Friday, September 4, 2015

Weding Anniversery #54

Tomorrow is our 54th wedding anniversary.  We won't be able to celebrated it tomorrow because of our assignment at the Manti, Utah, temple.  So we did it today.  Not much of a celebration, no trip to some exotic place.  No expensive restaurant. but mainly something pretty simple. 

Carol Called her brother, Larry, asking if they would be home.  They recently moved into their new house after their old house burned down.  We planned to meet them at ten.  Its been over nine months since we have been to their house and we had a hard time finding it.  We would have been there at ten, but couldn't find it until we called.  We got less than a block away put turned around and called them. 

We had a nice visit.  The house built on the old foundation is beautiful and the enterier has been completely changed.  They gave us a private tour which we would have missed had we been there when they had their open house.  They said that there were so many there, there was no time to visit.

From there we drove to West Jordon where Eric and April live in a town house until their new home  is built.  It should be finished towards the end of November.  We found it easily when I the gps working.  It is the first time that it as worked for us.  It took us right to their house.  We parked in front of a garage door thinking that we will go in and get out fast before the owner of the spot comes.  We choose differently and found a guest parking area near by.  as we got to his door and I rang the bell.  As I was ringing the bell Eric drove up and parked in his parking spot which was the same one that we were going to park earlier.  He just got home from back east where he was working this week.

They have a full time nanny that is living there while she goes to school.  She is a member of the church and a return missionary.  She will be with them for quite awhile.

The two girls, our two granddaughters, were there and in the past Payton would have nothing to do with us and Hanna was not walking.  Hanna was walking all over the place.  Payton, stayed close to here mother an dad.  I was sitting on sort of a bench, and Payton came right over and climbed up on my lap.  What a pleasant surprise.  I still can't hardly believe it.  I then had Payton and Hanna on my lap at the same time.  They are going to Fish Lake and will be back tomorrow 

We had lunch at a Chinese restaurant, which is one of Carol favorite places to eat.  They have a large selection of items at the buffet.  We stopped at Costco for gas and stopped at the Red Barn for and ice cream cone, which we always do on the way home.  We got home around five.