the two trays again.  They are in the freezer and will be removed in the morning.  There is not enough room in the freezer for all of the trays.  That's why it is done two trays at a time.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Cleaned the Kitchen Window

After breakfast, Carol asked me to wash some of the glass in the kitchen window.  I have learned that it is best to comply with her request, instead of putting it off.  I washed the two bottom panes and then washed them from the outside.  I removed everything from the window sill.  Dead millers were all over the sill.  There were dead spiders and dead wasps.  I vacuumed up the bugs and the dust.  With a damp rag I cleaned most of the dirt.

The items in the window were very dusty.  I dusted them off with a damp rag.  As I did that I put them back in the window.  There were a couple of things that I threw away.  The black tube from the vacuum is in the bottom corner on the left.  That took me a couple of hours.
 I continued work on the pedestal.  I made four braces to help hold the pedestal up right.  I needed my jig saw to round of the top of the braces.  A short in the in the jig saw cord tripped the breakers in the switch box.   It took me quite awhile to get it repaired.  The cord is about six inches shorter.  I had to replace the blade and was quite a challenge.   The wood was over an inch thick, and the saw would not cut it through it.  I moved over two the table saw and quickly made the rounded top.
The bird feeder was nearly empty.  The peanuts blocked the bottom feeders.  I dumped the bird feeder and removed all the peanuts an put them on the dish or the bottom of the feeder.  Two of our cats were eating the peanuts.  I thought this to be strange,
I then filled the bird feeder and hung it in the tree.  It doesn't take long for the birds to find it.  Often the cats are laying under the bird feeder.

The photo below shows the pedestal and two of the side braces.   It is not glued to the base at the point.  The braces are glued to the pedestal.  The top is sitting to the right.
I wanted to round the edges on the base and the top.  I haven't used the router for a long time.  I could not get the bit out.  I took the black top off.  Still I couldn't get the bit out.  After loosening and tightening the chuck if that is what it is called.  I used a punch to remove it.  I put it back together and put another bit in.  I rounded part of one of the edges and it looked terrible.  I found another bit and it worked ok.  There was one edge on the base and an edge on the top that looked pretty bad.  On the table saw I cut a little bit of each.  I routed again and now it looks good.
I sanded the base and the tops and the braces and the pedestal.  It is now ready for staining and finish.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Pine Nuts and Jade Plant

We were home from the Manti Utah Temple early this afternoon.

Yesterday I began working on a pedestal.  Below is the one that is in the house.  I will copy it with a few changes.
I sanded the base and the top.  I used a clamp to hold down one corner.  I then sanded with the belt sander.  Instead of the clamp on the piece being sanded I clamped a small board to the bench top.  The piece will push against the board.  I can change it end for end and put the small piece there without having to re-clamp it.
I glued small wooden pads on the bottom of the base.  Three of them did not match the grain of the wood.  I took them off and glue them back so the grain matched.  Tomorrow I will stain or pain it, if I have time.
We haven't had rain for over a month and the lawns is pretty dry.  We always water the lawn with well water.  I drained the pipes last week.  To water, I hooked the hose to city water in house three.  It has run in two different places on the front lawn.  I turned it way down for the night so it wouldn't freeze.
There is water running at two different places for the hen.  One is in the water dish and the other running in the chicken run.  It getting pretty muddy.  I hooked a short hose to that hose bib and run the water two the west edge.

Last week I bought a pound of pinion pine nuts.  I planted them in the germination trays late afternoon.  I watered them well and will put them in house three in a couple of weeks.
A couple of weeks ago Carol's plant,  Crassula ovata, commonly known as jade plant tipped over into the sink.  Two branches broke off,  I cut off the leaves and will let the scab up some and put them in pots in a week or so.   There were twenty-three stems.

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Monday, November 13, 2017

Monday Morning -- Catch Up

I read 1 Nephi 12 and 1 Kings 3

I am trying to build a couple of items made with wood each week.  I decided to make a pedestal for a potted plant.  We have one in the house and I don't know where it came from.  I took the measurements of the one in the house and then out to the garage to start on it.   Last week I made some wooden blocks to make a block puzzle.  They were on my table saw and on the out feed table.  They were in the way for my new project, so I glued them together.  The photo below shows the cube, but it is not put together the right way.  There are twenty-seven cubes.  They are glued together to make a small L, large L, small T, a large T, and two other configuration.
I went out to house one to remove more tomato plants while the glue was curing.  I haven't cut tomato plants for awhile.  The vines were much dryer now that they were the last time.  I worked part way on the two rows on the east side.
I then began making the pedestal. I found an old 2x4 about eight feet long and cut it into pieces from the cutting list that I made.  I was making the base and the pedestal top.  I cut all the 2x4's in half so that I had some like 3/4x4.  I planed them to give all the same thickness.  First, I glued the top together.  I didn't get a phot of the top.  This is the base.
I cut down more tomato plants in house one.  I finished with the two east row.
Carol took a group of ladies from the Butter Milk DUP Camp to Cove Fort.  I mowed the lawn.  There was no grass to cut, but a lot of leaves to pick up.  I took me about an hour.  I dumped the leaves in the melon garden.
Carol wanted me to put the cushions from the outdoor furniture in the garage for the winter.  They were already in plastic garbage bags.  I tied the top of each bag with twine to keep the cushions in and the dust out.  I also blew the leaves off the driveway.
Carol is not back from here DUP meeting at Cove Fort.  I then decided I would finish up the day in House six. Tomato plants in house six are really tangled.  Cutting down the tomato plants in house six is much more difficult than in house one.   However, they were really dry, and broke.  I worked on the row on the right.

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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Saturday & Sunday

I was looking under my bed and found a digital camera that I haven't seen for years.  I thought that I put it down somewhere outside and couldn't remember where I put it.  I was amazed at finding it yesterday.  I dusted it off and removed the battery.  Another amazement.  I found the battery charger.  I charged up the battery.  Another amazement. I found the Manual for it.  Another amazement, I found the cable to up load the photos to my lap top computer.

This morning I took a few pictures with the camera.  They turned out pretty good.  The photo quality seems to be much better than I get with my Samsung phone.  I dug up a volunteer tomato plant that produced a long thin tomato. I don't know how long because it was still green.  It is in the photo below.
 Below is one of the pole beans that I have in a raised bed.  Its grow pretty nicely, but with the short day it may take a quite a long time to have fruit.

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Friday, November 10, 2017

Las Vegus Day Three

Last day in St. George.  We were up at 6:45.  I showered, read two chapters from the Book of Mormon, and then went down to the workout room.  I wanted to get on the treadmill, but there were two young people on it running at a high rate of speed.  The looked like they might have been together.  There was another person lifting hand weights.  I left and went back to the room.

It was about 7:30 when we went down for breakfast.  We got plates and filled them with different breakfast items.  We went to a table.  Miles and Nyleen came and set with us.  I went back several times for more food.

Miles and Nyleen took us to the church where the viewing of Karl Larsen was being held.  He is the wife of my cousin, Evelynn.  We were there for about forty-five minutes.  Some of my cousins and siblings were there.  Some I haven't seen for years.  Howard and Gordon Johnson, brothers were there in wheel chairs.

We stopped at the  Kolob National Park twenty miles south of Cedar City.  Miles went into the visitor center with his National Park pass.  We did not have to pay.  We drove to the top of the park making several stops going up.  There are a lot of red rocks and other colors.  The photos do not come close to the actual majesty, brightness, and colors.  Following are pictures of parts of the park.  These all have names and I don't remember them.

There were lots of ponderosa pine trees along the upper part of the drive.  These were located at our first stop.

At the end of the road I was going to take a picture of  Carol, Miles, and Nyleen.  I lined them up and was ready to get the picture when I was interrupted by two young BYU students.  One offered to take the picture.  Miles and Nyleen and Carol and me.
We drove onto Cedar City.  It was past time for lunch.  Deciding where to eat with a small group of people has always been a challenge.  No one wants to commit to a place to eat.  We came to a gas station that contained a Subway and Chinese food.  We decided to eat there.  We stopped at a Subway in St. George, and that is where Miles and Nyleen wanted to eat.  At first I thought that I would have the Chinese food.  I changed my mind.  I forgot a photo of us eating, but took the follow picture after everyone left.
When we got to Beaver, we stopped for ice cream at the cheese plant.  There were a lot of people.  The parking lot was filled with cars and inside the store was filled with customers.  On the door there was a big sign that said: STOMP THE WILD CATS.   My first impression was there many feral cats hanging around the cheese plant trying to get something to eat.  Further examination gave a much different meaning.  Beaver High School had beat Delta High School the week before in the quarter finals and next week they were going to play football with the "Wild Cats."  Whoever they are.  We went in and got some cheese and ice cream cones.  There was an older couple there in Sunday clothes.  We visited with them while waiting for our turn at the ice cream bar. They had just returned from a funeral and had also been ordnance workers at the St George temple.  We ate most of our ice cream setting on a bench by the door.
I took this photo because of the small stool.  I thought that I might design something similar as I have made some stools.

On the way home we stopped at the Maverick  in Fillmore to get gas.  I paid for the gas. They had the cheapest gas that we have seen in our trip.

When we got home, Miles gave me a haircut.  I vacuumed the kitchen floor to remove the hair.

I walked out to the greenhouses to determine conditions there since we have been gone for two days.  The last planting that I did is doing well.  I planted them last week, Wednesday.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Las Vegas Day Two

Slept pretty good last night.  It took awhile to figure out the shower, but finally got the water temperature right and the shower direction right.  I shaved, dressed and went down to exercise room and tried out the tread mill.  I pushed the two mile per hour button which seemed pretty slow. I then pushed the four mile per hour button and it really took off.  I quickly put one foot on each side before I fell off the back.  I finally got the speed right and walked for five minutes.  it was a pretty good work out.  the man on the machine to my right helped me to get it going right.  He was a professional speaker in his mid seventies.  We discussed what we were doing.  He served a mission.

The Hyatt Hotel served a full breakfast with a different menu for each morning.  I ate a lot.  We then began our drive to Las Vegas.  I read 2 Chronicles much of the time from my I pad.  Nyleen was driving and she pulled off the freeway at Moapa.  We had planned to drive to the place where Robert and Jeanne lived for five years.  I turned my phone on to the GPS to guide us there.  We changed directions several times and found the road to the cemetery.   It was on the bluff above river bottom.  It had changed a lot since the last time we were there.  Below is one of the headstones.
To the east of the cemetery there is a large nursery where palm trees are grown.  At the north end of the cemetery inside the nursery fence are pomegranate bushes.  We were able to reach over the fence and pick some.  The were way past being ripe and were cracked and dried up.  The leaves were almost gone and very few fruits.
Carol and Nyleen are inspecting some pomegranates that they had picked.  We picked several more and put them in the car.
We made our way to where Robert's house used to be.  There is a greenhouse there and some large garages for equipment.

We were looking for the recreational facilities that the church owns at the warm springs.  We got on a paved road and followed it the church property.  A big arching sign said The Warm Springs Ranch.  We walked in and found two beautiful swimming pools.  There were four women in the pool.  We visited with them for some time.  They invited us to come in and swim.  We didn't bring our swim suits.
Carol and Nyleen are on the other side of the second pool.
We then drove to North Las Vegas following the promptings of the GPS.  When were got closer the directions took us on a much longer route.   We visited a while and then started to pick lemons and limes. The lemon tree was on her side of the fence.  There were a lot of lemon on branches that hung on the neighbors side of the fence.  Anne got permission from her neighbor to pick in his yard.  We got a couple of totes full.  Nyleen is picking as shown in the photo below.
We finished picking and spent some time visiting.  Below is Fred, Anne, and Miles.  Fred has a walker and can get along with a cane and some assistance.
 Below is Nyleen and Fred.
 Here is Anne, Miles, and Carol.
It was time to eat.  We drove to pizza place, called Blaze Pizza.  They make a thin shell pizza and the customer gets to select what goes on the pizza.  I didn't count how many, but there were a lot.  They were put in the oven.  They soon called us to pick up our pizza.  You can see in the picture that there is more than one person can eat.  Miles and Nyleen shared theirs and they ate it all.  Carol and I and Fred and Anne ate only half.  The other half was put in a box and Anne took them home with her.  Those in the photo starting from the left:  Anne, Miles, Nyleen, Carol, and Fred.  I took the picture.
We headed back to St George.  We given the right directions to get to Highway 215.  We come to the fork.  We could go east or west on 215.  West was my quick assessment. That was wrong.  We should have turned to the east but didn't.  We drove four miles or so before we were able to turn around and come back.  We got on 215 going east and drove to Mesquite where we gassed up.  We did not turn at the right time to get back to I-15.  We made another U-turn and got on the freeway.  It was six when we got back to the hotel.  Miles and Nyleen went to home of a friend.

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