Sunday, April 28, 2013

Farewell to Sister Hallie Johnson

Hallie is one of four speakers in her ward this morning.  Two youth speaker spoke first and then and a return missionary was the concluding speaker.  At the end of the meeting the Bishop made a few concluding remarks.  We were told to be there by 10:30 so we would be able to sit on the soft benches in the chapel.

I was up early, showered, shaved and then went out to the greenhouse to do the watering.  Dawn was just beginning to break.  I turned the lights on in house six which is the on greenhouse that has lights.  I was able to do the watering.  When finished with house five it was light enough to do the watering in house one though five.  I also had to water plants that were on benches outside. It took just a little over an hour.

While I was watering Carol was getting the salad ready for the lunch after the Sacrament meeting. Yesterday she made a tray of brownies.  We had everything ready to go about an hour.  We were getting close Salem, so I turned on the GPS.  It was giving directions until Melissa called for directions to get there.  She gave the phone to Derick who was driving.  He asked me several questions of which exit, etc. Every time we got a direction, Derick asked a question.  I was pointing left and right for Carol telling her which way to turn. We finally reached the church which didn't have an address any where to let us know if we were at the right building.  We concluded that we were.  I was then able to answer Derick's question.  We went inside and were able to get a seat in the chapel.  Jeanne came a little later and we moved to the chairs behind the last row of benches.  There was room for all the family and friends.

I was on the chair next to the isle.  A man came by, I looked at him and stood up.  He asked if I knew who he was.  He looked familier and I thought that it was someone who had come to the nursery.  I was Richard, our oldest son.  I hadn't seen him for a couple of years.  It was good to see him.  About the same time Emily our oldest grandchild, came in accompanied by her boy friend.  It was so good to see her.  It has been about a year since we have seen her.  The meeting went well and Hallie gave a good talk.

We went to Robert and Jeanne's home for a lunch as soon as we could get out of the church.  Everyone brought salads and deserts.  Robert and Jeanne had rolls and cuts of lunch meat.  It was good.  Of course we had a good visit with every one.

The battery on my camera was nearly dead and I didn't get as many pictures that I had wanted.  Our oldest daughter and her husband and Allie, one of their children. 
Emily and her dad, Richard Johnson.  This is the first time that Richard has seen Emily for many years.  It was good to see them together again.

Melissa and her boy friend Derick.  She is so supportive of family activities. 
Here is pictured Emily and her boyfriend, John.  It was nice meeting him.  From this brief meeting, it seems like he is a nice person.
Hallie on the left with her friends 
Hallie on the right with some of her extended family.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Japannes food

I worked inside at the computer this morning.  There were a couple of customers just  after lunch.  We left for Sandy, Utah in the early afternoon.  On the way we stopped for a few things in Provo. I have been looking for a four foot wand for several days.  I get them form Steve Regan in Salt Lake City.  The did not have any at any of the places were we stopped.  I checked out Cooks nursery to help me determine prices for our plants.  I also checked out the prices at the Home Depot.  

We were an hour early at the home of Eric and April.  We drove to the Draper Temple to take a close look.  The photo is from the east side of the temple.
We then went to Eric's house and had a nice visit before the others came.  Those that were there were Eric, Lisa, Emi, Chase, and Allie Gray.  Sadie, Mason, Hallie, Robert and Jeanne Johnson.  Erica Peterson, and  Eric and April Johnson.  The Grays fixed a Japanese diner which was very good.  We ate our fill.
Sadie and Mason.  The stripes on their legs is the sun shining through the blinds casting a shadow.
Robert, Hallie, and Emi

We said our good-byes and the drove home without a stop.  We got home around ten.  We are usually at the temple on Saturday night, but the temple has been closed for cleaning.  It will be open Tuesday morning.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Family Time

This evening we drove to Spanish Fork where we had dinner with my brothers and sister and their spouses.   We enjoyed a lovely meal at the Prestwich Farms restraunt.  All were there except Dan, Betsy Husband.