Friday, July 26, 2013

Three in the Morning

This post should have been written late last night.  The next best thing is this morning.  It is a little after six and still dark outside.

The phone rang at three in the morning.  I heard the phone ringing and was having a hard time waking up.  I was wondering what was making the noise.  I have a phone in the bedroom, but the ring is different than the one in the living room.  Lisa, our daughter, and some of her kids were staying with us.  She also heard it ring.  We met at the phone at the same time but the answer machine picked it up and the person calling hung up.  It the rang again.  Lorena, with panic and urgency said that Sadye was in the hospital and would not wake up.  Lorena asked that I would come over and give her a blessing.  I told her that I would be right over.  I put a small container of concentrated oil in my pocket and had Lisa wake up Tai.  He has been home from his mission less than a month.  I thought that they would be in the hospital in Fillmore, but I did not ask.  I called Lorena back and was told that she was in Fillmore.  We quickly dressed and were in the car.

I left the truck parked close to the west edge of the driveway.  The garage door was opened and backing out I missed the truck by inches.  That was the first miracle of this experience.  I got up to 95 mph, but slowed down a little.  Driving to the ER door, I parked so an other ambulance would not be able to unload.  I didn't realize that until we left.

Lorena reported the what had happened.  Sadye tossed and turned, she thought she was having a bad dream.  About a half hour later, it happened again.  Another bad dream?  It happened again, but this time she fell out of bed and bumped her forehead on the floor.  Lorena could not wake her up.  She mildly slapped her face and then she pinched on her leg.  She still did not wake up.  That is when they took her to the hospital and called me.

Tai anointed her and I sealed the anointing.  She was told that she would make a complete recovery.  Sadye turned a couple of times but would not wake up.  The doctor came in a little later and we were informed that she had threes seizures.  We were there a little under and hour and came home.  Carol was waiting up for us when we got back.  She should have gone with us, but that thought did not come to my mind. 

Around nine am,  Carol and I went to the hospital to visit her.  She did open her eyes but would not wake up.  About three pm we hadn't heard anything.  I called Lorena and Sadye was a wake and had been to the bathroom a couple of times, and drank some chocolate milk.  Carol had called the Manti temple and had her name placed on the prayer roll.  She did that a short time before Sadye had woke up.

I called Lorena one more time around nine am to have Rudy do the watering for me the next morning.  Lorena said that Sadye was being released from the hospital and going home.  That was good news.   They will take Sadye to a specialist at the children's Primary hospital next week to determine the cause and treatment for her seizers.

We thank our heavenly father for answers to our prayers.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Camping, Fourth of July Style

Several weeks ago, Eric, our youngest son, invited us to go camping with him and April.  Nicholas was going to be with him for a couple of weeks, and he wanted to take him camping.  Nicholas is eleven years old and is autistic.  He seems to be pretty smart but once he focus on something or some activity, it is hard to get him to change his thoughts to something else.  At times he is rude and inconsiderate. Other times he is polite and thoughtful.

They secured a camping spot at Hill lake up Ephraim canyon for July 4 through July 8.  It was about five miles east of Ephraim.  We consented to go and meet them in Ephraim at two in the afternoon.  We were going to stay the night of the fourth and come home the next day which was on Friday.  They were going to stay a couple of more days.

On the morning of the fourth, we began the preparations, of getting our bedding, food, snacks, camp stove, extra clothing, tooth brushes, etc. ready.  We got our tent out which we haven't put up for over ten years.  Not sure if we could remember how to put it up. That at times gets a little stressful of why don't we take that, or we are taking to much.

We left in just enough time to eat and be at our meeting place at two.  A few phone calls on the way helped to locate them.  We had our lunch at a fast food place.  Carol had a foot long and I had a burrito.  It was pretty good.  We purchased a few more food items  before we left Ephraim.

We followed Eric and April.  They had a small four wheeler in the van and pulled another one on their trailer.  There were lot of wild flowers we passed going up the canyon.   I would stop for pictures on the way back.  We went through several camping spots.  Eric couldn't remember which camping site he reserved.  We finally found the camp site which had some good afternoon shade.  We unloaded everything and put most of it on the picnic table.  We had quite a time finding a place that was fairly level and large enough for our tent.  The tent is fairly large and has quite a few poles that were to hold the tent up.  we laid it out and Eric put the stakes in at each corner. Through trial and error and suggestions by others we got it up.

Eric had his three dogs with him.

We took a few short rides down to the lake and up a short dead in rode to another camp site on Eric's four wheeler and Nicholas drove his little four wheeler.  It was about time for dinner.  We wanted to wait a little while longer.  Nicholas did not want to wait.  He kept asking how much longer and the answer to that question was a little while.  He wanted to know how long a little while was.  Finnally I told him one hour and set the timer on my cell phone for 55 minutes.  He asked about ten times during the count down.  The it was about every minute during the last five.  April prepared the hamburgers for us.  We hiked down to the lake and followed a trail around the left side of the lake.  We did some visiting and it was almost dark and time for bed.