Friday, April 20, 2018

Lot of Odd Jobs

There are several trays in house three that should have been transplanted last spring.  I didn't get around to it.  I went to work on some of them.
The above photo is Shepherdia argentea, or Silver Buffaloberry.  They were seedlings three years ago.  their roots had grown together and there was no way I could separated them.  I ended up with clumps. There were about fifteen #1 pots.  Some on the edge came apart as singles.
Last October I planted a pound of pinion pine nuts.  They did not germinate to well. there was about 31 of them.  I filled the cone-tainers yesterday and got them good and wet. I made a hole in the tube with my pencil.  The roots were too long to fit in the tube.  I shortened them to make them fit in the tube.
Above are some that are over one year old.  I put these into a #1 pot.

There was an old tray that had some Banana Yucca, Yucca baccata.  I ended up with five yuccas.
The plants in the above picture turned out to be a surprise.   ................................................

This photo of Monroe Globe Mallow is full of weedy grass. I pulled them out.  The were two pots of Indian Rice Grass.

These are plants had tall dead stems that I cut off.

This is a Rudbeckia that survived the winter in this six pack.  A plant in one cell was dead.
Here I cleaned up the rudbeckia and put them in a larger pot.  I will keep and eye on this hardy perennial.
The Desert Four O' Clock is pictured above.  Germination hasn't been good this year.

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Onions Planted

I took a lot of pictures of the lettuce growing in house six.  It was pretty dusty there.  I washed the dust off the lettuce.
All the above lettuce photos are from house six.
I made a baloney sandwich using the lettuce from house six.  doesn't look that good, but really tested good.
A Skunk bush and a choke cherry tree is going on the east side and the south end of house one.  I have been cleaning the east side and now to get rid of the tree and the shrub.  I dug around them with a shovel and a small garden trowel.
Here I have exposed one of the roots.  It is white.  I cut it off and dug more.
With a cup of water I washed the cut surfaces to be ready for the treatment with Round-up.
This picture shows the stumps after a treated them with Round-up.  I used a small sponge brush to apply Round-up.
This rose is growing west of the garage.  I cut all of the stems and treated them with Round-up.
The same with this rose by the asparagus.

I planted four different onion varieties.  First Candy Apple, then Copra, then Red Candy Apple, and then White star.
I made this tool out of a small piece of 1x4x10 wood.  I was going have some precise planting three onions in each in each row four inches apart.  The white PVC pipe is used to make the holes.  It didn't work very well.  I ended up guessing the distance.  I laid an onion down on the freshly tilled soil and pushed the roots into the soil with my for finger.  That worked quite well and was pretty fast. 

I did some pruning in house one and roses and some trees east of the house.  I shredded them with the shredder.  Some went through okay.  Others I had to push through.  Several time the discharge shoot plugged up.  I had to lay the shredder down to remove chips in the cutters. I put a large poplar piece in and it killed the engine.  I pulled it out and restarted the engine.  This happened several time before it was all chipped.I
I laid down the tarp to catch the chips.  It made a nice pile.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

House One, Almost Done

I filled the bird feeder this morning.  All of the birds in the neighborhood come.  It is gone in twenty-four hours.  Alisha came by and got three more golden current plants.

The photos below represents some of the thing that I did today.
 I found this praying Mantis egg capsule and brought into house two for the Praying Mantis to emerge.  The dark speck in the center is a baby Praying Mantis.
The Toma-hooks are pictured above.  I made them with various kinds of wire.  The twine is rolled up on the hooks which are hanging on the over-head wire waiting for the next crop.
A month ago, Carolyn Stevens brought me some seed.  I transplanted them today.  There are two different corianders, two different basils.  Big leaf and Italian basil.

 Above one is basil.
Curl-leaf parsley. The top two six packs were transplanted two weeks ago and the rest today. There are thirty-six plants.

A plant in house three is blooming.  It has off white colored hanging trumpet blossoms.
I finished this evening in house one.  I opened the two north doors. The eggplants against the west wall are gone.  I put all the plant material north of the north end of house one.  The winds that we had a couple of days ago covered all everything with dust.  When I cut them down, raked them, and made a pile on the outside; it was dusty.  It is on my clothes and in my eyes and nose.  The cleaning that if have left is on the east side.

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Snow and Cold

Burpless cucumbers are doing well.  The male flower buds are beginning to show.  I added another tomato clip.
I worked much of the afternoon in house six removing many pieces of twine and winding twine on the Tomahooks.  The one on the bottom has the hook, some of the twine is wound up and some is not wound up.  What to do with the end of the twine is a problem that I spent some time thinking about.  The top one has a half loop wrapped around one end.  The next one has a theme clip which would give a little weight to keep it from unwinding some.  One end of the string if wrapped five or six times.  It seems to work okay.  I like the half loop best.  The string and hook hangs on one of the wire wires.
It snowed during the night.  The above photo is the snow one the row of peas that I planted last night.
When I left house six yesterday, a lot of twine was laying in the isle and on the row to the right of the walk way,

Monday, April 16, 2018

One Windy Day

I pruned most of the early tomatoes this morning.  I cut off all the branches and some of the lowerer leaves.