Sunday, March 9, 2014

Baby Blessing

Our daughter gave birth to a baby boy. November ???.  He was our first great grand daughter.  We have visited her several time since then.  Early in February we got a call from her.  She has been living with her boy friend, John.  She a nounced that she is getting married in June.  We were pretty happy about that

Several weeks ago we got another call from her.  She invited us to go to the baby blessing.  What a surprise.  I have thought about that on numerous times, wondering if she would have the baby blessed.  Needless to say that we would be there and were so pleased.
At the back is Carol and Merrill Johnson, The John and Emily, and baby Patrick is sitting on John's lap.

The blessing was scheduled for Saturday at noon in her ward in Orem.  That is where we went yesterday.  We always leave early enough to get there with plenty of time to spare.  In fact we were the thirty minutes before the scheduled time. We parked on the back side of the church and in about ten minutes the Binghams showed up.  We soon went in side and friends and family began to trickle in.  The last ones in were our the parents of our grandson.

The meeting soon began with an opening prayer by Melanie Bingham, the other great grandmother.  John's father gave the blessing.  The name and blessing was given by John's father.  For the next fifteen minutes pictures were taken.  They are as follows:

Left to right at the top:  Carol and Merrill Johnson.  Next is John and Emily.  Patrick, is being held by John.
Merrill and Carol Johnson and their great grandson, Patrick caught in a yawn.
Here are the parents, grandparents, and Great Grandparents of baby Patrick.  Back row. left to right.  Carol and Merrill Johnson, ???, Amy, ????, John's father, Melanie and Lynn Bingham.  in front are John, Patrick, and Emily.