Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Still Trying Miters

Changed Clothes and then out to the garage.
 I built this yesterday hoping to glue a pair of 45 degree miters together.  The angle is good but the outside and inside were a little rough.  I trimmed with my saw and things looked really good.  I tried many ways to attach the miters together.  Nothing worked.  I put a little pressure on it and broke the 90 degree end at the top of the picture..
I gave up on it and built this base.  The side at the bottom and the side on the left make a 90 degree angle.  I can put half of a picture frame in an glue them together.  I then went into the house and watched a You Tube video.  The guy made a small picture frame and used only glue on the miter joints.

Still trying to figure it out.

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Monday, January 15, 2018

Help From You Tube

I worked in the garage for a short while.  I got and idea sometime during the night how join 45 miters to another 45 miter to make a 90 degree corner of a picture frame and how to hold it together until the glue sets.  I cut two 2x2 boards and mitered both ends.  The speed square in the middle helps getting a right angle.  There are two screws holding the opposite ends to keep them from spreading apart.  I put glue on the miters and used the pipe clamp to make a tight joint.  
While the glue was drying I spent a lot of time with the compressor.  The last time I checked it a couple of months ago, the compressor would not turn on.  Today, wanted to get a model number and serial number.  I could not find it.  I turned the valve on and let the air out.  I turned the compressor on and it started up and shut off when the pressure was up.  But the pressure was only 50 psi. I messed a round with it for a while and decided to see if I could the problem on You Tube.  I went to the house and watched four or five videos.  Some said it cold not be fixed.  Another told what was wrong and what to do to fix it.   
The sweet potato has roots.  The picture above shows a few roots near the bottom.  It is day ten.  The roots will grow and soon there will be some stems.
A couple of weeks ago Robert through away most of the cacti.  They were weedy and were taking up space that we could use for something else.  He saved cuttings of each which we would use to propagate new cacti.  The have been pruned sufficiently long enough allow scabbing.  I potted them this afternoon.
I planted two ever bearing strawberry plants.  The were outside and hope they do well for a few strawberries in a few months.  The two raised beds are really dry.  The water won't soak in.  I made four or five rows in each bed which will hold the water and allow it to soak.  I watered it several times.
I made a larger 90 degree angle frame to help me with joining two 45 degree miters.  I cut a 3/4 five inch wide oak plywood about 30 inches long into two, two inch piece and glued the together.  A heavy bucket is holding the pieces together until the glue sets.
I went back to the compressor and removed the pressure dial and the compressor regulator.   I can get a new regulator at Wall Mart for $5.00.
 The picture of the gage and the pressure regulator.   I want to put a valve between the regulator and the coupler.  I can then shut off the air which will make it a lot easier to add tools to the compressor.
Above is the right angled brace the will help me glue miters together.  It may not work.  I find out tomorrow afternoon.

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Friday, January 12, 2018

Robert, Frank, & Ceiling Storage

This morning I began working on the hangers, or whatever they are called.  They are built a little like and I beam.  In the picture they are right side up.  The cross pieces are to be attached to the ceiling joists.  The cross pieces rocked some.  The 2x4's were ripped to have one smooth edge.  I took them apart and ripped them again so both edges were smooth.  I put them back together again.  It was hard to the 2x4 centered on the plywood strip.

Carol and I drove to Fillmore for some supplies and groceries.  Robert called while we were there.  He and Frank came to work in house two.  When we got home, Robert, Frank, and I had a discussion on the direction that the nursery should go.
We built another raised bed.  Robert is attaching the end piece to the side pieces.  We then put the other piece on the north end.
Robert is filling the new raised bed with used potting soil.  It took four trips with the wheelbarrow and another four trips for the compost.
Both beds are finished.  Robert and Frank went home.
I put the first track up for the two totes.  Standing on a ladder I was able to hold the track against the ceiling and then drive a screw through a predrilled hole into the ceiling joists.  I lined it up with the line between the two wall boards.  After I got it pretty straight, I drove more screws into the ceiling joists.
Putting the right side up was more challenging.  I put a screw through the piece.  I did not tighten it.. Then putting up the tote it seemed to be right.  When I slid the tote to the south end, it was two loose.  I had to undo the center screw and move the south ends closer together.  After it was like I like it, I predrilled more holes and put more screws into the joists.  
Here is another angle.  

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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Frame Almost Finished

You Tube video showed how easy it is to build a set of blocks to hold mitered edges together while the glue dries.  I built a two pairs of blocks.  It didn't work.  I tried everyway to hold them together.  I put the clamps on and it twisted the frame.  I gave up and used another approach. 
This is how it looked when I gave up. It looks like a pile of firewood. I put the clamps away.  I put the blocks away.
Yesterday I glued a side and top together and the other side and bottom together. I put glue on the four miters and clamped part of it to the table.  With a 1/4 inch bit I drilled a hole through one corner into the end.  I put glue on a dowel and inserted it into the hole.  I did the same for the other corner.  

We have had trouble with the TV signal that the county provides.  I got on the roof to see if there was some problem up there.  Some of the plastic items on the antenna were crumbling some, but I couldn't see how that would affect the signal.  I wrapped the connection area with electrical tape.  We haven't had much problem today, but there were a few time that we lost the signal.  
I worked on getting the picture, backing, and Plexiglas to fit the frame.  That problem is solved.  I painted it with varnish.  The can says fast drying, but being as cold it wasn't dry when I quit working.
Last week I bought two totes.  I will hook the to the ceiling.  I made a couple of rails that I will screw them into the ceiling. The lip of the totes will slide on the rails.  I will put light weight things in them.  A label with be put on the end of each tote naming what is on the inside.  

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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Finished Miter Sled & Picture Frame

Wednesday is when Carol washes the sheets. And in addition she made Taco Soup.  All of this was started before breakfast.
Yesterday, I worked to the miter sled for my table say.  I needed a right isosceles triangle to get the angle right from the saw blade. I don't have one and I didn't want to make a special trip to Fillmore.  We bought a new large wall calendar.  I kept the card board back.  I made  isosceles triangle.  The two sides are ten inches long.  This morning I used it to get an forty-five degree from the saw blade.  I did some practice cuts and I could not get it right.
I did not get enough pictures to show the steps needed to get to the point as shown above.  The two piece that connect to the blade are set at ninety degree angle.  I drove screws through the holes in the sides.  I clamped them to the bottom board so it would not move while screwing in the screws.  The triangle above did not work.  The board was square and using a speed square against the edge of the board, I was able to get it right.

I put a piece of a 2x4 down the center to cover the blade   I shaped to make it more comfortable.
I glued the piece to the board and put a heavy gear on it to hold it until after lunch. I also glued the pointed end to the "V" end.  
The glue had set up.  I drilled three started holes counter sunk them.  
I found a picture that I wanted to frame and I found some Plexiglas to cover the picture.  The glass was very dirty and I worked on it for forty-five minutes.  I cut pieces for the frame.  I cut and recut to get them the right length.  I found a pair of corner clamps.  I glued the side and top together and the other side and bottom together.  Finishing the frame tomorrow.

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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Table Saw Sled and Small Table

We have been to the temple all morning.  As soon as we got home, I changed my clothes and went out the garage.
This is the small table upside down.  Yesterday, I glued the gray blocks to the skirt.  I put screws through the holes in the gray blocks and drove screws through the oak blocks into the table.  The legs are secured to the table top.
Using half inch screws I secured the runners to the base.  Now I am in the process to make the guides for cutting perfect miters.  The photo above shows how it will set on the base. There should be a ninety degree angle as represented by the speed square.  
I am making the angle guides out of some old 3/4 inch plywood.  there are two pieces about two inches wide glued together. I then drove screws through them to hold them together. Hope to finish tomorrow.  I need a right angle triangle to get an accurate corner. 

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Monday, January 8, 2018

Three Days in One

Friday evening the internet  died.  I was working on the blog.  Saturday morning it was working.  But I had to start over and it gave me Saturday's date.

I one of our neighbors died last week and they wanted the choir to sing a couple of songs.  I was there most of the morning.  
I needed a way to connect the table top to the legs without driving a screw though the top of the table in to the legs are skirts.  The above photo shows the legs upside down on the table top which is also upside down. I glued four small oak blocks to the bottom next to the legs.
There is a heavy gear on a piece of plywood holding the blocks to the table top.  Later I removed the weight and plywood.  Two of the blocks did not stick.  I applied more glue and left it over Sunday until Monday morning (today), 
This afternoon I glued some blocks to the skirt.  There is a pair of clamps on the right side holding blocks. First I glued them to the oak blocks.  I realized my mistake took them off  Each in each block is a hole.  A screw through the hole into the oak block will firmly hold the top.
l watched an You Tube video showing how to make a miter table saw sled.  First of all I could not find the other table piece.  I finally found it behind the patio cushion.  I trimmed off the double layers.  I had to watch the video again to find out what was next.  First I had to make a pair of runners.  One each for the slots on either side of the blade.  I cut one pair and they were to loose.  I cut another one and it wouldd not fit.  By moving the fence very so slightly to the left several times got one to fit and then I cut the other one.  Next step is to glue them to the board.  I put washers in the slots to elevate the runners.  I applied the glue and a heavy bucket of potatoes on top.  It helped press board one the runners.
I used a my belt sander to make the table top smooth.  There are a lot of saw marks.  I sanded with the grain; across the grain.  I rotated it forty-five degrees and sanded more.  I then used my orbit sander for a fine smooth.
The bird feeder has been empty for about twenty-four hours.  It has been raining some and when it was almost quit.  I put out hen scratch for the birds.
The photos from my Samsung phone were washed out.  They were not at all bright.  I took this photo last week of our poinsettia and the red candle.  They looked a lot better than what I took a month ago.

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