Monday, February 19, 2018

Robert and Frank and Snow

It started snowing around two this morning.  After breakfast there was six inches of snow on our driveway.  It snowed most of the day and added another four inches of snow.

First thing after breakfast was to turn on the furnace in house six.  There was about ten inches of snow on the poly.  I remove the deep snow in front of the door.   I turned the on the furnace, the gas was ignited, and then I hung the poly Curtin over the fan on the north west corner.  I left and came back because the furnace shut off.  I followed the thermostat wire to the thermostat which was covered with dried left over tomato plants.  I turned it up and the furnace turned on.  I left it on the rest of the day.
This is the first picture I took this morning.  It is ponderosa pine decorated with frosty snow.
House six is warming some.  The snow is beginning to slide.
The snow on the top of the roof also is beginning to slide.  By the end of the day, most of the heavy snow had slid down the sides.
Robert and Frank were here.  Robert prepared a planting bed in house six. He removed all of the plant material, then drove the tiller through it five or six times.  We stretched the twine to show the boarder on both sides.  Other areas will be prepare at a later date.  It is ready for carrot, red beats, chard, turnips, radishes, etc.
Robert is planting the Styrofoam trays with leafy vegetable seeds.  Frank is helping.
 Robert transplanted a lot of the lettuce. 
I had bush snap beans here that were not doing well.  He pulled them up and replaced the with lettuce.
On the left are the lettuce plants left over.  Will find a place for them.
We have a lot of Styrofoam plug cells.  I cut them into five inch sections.  Robert finished the day by planting various seeds of leafy plants.

We have had problems with snails and slugs.  Frank brought three cans of beer.  He poured it into soft cat food cans.  They are partially buried in the soil.  It is said that beer attracts slugs and snails.  We will see tomorrow afternoon.

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Friday, February 16, 2018


It has been a pretty busy day.  I printed a picture of Carol's grandfather, father, uncle and grandmother.  The print queue had three pictures waiting.  Finally I was able clear the queue and print the picture.
The brackets that I made a couple of days ago were too short.  This morning I made some new ones.  I took several short cuts this time.  Instead of cutting them to length, ripping them to width and depth, I cut them to length and glued the three pieces of twelve inch 2x4's and then glued them together.  I clamped the together with pipe clamps underneath.  I then added two more clamps on top and waited until after lunch to finish cutting them to size.
There was still not time for lunch.  In greenhouse two I planted one six pack with Burpless Cucumbers.  One seed in each cell.  I put them a little tub of water.  The water soaked up and wetted all the seeds.
This tomato plant which I dug up last fall has been growing in house two since then. It three main branches.  I cut one off and staked the other two with bamboo stakes and tomato clips.  The stakes are four feet tall.
There were three tomatoes at the bottom.  Two were ripe and one, the smallest one, was green. I cut the cluster of and that is when I saw the green one.  The largest tomato fell from the stem the result of a small bump.  It looks like it will be a excellent salad tomato because of the easy picking.  Might be able to shake the plant and ripe tomatoes will fall off into large baskets.  They are about 2 1/2 inches long.  The Juliet tomato has the same picking characteristics.

I made a salad for lunch using the two small tomatoes, beet greens and some golden chard.  I other things in the salad are:  small sausage, peas from the freezer, raisons, cheese, and sunflower seeds.
Weeds have been a problem in the greenhouse as well as in the garden.  The weed above is a grassy weed that the next generation of plants will start in a month.
The underside of the bench top had a slight convex  that caused the top bracket to rock. The top was two wide to go through my twelve inch thickness plainer.  The first bench I made was twelve inch wide.  I ripped about one inch off the side.  I then run it through the thickness plainer un-numbered times until the convex surface was changed to straight.
I finished the two brackets.  Trimmed to the right size, softened the all the edges except the bottom edges.  It took me a long time to make a jig two get the holes in the right location and bet the right size  of bit.  I will use lag screws to attach the bracket to the bench.  In doing it this way I can take the bench apart for shipping, or I should say that I can put it in the trunk of the car.  

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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Most of the Day in Utah County

We left home this morning a little after seven to be at the Murdock Hyundai for a 9:00 service appointment for our car.  We made it to the north I-15 enter-change.  I forgot the ink cartridges for my printer.  We turned around and went back to Holden.   What I really forgot was that I forgot that I put it on the back seat of the car. While at home we picked up the $10.00 service coupon.  We were at Murdock's ten minutes early.

We stopped at Sam's Club for some supplies.  I bought Carol a Nook at Barnes and Noble.  One the way home we stopped at Costco to have the ink cartridges refilled.
We met Lisa and Alex for lunch at The Olive Garden in American Fork.  We had a good lunch of ravioli with sauce, salad, and bread sticks.
A couple of tomato plants are growing well.  I tied one of the branches to a bamboo stake.  They are in-named.  I dug up a volunteer last fall.
Tasmanian Chocolate tomato seeds that a planted thirteen days ago have come up and doing well. They are free seeds that I got from Renee's Garden.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Most of the Day with the Piano Bench

Started again on the piano bench.
Above are the two legs, but they are not wide enough.
I glued on another small strip to each leg to make them wider. The brown on the left side is the strip that I added. 
The piano bench that I stained last week is a little bit warped.  With a small hand plane I planed across the grain so the two legs would fit without rocking.  The white area is where I planed it.
The close up shows the underside of the bench with the plane at the far edge.  I drew a pair of parallel lines with the black marker.  I then planed between the lines.
I had a lot of problems with the trestle.  The tenons were badly shaped.  They were so bad that I was going to make a new trestle.  I figured out a way to repair it.  I would make the tenons smaller.
I cut the two legs in half following the grain.  Then I nibbles away a half mortise one each half of the leg.  It took a long time to get them close to being right. I trimmed the mortise the checked for a tenon fit; then I would do it again.  There was not a seamless or tight fit.  If I had a band saw, I could do a better job and do it faster.  With the doweling jig  I was able to glue the two halves back together.
 Here, I did a dry fit with all of the parts.  However, the bench is upside down.
I sanded all of the parts and then stained them.  I used a sponge brush to apply the stain which I had in a small ice cream container.  The finished mortise is plainly visible.

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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Sixty Teeth

Several weeks ago I bought me a Harbor Freight saw sharpener.  I sharpened the first blade that was not my own.  Sixty teeth which I thought might be a challenge.  I set the face of the tooth at the right angle, I turned it on and it worked really well.  Each tooth face had a nice shine to it.
I have this tool that fit on my table saw, which is used to make tenens.  It would not work properly.  I sprayed WD-40 on it which lubricated some of the screws and nuts.  On the right is a threaded shaft.  Twist it clock wise and it tightens the wood against the fence.  And counter clock wise to be able to remove the wood.  There was some type of crank on the right end of the shaft, but it is missing,  It is hard to turn it with my hand.

We went to Fillmore for a few things at Roper's.  I got a forstner bit, some 3/8 inch dowels, one eight foot 2x4, and sponge brushes for the stain. 

I needed one more 2x4 to finish the bench.  I cut over half of it into twelve inch pieces. I ended up with four pieces.  I ripped each edge and planed them all to the same thickness.  I glued two pairs together.  

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Monday, February 12, 2018

Spilt the Stain

I built this rack for storing the microphone cables in our Church.  They get twisted and tangled.  After a search on You Tube I learned how to do it.  I planned to make it out of oak, but I built the proto-type out of an eight 2x4.  I made some pegs, but they were too big.  I cut them off and replaced them
with some smaller. 

I put on some latex gloves and I then began to stain it.  I used a little piece of an old bath towel.  I stained front and back, bottom and top.  I set it down and it slipped and tipped over the stain.  There was a big puddle of stain.   The above photo is how it looked.  I dabbed the little rag in the stain and finished the project.  With the router, I softened all the edges of the bench.
There was a lot of stain left on my work bench.  So I stained the bench top on which I am currently working.  
Still more stain.  So, I applied stain to the trestle bench that I finished a couple of weeks ago.  I used up all the stain on the workbench and began using stain from the can. 

The table saw is somewhat dangerous.  It is so easy to get careless and get a finger or thumb in the blade.  Also, piece of wood gets caught between the blade and the fence and come flying back with great force.  I put a little piece of wood in frond of the fence and come flying back in the direction of the person behind the saw.  
I glued a piece of wood parallel to the fence and about an inch lower that the top of the fence.  The operator keeps his fingers on of the small piece of wood which is a very safe distance from the spinning blade.  
I worked on the foot and shoulder of the bench.  The last thing I did was prepare the trestle.  I used the router to soften the edges.  I made tenens on both ends of the trestle.  

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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Cat in House Two

I made a box for the seeds and as hard as I tried I was unable to get all the pieces to fit right, with the weight in the middle and small clamp, it seemed to hold together.
I took off the clamps and removed the heavy weight.  With the orbital sander I smoothed the outside edges and corners.  It is just what I wanted.  A place for some of the my seeds when in the greenhouse.

I refilled the cracks yesterday.  Today I sanded them again. The new bench seat is on top of the completed bench.
I walked out to house two late this morning.  There was a lot of evidence that a cat had been using one of our recently planted beds for a bathroom.  It was the second time that she came in while the doors have been closed.  I looked on both sides of the greenhouse to find a place where she could have crawled under.  I couldn't find where she got in.  Then, I noticed a large break in the poly just above the door.  The were claw marks on the poly.  I found an old piece of plywood and cut it to the proper length.  I placed it above the door from the inside.  If I did from the outside I would have to use some screws.
I put some cat food in and aluminum pan.  If the cat food is gone in the morning, I would have to look for other places of entrance of the cat.

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