Saturday, May 19, 2018

The Day After Irrigation

I was really tired yesterday when I finished the irrigating.  I slept well and feel much better this morning.

 The wasp

 The water time clock turned the water on to pad one.  The plants are well soaked
I made a few more Tomahooks this morning.  Also,  I use those hooks for training the cucumber plants.  I hooked the twine to the bottom of the cucumber plant with tomato clamp and Tomahook to the purlins
I did the same in house one.
I removed all the irrigation pipes from the lawn and put them away.  Here they are in the orchid.  There are two other places where I store them until my next turn which might happen in two to three weeks.

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Friday, May 18, 2018

Irrigating Today

I thought that I was to take the water at 6:30.  It was about 6:45 when I got it.  There was a lot of weeds and junk floating down the ditch that I had to remove.
Yesterday, I put this timer on the pressure tank at the well.  I had it turn off after 200 minutes.  When I came back, all the trees and shrubs in pad one were well watered.  I set the timer today to run for 180 minutes to come on at 3 a.m.  I will check in the morning to see if there are any remaining water.
I could not get the two pipes to connect because they were of different sizes.  Most of the water ran through the larger one to take water at different place on my lawn.
Same as above.  If there is some spacing between the pipes, the water is dispersed over a longer distance.
Raymond, our neighbor to the west.  Takes the water out of the same pipe.  Here it is running into his yard.  We went to Fillmore for some groceries and some 14 gauge wire from Ropers.  We were back in about one hour.  He had the water for a couple of hours.   We had the water again until six, where I turned it back to him.
At this point the water can be diverted to three different ditches.  To the right it goes into a pipe and comes to our yard.  To the left it goes to a horse pasture.   If the center gate is open, it goes to two different people.  
Here I have water running to the asparagus.  Some of these got watered several times. 

Irrigating is pretty tiring.  Water running on the lawn.  Water running on the garden, and water running on a different lawn.  I had to move pipes at different locations.  If I were able to start over.  I would leveled the yard and have different terraces.   By the end of the day, I was tired.
 I built new Tomahooks with the 14 gauge wire that I bought.  It is extremely easy to bend and makes a suitable hook.  I modified others so I can hang them without a ladder and using a three foot piece of 1/2 inch PVC  pipe.  There are three in the above picture.
This narrow photo shows the tomato plant and the hook.  Whoops the tomato plant is missing.  I may have cropped it off.  It is in front of the black nursery pot.

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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Several Projects Today

  1. Install hose bib timer to the pressure tank at the well.  Last year and previous years I had to turn the water on and remember to turn it off.  The water goes to pad one which holds large native shrubs and trees.
  2. I have one sweet potato start the I put in a quart pot.
  3. Prepare and invoice for the Holden ward for the Mother's Day geraniums.
  4. Pot the rooted tomato plants.
  5. Remove the lid from the wasp trap.
  6. Call Steve at Duff Shelley's lawn mower repair shop.
  There are a lot of stinky weeds in the scallions.  They really stink. I started cutting the roots with a pair of scissors; that was too slow.  I pulled them up.  Looks much better now.
Yesterday I pruned the tomato plants in house one.  I stuffed them into this quart bottle. They should begin to root by the end of the month,
Yesterday, I made this salad with most everything coming from out gardens.  I ate half of it yesterday and the rest of it for lunch today.
Carol wanted her lemon trees brought out.  It has been hard to keep them standing.  I tried several different ways.  One year I tied them to conduit stakes.  That worked most of the time, but the wind blew them over.  I have put them in a pot in a pot.  I drove spikes through the bottom of the pot.  The wind still blew them over.  To day I dug holes and buried the pots.  They should not blow over now.  I will dig them up and bring the back to the greenhouse where they will spend the winter.
I took these vine plants outside yesterday afternoon to harden off or get accustom to the outdoor climate.  This afternoon they were pretty wilted.  I rook them back to house two and tonight they looking good.
 I put the rooted cuttings in the four inch square pots and watered them well.  They should be ready to plant in house six in a couple of weeks.
 I called Shelley's about my lawnmower.  I think that I will have a new engine put in.  I gave Steve the serial and model number.  He called later this evening.  It will cost nearly $3,000 for the engine, taxes, and shipping.  The above picture shows the location of the numbers.
I planted six more tomato Tasmanian Chocolate tomato.  Three are shown above.
Another look at the lemon tree.
This lawnmower has been in house five for a lot of years.  Richard is beginning to fix it.  Here it is in several pieces.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Not One Wasp

After doing a few chores, I headed for Fillmore.  My suit has not been cleaned for a long time.  It is hard to take to the cleaners up north and pick it up on the same day.  I left it at the Kessler's Cleaners in Fillmore.  It will be ready Friday morning.

I bought some wire in Fillmore to make Tomahooks.  I brought it home and the wire was stiff and hard to bend.

I am getting the water Friday morning.  I filled the spray tank that rides on the mower.  It took awhile to prime the pump.  I rode to our ditch and sprayed the weeds.  I was able to get most of them with out getting off the lawnmower.  I sprayed all the weeds on our side of the road from Mary's driveway to the north west corner of our place.  I used all of the spray.   The mower engine was not working properly.  I sounded like it was not get gas or there was not a spark all the time.  I am a little disappointed with Duff Shelley mower service.
I made a tossed salad with the lettuce, tomatoes, radishes from the garden.  I used frozen peas from our garden last year.  Salad dressing, raison, and sunflower seeds from the marked.
After lunch I planted the tomato plants.  There is one row of Delicious tomato plants, which have been a favorite of ours.  There are thirteen plants.  A couple of them are quite large and some are small and some are in between. The picture is from the back of the garden looking east.  last year there were iris plants and a lot of weeds there.  It is more free of weeds this year.  I sprayed some of them west of the iris.
Here are eight Tasmanian Chocolate tomato plants.  They were free seeds.  One catalog said the plants were two to three tall and another one said three to four feet tall.  Tomato size is eight to twelve ounces.  Seventy day determinate plants.
I couldn't use the wire for Tomahooks, but it will be perfect for the grape plants.  It is a little hard to see the wire.  I also dug more weeds north of the grape trellis.
The pictures that I take with my smart phone from time to time do not show up well.  I found a two more flat tree basket cages.  I was able to make twenty Tomahooks.   I was able to make two or three per minute.  I hung more tomatoes to the overhead wire.   I also pruned more branches.  There are about twenty in a quart mayonnaise bottle.  They will begin rooting in about ten days.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Wasp Trap

I am anxious to make a wasp trap.  As it has warmed up the wasps are flying all over. particularly in areas that have a lot of places to hide and build nests.  I bought a plastic box last week which it not what I wanted.  While in Payson yesterday I bought a pair of boxes which was exactly what I wanted. I watched You Tube videos today to find out the best was to make them.
I cut off  the top of a two litter bottle.  I had a difficult time making a round hole in the tote lid that would have a tight fit.  The You Tube instructions was to use a utility knife.  I tried it, but it didn't work.  I couldn't push a knife through the plastic.  I used my larges circle cutter and made a round hole but it wasn't large enough.  I then used a raspy grinder to make the hole large enough for the bottle.  I used some greenhouse poly sticky tape.  I cut of little strips and taped the bottle to the lid.
The lid and bottle in the above photo are upside down.  It is hard to see the clear poly tape.
This is a picture of the completed box with Freckles looking on.
This is the box baited with a little water and cat food. I put on the lid and placed the trap in house three.
The above photo is of the Trailing Daisy, Erigeron flagellaris, which is growing in sixteen pots south of house three.  They are blooming nicely.  It is a tough drought tolerant plant.

Two of my neighbors took the large Toro lawnmower.  Richard is going to get it working.

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Friday, May 11, 2018

Potatoes and Preparations

I cannot publish my photos.

Yesterday we drove to Fillmore for Potato seeds.

I used my tiller to loosen the soil to plant potatoes.  I stretched a line to make a straight row.  
I made a row that went west and then came east and tilled next to the first row.  The soil is now pretty soft.
 I made an irrigation row for the water.

They are now planted and water is being applied.

Planted our potatoes this morning

Worked in House one this morning

Went to Fillmore this afternoon for clear plastic box.  It was there but not the one that I wanted.  bought hose clamps.

Put up posts in house one.  I used a string to get them in a straight line.  There is room for five tomato plants between each post.

took nursery garbage to the dumpster

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Preparing Grape Trailis

I was out in the garden this morning digging weeds waiting for Richard.  I then came in and started breakfast.  Richard came.  I turned off the stove where I was making oat mush and went out to help drive in the tee posts.  we worked out there for over an hour.
We worked in the south garden for over two hours.  I found a couple of  6 1/2 foot post.  We did not have enough.  Richard took home his six foot post that he brought yesterday and brought a few more post that were a little longer.  I found a ten foot post.  I cut three feet of the end of it for a seven foot post.   We drove in all of them or I should say that I drove a little bit.  He drove the most.
The posts are eight feet apart and there is six feet between the two rows.  The above photo shows the six foot isle between the two rows.
I use the blue twine to help keep the post in a straight row.  I rolled it up to use it again somewhere else.
The peas and onions have been watered by the rain and I used a hose and water breaker water them well.  Today, I made a dike on both sides of the onions and on both sides of the peas.  I then run water from the rows.  It took most of the day to get them wet.

I finished breakfast.

around two this afternoon we drove to Fillmore for some zip ties and the plastic boxes.  The boxes had not come.  We got gas and came home.

I made a few more tomahooks.

I bought 25 eight inch zip ties. I then bought 100 5 7/8 inches long.  They were way to short.  The eight inch ones were perfect.  I put them around the purlins above the cucumber plants

I dug and pulled weeds around an asparagus plant.

I picked a few asparagus spears and cooked them for lunch.
I bought some crimson sweet watermelon seeds.  They are pictured above.  I planted some old seed earlier.  They should have been planted several weeks ago.