Thursday, September 5, 2013

Wedding Aniversary 52

We spent the day in Salt Lake City.  Our first visit was at the at the Museum of Natural History.  After several years of construction, the Museum was recently completed and is now open for visitors.  We had an enjoyable time visiting the exhibits on all aspects of natural history.  We were leaving and walked past their cafeteria.  We decided to eat there.  We got in line and ordered two hot sandwiches and two drinks.  I got pineapple coconut and Carol got chocolate coconut.  The hot sandwiches were fairly good, but the drinks were really disapointing and worse was the wait and the cost.  It was about $23.

We then went to temple square.  We parked in the church underground parking lot below the Conference Center.  Took the elevator to the street, walked a across the road into temple square.  We visited a few of the exhibits there.  Carol left leg was brothering her so much we decided to go home.  We went back to where we parked the car and drove for the exit.  The cost of the parking was $10.  Carol, who was driving, fed the bill into the machine and it would not take it.  She did it several times and still would not take it.  By now there were a bunch of cars behinds us.  I got out of the car, walked around, and tried to do it.  I was not successful either.  By now there were a lot of cars behind us.   A sign over the credit card reader said, "out of order."

A man a few cars behind came to help.  He had a card worked by passing it past as spot just above the spot were a bill is inserted.  The gate opened.  I asked him how I would pay for it.  He said pay double the next time that we are here. But before I could walk around the car and get in the gate closed.  He did it again.  This time I got in the car in time and we drove out.

We drove to Orem and ate at the in and out place.  We got a much better meal there than we got at the Museum of Natural history.  We then went home.

The next day, we drove to Beaver, Utah and ate at a locoally owned non chain burger place.  It was a quaint looking place and we had a pretty good meal.  We then drove home.