Monday, July 16, 2018

Long Day at Work

Another day of going to work in the greenhouses as soon as it gets light.  Later in the morning it gets pretty hot.
The weeds in house one have grown humngus.  It took me about an our to get most of the weeds.  I put them in the composting box which I water several time a day.  It doesn't get any higher.  From here I went to breakfast.
After breakfast I began working in house six.  There were a bunch of tomato plants that put in there early last week.  I propped them up with a tomato clip attached to a bamboo stake.  Today I clamped them the trellis twine to hold them upright.

I carried all of the plants and weeds out the west door that I cut down last week.  They are in a pilee hoping to turn into compost. 
I don't know the name of the this plant but it is in the cabbage family.  I cut them down with a large lopper.  Then I picked them up and carried them out the west door.  There was about twenty plants.  
This how it looks after I was finished.   The cabbage like plants were in the empty space on the left.
 There are grass weed toward the end that I wanted to take out.  They were being watered with the kohlrabi.  I want them to dry up before.  I cut the drip tape and folded it three times and then wrapped it with electrical tape.  I saw that being done on a YouTube video.  I didn't work for me. When I turned on the water, the water began to spurt.
I then put on a pair of end plugs.  The leaked some.  Now the tall grass weeds will dry out some.
I looked in house two and the plants were quite droopy.  I stopped what I was doing water everything in house two.
This snail was crossing the side walk by the back porch.  I put it in the garbage. 
I picked the cucumbers.  It filled a tote to over flowing.  Some of them were on the ground and were dirty.  I put them on the wheel barrow and washed them.  I put them back into the tote and covered the tote with plastic wrap.
 I drove to Fillmore for a bunch of things including poultry netting.  I spent most of the afternoon covering the north end of the chicken run with the netting.
I stretched a wire from the garage to the hen house.  It come loose and I had to get on top of the hen house to fix it.  
From the north side of the hen house.
This not too bright picture shows how it looks when I finished.
I destroyed a wasp nest at the back of the hen house.  Also, there is a nest under the bottom step of my step ladder.  The ladder was in house six standing up and the wasp found  a place at the bottom.

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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Muggy Morning

I picked this tote of cucumbers this morning.
This cucumber was trapped when I put on the tomato clip.  It has grown since the last photo.
There are a lot of weeds growing in house six.  I had a little time this morning to cut some down.
They are big ragweeds.  Or the could be called tumble weeds.
I discovered the evidence of a deer in our yard.  I saw one track the damp soil.  I think that it was a fawn.  
I was hoeing some of the weeds around the yard.  there is a lot of chic weeds round this tree.  I hoed them out in less that a minute.
We have a flower bed west of the driveway.  These are purple rudbeckias.
I planted an other tray of red beets.  This is the fourth week of planting beets.
The last thing done this morning was picking some raspberries.

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Friday, July 13, 2018

Partners Were All Here

I began the day at six in house one pruning all of the tomato branches while it was relatively cool.  I started on the west side and went up and down the isles.  Some plants had three foot long branches.  I put on a pair of cotton gloves which kept my hands relatively clean from the tomato stains.

Then I began tying the leading vine to the twine.  Doing the I found a lot of branches that I had missed.  I stopped for the news and breakfast.  I picked a few raspberries for breakfast.  The ground everywhere was wet from the good rains from yesterday.  I went back to work in house one.

Robert and Frank and Frank's daughter and grandson came with them.  They brought the pump and sprayer to paint the poly on house six and house two.  We went to Fillmore for a few groceries.  Dianne was here when we got back.  They picked the produce for the farmer's market in Monroe, Utah.

Robert and I did some transplanting of the rooted tomato plants.

We have one sick cat and one sick kitten.

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Thursday, July 12, 2018

It Rained and Rained Some More

My neighbor called last night and said he would be here at 8:30 this morning to get the rooster.  I caught the rooster.  It wasn't easy.  I used a hook, but could get him.  I chased him form one end of the chicken run to the other.  I finally grabbed him by his wing.  I tied his legs together.
Yesterday, I prepare the three hog panels so I could move them  today.  Mickey Steimle, a neighbor of ours got the rooster.  He helped me move the hog panels.  Moving them was easy.  It was a little harder to get them lined up and secure them.  The brick is to hold them off the ground.
Carol and I planted the Blue Lake Pole beans.  There are two plants spaced eight inches apart.  There were a few extra plants which between those planted earlier.
This is not a very clear picture.  A couple of our chickens fly out over the grape vines.  I cut off the vines hanging in the chicken run.  I thought that I would put some welded wire above the vines.  The chickens can fly on top of the hen house and then fly out.  
This yellow jacket nest is under the hen house shade.  The blue looks like the blue sky, but is a blue panel.  This evening I captured this nest with a plastic shopping bag.  The was another nest in the pine tree west of the chicken run.  I most of it, but one of the yellow jackets fell and hit the back of my hand.  It gave me a mild sting.  
There were several good rain storms late this afternoon.  It was much cooler in house six, which is where I dug up all the plant material which some were pretty small, but most were tall. They are lined up one the row south of the center isle.  There will be two rows of tomatoes there.  
Here is looking at the weeds that I dug up, but from the south end.
There are hundreds if not thousands of grasshoppers in house six.  This is one in the tall annual grass.
The grasshopper have been eating the above cabbage type plant.  I sprayed it with Sevin insecticide.  I also sprayed the grass below.  I sprayed from both sides and put it on pretty thick.

There is a leaky pipe west of the garage where the yellow jackets come for a drink.  I covered it with welded fencing and secured it to the ground with landscape staples.  I then prepared a quart of sevin and poured it in the water.  The fencing keeps the cats and chicken from getting a drink.  Here's hoping that the yellow jackets take a drink and die.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Direct TV Installed This Morning

I worked in house six for an hour.  Came back to the house for the News and breakfast.
I have a tray of sixteen tomato plants.  I cleaned away a lot of weeds in the first isle on the north side.  I then dug holes about eighteen inches apart on the west half of the row.  Then the sixteen plants were put in the holes.  I didn't have time to hang them, so I clamped them to bamboo stakes pushed into the ground.  Some of them are nearly two feet tall.  This evening when I turned the water on, I moved the drip line next to the plants.

There are two plants at the west end that are bare root planting.
The man from Direct TV came this morning.  He was here for about an hour hooking our TV to the Direct TV network.  
This is not a pretty picture.  In the west edge of our yard there are some bricks that I did not need for our house.  This kitten was on the same pallet that the brick were on.  Several weeks ago I could smell a dead animal.  I found it today.
 The Blue Lake pole beans are ready to plant.  I prepped this hoop trellisfor the beans.
I don't want the bottom rods touching the ground.  They might rust.  I put a brick under each panel corner.  
We planted these corn plugs last week.  The plants on the left are pretty green.  The ones on the right are quite yellow.  I fertilized those on the left after they were planted.  Those on the right were not fertilized.  Quite a difference.  I put fertilizer on those on the right today.  We will see how the look next week.
The onions are doing very well, but they have a lot of weeds.  This is a hands and knees type of job.  I run water down the row to soften the soil. 

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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Some Weeding

We were home around one this afternoon so that gave me all afternoon at the nursery.  It was too hot to work in the greenhouse.  I did some watering and then brought out a tray of Gambel Oak, Apache Plume, and Round Leaf Buffalo Berry.  
I pulled out all of the weeds and decided to put them in a modified Cone-tainer tray.  I cut about three inches of the legs of the tray.  The bottom of the Cone-tainer is about sixteenth of and inch from the ground.    I can put the plants in the tray and water them in pad one.  I made three trays like the above.  The plants can soak up the water from the bottom.
 I found two tomato worms.  One in house six and one in house one.
I put the tomato clip on this cucumber plant and covered a tiny cucumber which is now stuck in the clip.

I did a lot of weeding in house six.  It rained some and it was cooler.

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Monday, July 9, 2018

Saturday, Sunday, & Monday (today).

The chickens are starting to lay.  It seems like it has taken a long time.  I put a clock and light in a last week to keep the day light longer.
The sweet potatoes are beginning to grow.  I have sprinkler that is turned down low and leave it on most of the day.
The potatoes have been doing really well except for the one on the right. It should be looking like the one on the left.  Flea beetles and earwigs have been eating them.  I sprayed them with Sevin.  It really works on grasshoppers and the label says it will kill flea beetles and earwigs.
When we got home from church Sunday, the little bucket was at our front door.  It has some kitchen items in it.
When I was watering Sunday afternoon, this dove was in house 2.  It was gone by Monday morning.
I started work this morning at six.  It was much cooler.  I tied up all the cucumber plants and some of the tomato plants.  I picked a whole bunch of cucumbers this morning and wrapped them.  I took seventeen of them to Duane's Market.  He gave me 45 cents each.  
We used the cucumbers and store bought peppers to make sweet relish.  There are thirty-one half pints, and one pint and one fourth pint.  We made three different batches.  These should last all year.  
I moved more plants onto pad one.  Less that I have to water. I lowered the watering time by ten minutes. The water will run for two hours and ten minutes.

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