Thursday, March 22, 2018

Accomplishments Today

Yesterday, Carolyn Stevens brought me some seeds.  She wanted a little advice in planting them.  I thought that it would be best if I planted them and kept them in the greenhouse.

I have been planting seeds for Carolyn Stevens today I have two trays of jalapeno peppers I planted Rosemary sweet basil, Cilantro/corlander I made labels for them because my penmanship or writing is so bad.    I covered them with vermiculite and I finished watering them. 
The above photo  is  of three trays.  The seeds are covered with vermiculite.  Each tray is divided in to two sections.  The three trays hold the seeds of six different seeds.  There are two other trays out of view.  Jalapeno pepper are planted in six packs.
The above list of seeds is what I planted. It is a photo of part of the spread sheet.  Carolyn's name is in front to identify the provider of the seeds.
I started building brackets for a shelf in house two.  The table they are setting on is covered with tools, and some junk.  A couple of weeks ago, I made five brackets out of 2x4's.  This was much easier because of experiences that I had and the above brackets are made out of severely weathered pine.
I thought that it would be difficult to hold the brackets to the wall because of the problem of driving screws in a tight space.  In stead I made French cleats.  I made the cleats in the garage so I had to walk back to the house several time before I got it right. The black pieces above are the cleats screwed to the wall.
The mating cleat is screwed onto the back side.
The pair of brackets are hanging on the cleats screwed to the wall.
I found an old weathered board that fits perfectly on the on the brackets.
The things on the table are on the shelf or in the garbage.
A couple of times a few chicks went out of the hen house while I was watering or feeding.  I used hook and screw to hold the door shut and on the right is a handle to pull the door shut.
The is a board on the ground on the east side of the hen house.  The board would stop the door.  I shaved the high spot with two handed gouge.
I made the above device to hold east door shut from the inside.  When it is not needed I can hang in on a nail be the door.
I built the bar out of oak to hold the hen house door closed.
West of house five is a flower bed.  I dug out the weeds and pruned the perennials there.
I spent a good half hour looking for the rake.  I finally spotted it west of house four and there were some other tools.

The notes below are taken from my phone.  I haven't learned how two dictate to my phone.

I made these two brackets today because I needed a shelf to put all of our junk on which was the French cleats are finished they're hanging on the north wall of house two.  the first French cleat so I made that are in the garage or at a 45 degree angle I cut these a lot less degree Maybe 35 need to check and see now I need to make the shell to fit on top of these cleats on top of the brackets I found an old piece of picket fence it's a good 12in wide I don't know where it came from but it is working and easy to come back and pick it up really old wood I have screws in them to hold it into place if I were doing it again I would do the screws differently instead of the screw going through the bracket I would have the screw go through the brace then that would have a Tennessee to pull it up tight into place now I'm going to figure out how to hang it on the wall. Now the table is clean it looks good. I just finished making a hook and the latch the latch and hook to hold the dork to the hen house closed. After that with a draw knife I removed some of the wood that was holding the door shut or open.. I prepared my income tax material to take to my accountant. I updated the word history by adding the Relief Society anniversary program period. I watered Roberts plants in-house 6 he has some Kohlrabi growing and several different kinds of lettuce growing in house 6. Between the lettuce he planted another he planted radishes and they are starting to come up now There are a lot of weeds coming up also. On the north side of house. There's a lot of fox tail drawing on the north side of house 6.. the wind is blowing very hard the Pauly is flapping in the Wind. I dug up some of the fox tail weed and in some places it was hard to dig because it's growing in the weed barrier. I built this device looks sort of like a anel upside down to hold the doors for her six the West doors I mean the East doors for her sick to hold those doors open.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Busy Today

It was pretty chilly last  night.  The chicks spent their first night with out and heat.  I checked on them before I went to bed.  All of them were crowded together in the south west corner of the hen house.  This morning they seemed right at home in their new home.  
.This is where I saw the chicks this morning.  They are getting along okay.  
 There was quite a lot of rubbish left over from the roof shingling last winter.  The snow has melted and it is in plain view of anyone that comes to the front door.  Carol asked me to remove it.  The above is on the east side of the front porch.
The above photo is on the west side of the porch.  It is now in the garbage.

I put new bird feed out for the birds.  They have been plentiful and most have pretty coloring.

I put a hook on the east end of the hen house to help hold the frost protection fabric. I screwed in a eye hook and then use a S hook which if the right size for the 1/2 inch conduit.  

I got the back pack sprayer out.  Put a little water in it see if it sill worked.  Surprise.  It did work.  After lunch I filled it with roundup.  The hose came off and the fluid came out.  I lost about a quart of round-up.  I got it back on and stopped the leak.  I tried to put it on my back and one of the straps broke.  I needed to get some webbing straps which meant a trip to Fillmore.  I invited Carol to come with me.  She needed a birthday cards for April.  I got straps and a heat lamp at Ropers.  Carol got her cards at the drugstore.  I needed some spark pugs for the lawn mower.  I didn't take time to remove a plug.  I found the operators manual for the lawnmower.  On the way to Fillmore, I found the plug number.  I got the spark plug and the heat lamp. 
I tilled the grass catcher back and lifted the seat of the hydraulic motors.  They were covered with grass clipping.  I blew off the dust and grass clipping with my blower which really works pretty good. The above photo shows the dust and clippings.  I removed the back spark plug and then the front one.  The plugs were really dirty.
The above photo is after I blew off the dirt.
I removed the rotted, broken straps.  I bought six feet of one inch straps.  I should have bought seven feet.  It took some work, trial and error to get the straps right so they would not come loose.  It was tight putting the sprayer on my back.  I began spraying weeds where we have peonies.  There are two at the bottom of the photo, and one on the left side.  They are dormant now, but the grass is green.   I sprayed all the weeks west of the lawn west of the garage.  
  Above are some saffron plants that I sprayed before I identified them.  I took off the sprayer from my back, got some water and washed off the round-up.  I finished spraying west of the garage and south of our backyard lawn.
There are more saffron plants west of house five.  They are healthy looking plants. 
I   fixed I put the heating lamp in the hen house.   I turned it on.  I came back before it got dark.  Most were under the heating lamp.  I wanted the pink lamp they are gone, so I used a white lamp 

I just came back from seeing how the chicks were doing.  All of them were in the south-west corner of the hen house.  I raised the heat lamp up a little more.  

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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Tuesday - Short Day

 A lot of rocks on the driveway.  Left there by pushing snow this winter.
 I prepared the mash feeder for the little chicks.
 I hung it from a hook in the 2x4 in the ceiling.
 I put the water on a base made.
 I caught the chicks with a small wired hook.
 The chicks are put in the hen house.  They are beginning to be come accustom to their new home.
I put up a frost protection fabric to stop the wind.

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Monday, March 19, 2018

Moved Tomatoes and Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Today

Did not get time over the weekend to post.  Carol has had severe back pain  which started about four days ago.  We went to the doctor this morning.  She has a kidney infection and was given a prescription.  She has enough pills for two weeks.
 Friday afternoon, I potted up these four tomato plants.  The name is Pineapple, which is and heirloom tomato.
 The scouts are collecting food for those that have a difficult buying food.  This was put on our step for the pick-up Saturday morning.
I got picture of the baby chicks.  I filled up the mash containers.  The red chicken, at the bottom of the picture, is standing on a butter tub full of mash.  At the top right there is a dream whip container with a chick setting it.
 Leaf miners are eating up the red beats.  You can see the damage.  They were treated last week.  I put up the sticky traps to catch any leaf miner flies.
The above photo is in a different location.
An hour later one of the scouts picked up the bag of food.
 When Robert was here Saturday, he took some radishes home.  There are plenty left.  I harvested a bunch and with the hose I washed them  
I tried different ways of washing.  It seemed to work better when they were in a 17 inch square tray.
There are 105 cells in the above tray.  I transplanted the Pineapple a couple of days ago.  I transplanted the rest of them this afternoon.  I wanted a label in each pot.  I can't read my writing so I took the tray to the house.  I set them by my computer and printed labels for each one.  The labels are on top of the tray of tomato plants.
Above is a pictured of all the tomatoes.  They look a little sickly but will straighten up in a couple of days.
 A close up of some of the latest ones transplanted today.  There is another group to do later.
 I ended up with eight bunches with eight radishes in each bunch.  I took them to the post office and one bunch was left.  I took that one to the Masner's.
The last of the day I did the watering.  I found this amaryllis that was eater by slugs and snails.  I found on small snail and a small slug.  I fed them to the chicks.

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Friday, March 16, 2018

Income Tax

Much of my time was devoted to preparing documents for our income taxes.  Not much fun.
 I took a couple more pictures, hoping to get a better pictured.

There are four Pineapple tomato plants that I put in the quart pots.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Pipe Clamp Brackets

I worked most of the morning doing ward history.
There are three pieces for each bracket.  I made the top and the side and then the supporting part.  It had 45 degree miters on each end. I laid it on its edge on my miter sled and raised the blade as high as I could but it wasn't high enough. I had to cut it on the left side and then flip it upside down on the right side.  I drilled the holes for the screws in the top piece.   I had a hard time hooking the top of the bracket to the side.  I couldn't hold the parts together and drive in the screws.  I put it in the vice and used a clamp.  I made hole on the top and side piece for the brace.
 I cut pieces for three more brackets.  I drilled the holes in all of them.   The holes on the left are for the brace and the holes on the right is to hook the top to the side piece.
 I used a pipe clamp the hold top piece which is shown at the bottom of the photo to the side piece which is on the right.  I then drove in the screws and none of the pieces would move.  I did the same on the other two brackets.
The braces would not stay in place when driving the screws.  To solve this, I made pilot holes two accept the pointed screw.  Each piece has three holes for three screws.  I ended up with four brackets and I need five.  With five piece there are four slots.
I put 2x2 spacers between each bracket.  I drew lines between each bracket which marked the locations of the screws and which showed where to screw the brackets to the French cleats/  they are shown in the above picture.  The brown bottom piece  which is held to the wall with four lag screws.  Actually there are only three.  One of the lag screws broke.  The brackets a held to the French cleat by three screws.
 The picture above and the two below show the completed project.

In between times I watered and fed the chicks twice.  We went through several cycles of snow, rain, and sunshine today.

This is Merrill Johnson discussing about a few things that I did today I come to the garage and started working on a device to hold up the  pipe clamps.  They have been on the floor and I step on them. Every time I move around. I wanted to put them on the right side of the window where it is close to my gluing bench.  The shorter clamps were there.  I moved them to the left side of the window.  I made a French cleat to hold the five triangle shape.  I made a mistake putting the three pieces together to form the bracket.  I took them apart  and put them together again.  Not much fun.  It helped when I put them in the wood vise which held them secure.  I was able to put in a few screws  on each end all the French cleat now I brought him or the table saw this thing must be full of well it's not full I brought them to the table saw and was able to put them together and finally they got it done and it looks pretty good on the wall this is been quite interesting.

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