Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Strange Coincidences

This morning I drove to The Hospital in Fillmore to have some blood work done.  I got a letter last week from the DMI stating that I had to have my doctor sign a form that said that i was well enough to get a drivers licence.  I have been fasting starting at ten last night.  The nurse tried to get blood twice in my left arm and failed.  It is a policy of the hospital to have someone else do if she can't get it in two tries.  A man came in and tried the right arm got in painlessly on the first try.

I forgot the paper so I had to drive back to back to Holden.  It took about 25 minutes to make the round trip. After a long wait I was able to see the doctor.  He gave me the usual examination.  He looked at the lab reports and said that every thing was good.

Carol need to get some poster for the cub scouts.  So we drove to Richfield, which takes a little less than an hour.  They didn't have the posters.  Carol to some Belt Loop awards back that we didn't need.

We stopped at Maverick Station to get some gas.  I filled up the tank and saw a familiar looking person at the pump just behind me.  I recognized him and hollered at him he finally turned around and we greeted each other.  We couldn't talk long because of other customers waiting for gas.

We stopped at the South China cafe for lunch.  We parked our car by small convertible that had a sign on the door that said.  Marvelous Marva.  We Carol quickly determined that was someone we knew because of Marva Nelson who works at the temple.  We went into the cafe and were shown a table.  Carol sit down and I saw a lady some tables away from us that I thought might be Marva.  Surprise, it was. We exchanged greetings then I came back to our table and ordered lunch.  When the hostess brought the menu, I asked her if she knew Marvelous Marva.  She said that she did and everyone knows her.  Marva came over and we visited briefly.  Our lunch was really good.  I would eat there again.

We stopped at the FRESH FOOD store to by some groceries.  we met two temple workers there.  After we had checked out I ask the clerk if she new Marvelous Marna.  She said that every one know her.

When we got home, I  did the watering which doesn't take long now  I also removed the frozen summer squash plants and took them to our no till garden. There were two big loads. Also I cut down all of the Texas Sunflowers and took them to the no till garden.  The last project of the day was to cut down all of the pepper plants.  I saved some peppers that were not frozen and took the plants to the no till garden.