Thursday, March 30, 2017

Income Tax Time

I haven't been doing much walking lately.  This morning I walked for 26 minutes.  I worked on income taxes today.  I decided to get it all done to have time to beat the April 15 deadline.  This is the first time that I have done this.

It started rain this evening.  The forecast for tonight is snow.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Todays is our last day at the Manti Utah temple.  We leave a little after four and get back around two.  The main thing done today was the relocation of a couple of cats.  I baited the trap with some hamburger left over from  yesterday.  I left the door closed.  Socks and a couple of the other cats put a paw the chicken wire and was able to reach the bait.  I put socks in the garage.  The small pregnant cat was two thirds of the way in.  I pulled the trip twine.  She was caught. 

I came back and caught the wild cat.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Rain all Day

It has rained most of the day.  Late this afternoon it began to snow.  This evening the dish has a light layer of snow which interrupted the signal.  I cleaned the snow off.  I had to do it about every fifteen minutes.  I gave up after three or four times.  We have recorded programs that are shown around midnight.  We have been watching them.  No work in the greenhouses.  I began some work my income tax.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Another Saturday: Robert & His Friends

Joe and his granddaughter harvesting greens. They have been growing for about six weeks.  Joe his holding the zip bag open. 
Robert doing some of the last minute transplanting. There are a lot of tiny plants which are greens.  Greens are the salad type plants. 
Frank has done a lot of work, but can't be on his feet very long. Here he is resting.  He filled the four inch pots for the geraniums, some of the jumbo 606's, and seventeen inch square jumbos.
Here are germination trays. Some I did yesterday and others that Robert did today.  The plastic box that is upside down is covering the heating controls for three heating mats.
Here is the things that were transplanted today.  Some are tomatoes and peppers.  Others are greens.
The are some tomato plants that were quite large.  They are in the jumbo 606.
These tomato plants were planted early in January.  I put them in #5 pots this afternoon.  The photo is fuzzy which I will replace.  The pots which contain small boards were planted last fall and put into house two and started to produce some good tomatoes.  Most of the plants died and the tomatoes cracked which allowed Botrytis to invade.  I started reusing the pots and finished with new pots which would be free from pathogens.
Frank filled the four inch pots and I stuck the geraniums in them .  There are nearly 200 pots.  Some of them will be presented to the mothers on mother's. day.
House six is pretty much cleaned out.  The pallets at the back are gone.  Planting on the left is doing well.  More planting to come on the right

comments and suggestions are welcomed.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Surgery Follow-up

Positive appointment with my cardiologist in Provo.

We visited with Gary and O'leah Peay.

We bought two light fixtures for the kitchen.

lunch at Chinese restaurant.

Stopped at Sam's Club

Got home about 3:30

Emily and John Lewis, Patrick and Oliver and stopped by on their way home from Las Vegas.  Emily and John
Patrick playing with one of the many toys that his great grandmother have in the toy room
Patrick playing with this wooden toy.   Oliver is behind him busy talking on the phone.
I caught Oliver looking at me when I got this picture.  His mother and dad were cropped out.
This was the best picture that I could get with Patrick, Oliver, and his mother and dad.
Installed the two light fixtures.  This took me a couple of hours. I removed the old light fixtures.  I the old ones had only one light bulb in each.   I had to hold the two white wires together and screw on a wire nut while holding the light fixtures while standing on a ladder.