Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Cucumbers Went Like Hot Cakes, All Most

 We started the morning by picking the cucumbers.  This has turned into a morning activity.  We took them to the post office and displayed them at the newspaper pick-up.  It is not used for that any more. We had three totes.  By evening, they were all gone except three or four Armenian cucumbers.
Next we picked the pole beings.  I planted some good pole beans early this spring.  Most of those died.  I bought some bean seeds at Walmart.  They turned out to be undesirable.  They are flat and don't snap well.  Those beans that survived make really good beans.
Beans need to be cooked in a pressure cooker.  That prevents them from developing botulism poison.

Fourteen pint bottles.  One of the fourteen is from the seed purchased at Walmart.  I cooked the exta Walmart bean.  I ate some of them this evening.  I did not like the taste of them.  They were not cooked long enough.
Getting a little late in the morning, I watered house three.  I mixed a bottle of Dawn dish soap with a couple of gallons of water.  Some of the pepper plants are lousy with aphids.  Using the injector, I sprayed the peppers with soapy water.  I used the high pressure.  I got the wet with the soapy water.  I then used clear water to was the soap off the pepper plants.
 More pepper plants.
A customer called and wanted to know if we were open.  We were and they bought eight native plants and one house plant.  $90.

We the drove to Fillmore to fill the car with gasoline.  After stopping at the market we deposited the money in the credit union.

We moved the grill out side and left an empty spot.  I started making a shelf  which will be behind the door when it is opened.  I can get things off the floor with the shelf.
Here it is finished.  There still needs to be a little more work to get it where I like it.

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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Tomatoes and Salsa

This morning we picked the tomatoes in our garden.  They are just beginning to produce more than one or two.  Carol washed while I picked a bucketful from house six.  We worked on them for five or more hours.  Part of the time was for cooking.  I used the egg beater to break down the tomatoes.

We filled 36 pint bottles.  They may last us for a couple of years.
This morning Carol took a tote of cucumbers to the post office.  They were gone by five.  We have more to take tomorrow.

Some of the patio furniture cushions were soiled by the cats.  I cleaned them up some and then put them on the sofa and chairs.  The umbrella contained some yellow jackets.  They fell out and I stepped on them.
The patio crew helped me move the barbeque out of the garage and to the patio.  That left an empty space in the garage.  I moved a few things around to make room by the door to build a storage cabinet.  It may hold mainly books and magazines.
I carried a 1/2 inch by 2 by 8 piece of plywood to use for building the shelf.  I hope to finish it tomorrow.

It has been pretty hot.   It did cool down and looked like it might rain.  We put the cushions in large black garbage bags to keep them dry in case it did rain.

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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The Patio is Finished

On the way home from the temple we stopped at the Hot Spot for ice cream cones.  The other times that we have stopped, I always ask for the usual.  Which is two ice cream cones.  This afternoon the saw us drive up.  The cones were ready before I got to the order window.  I paid them and was back to the car in less than two minutes.  That is the fastest service that  I have ever got and any food place.

The patio was finished by the time we got home.  They were spraying it with a chemical to prevent it from drying two fast and cracking.  It looks really good.  All that they have left is to remove the forms.
 I checked the gardens.  The watermelon hanging by a string is getting bigger every day.  The other side has some scratched because of leaves rubbing against it.
I was working in house one when I heard car doors slam and some talking.  I walked back to see who was there.  They were carring buckets and boxes.  I thought that it was a customer.  When they got closer it turned out to be Robert, Frank, and Gilbert.  They got a few things and then went back home.  They stayed about forty-five minutes.

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Monday, August 28, 2017

Monday, And Moday All Day

We picked all the cucumber this morning.  One big bucket of Armenians and nearly a bucket full of the Burpless cucumbers.  Carol washed them.  Carol took some of them to her friends.  Her visiting teachers got some, and the rest of them ended up at the Post office.  They were all gone except one Armenian and an eggplant.

Todd Troseth rang the doorbell.  He is ready to start making the patio.  I started to move the patio furniture.  I moved them to the north side of the lawn as shown in the photo below.
This is where the furniture had been for nearly three months.  The grass is showing signs being shielded from the direct sun.
Todd's skid steer which is used for hauling the soil away and for bring in road base.
This lantana did not get enough water.  It was in a smaller pot and dried out rather quickly.  I pruned the dead branches and put it in a larger pot.
While the crew was to lunch, I finished the propagation of some ever baring strawberry plants.
Todd and his track hoe.  He is lowering the elevation some.  He will bring in road base.  The road base plus the concrete will be higher than the lawn, so the water will run off.
A service berry tree which has been slowly dying over the last four or five years.  Spencer gut the tree down leaving a four foot stump.  Todd then pulled it out with the track hoe.
It is now ready for rebar and then the concrete.
 We have a lot of large Roma type tomato plants.  They are producing well.  The photo illustrates it.
We needed a place to for the excavated soil. I had him remove the pea shrubs.
The soil was put west of the pea shrubs.  With the pea shrubs gone, he was able to turn around.

I had and appointment with Steve's tires to have our car serviced and tires rotated.  We took the car to Fillmore this afternoon.  Carol drove the car and I drove the truck.  We came home in the truck.  

Later, we went back to Fillmore for the car.  There was a wreck and a fire about a half mile from the Holden exit.  The south bound traffic was diverted to the east frontage road.  We took the west frontage road where I was able to get the following pictures.

While in Fillmore I got gasoline for the lawnmower and filled the truck with diesel fuel.  I removed the fuel tank cover and was face to face with a hornets nest.  I had a long stick  and from a distance removed it.  The hornets flew away and the nest fell to the ground where I stepped on it.  There was another small nest in the pickup.  I removed it with the same stick.
This swam of ants are in the chicken run.  They are swarming the remnants of pomegranates.

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Friday, August 25, 2017

Quick Trip to Utah County

we picked tomatoes, onions, and cucumbers for Eric and April

We stopped in payson Walmart for baby clothes

We drove to Orem where we visited with Emily and saw for the first time her baby, Madylin

We drove to eagle mountain where we visited with Eric and April

We stopped at Sam's Club on the way home

We stopped at the Payson Walmart to get some help on my phone.

I mowed the lawn

Thursday, August 24, 2017

More Veggie Juice

We did veggie juice this morning.  We had a tote of our own tomatoes.  I picked three more buckets.  We had a quick breakfast.  Carol washed and removed the bad parts of the tomatoes.  I kept the mashed until we had two large kettles of mashed tomatoes on the stove.  I also shredded the peppers, and onions.  I picked the parsley in our front yard.  We ended up with 16 quarts.
This old ladder belonged to Carol's mother.  It is very unstable.  We could use it if it leaned against a wall.  I glued and screwed a piece of plywood to the back legs.  I did a couple of other reinforcing procedures.  Testing it out I can stand part way up the ladder safely.
For lunch I sliced the baked potatoes left over from Sunday.  I sprayed a cookie tray with pam, put the slice potatoes on the pan, and broiled it on high for ten minutes.    We had meat loaf Sunday and put a large slice of that on the plate.  I sliced a couple of tomatoes.  It was really good.
We drove to Fillmore where I made a couple of deposits at Zion's bank.  I filled my prescription which didn't take long.  We got a few groceries and ice cream cones.  They lasted all the way home.

I pruned some of Robert's tomatoes in house six.  Tied up some of the pumpkin and summer squash.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Good Bill of Health From My Cardiolgist

This morning after breakfast we picked the cucumbers.  Carol picked the burpless cucumbers at the top left and I picked the Armenian cucumbers on the bottom left.  Carol cleaned them and we delivered most of the to the Frosts and Stymles.  We then hurried to Fillmore
I had an appointment with my cardiologist at 10:15.  We were there on time and went right in to an exam room.  Dr. Dahl said that everything was good, and I can discontinue one of my blood pressure pills.  We did a little shopping and got home at noon.

Last week the knob for the dishwasher broke.  While in Fillmore I bought a knob at Roper's Lumber.  I put it on the dishwasher. it was too large.  I was about to put it back in the package when I saw the small set screw at the bottom.  Finding my little driver, I screwed it in tight and it worked.  The arrow does not point to the right function, but we turn it until we here the water coming in.  It worked good tonight.
After lunch, and a BTL sandwich I caught up on some lap top time.  Later in the day I watered the greenhouses.  Still later I pruned some trees and shrubs in the backyard.  I drug them to the trailer where I loaded them.

Last week I cut a large branch of the Box Elder tree.  With pruners and the chainsaw I cut it into smaller pieces and it is now on the trailer.  
There are several elm trees growing near the road.  I had the chainsaw here.  I decided to cut them down and poison the tree with round-up.  I cut one of the smaller branches down with the chainsaw.  I attempted the larger one, but the saw was so dull, I quit.
It was pretty heavy, but I was able to drag it over the trailer tongue and pull it onto the trailer.
I had a half hour left before the news.  I did some heavy tomato pruning in house six.  There is much more to do.

I posted sale of Gambel Oak on EBay this evening.  So far it hasn't showed up on EBay.

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Monday, August 21, 2017

Eclipse and Paper Clip

Picked cucumbers

Went to the hospital for some blood work

There are two watermelons growing on the vertical sticks or vertical gardening on six foot stakes.
I tied the last two days of growth,   Most are at the end of their stake.
Another one.
Baby pumpkin.  The pumpkin gourd plant in the background is dying.
We spent a couple of hours watching the eclipse.  I drilled a 3/16 inch hole in a piece of Masonite.  The light going through the hole has an image of the eclipse.
I took a selfie with my I pad, but doesn't show much.
Here the sun shining through the lilac tree cast imigage of the eclipse onto the driveway.
I tied up some tomato branches that were hanging on the ground.
On my hand and knees I hoed up the weeds.
I also hoed the weeds in Roberts peper and egg plants.

A new load of grass.
 I hauled it away one wheelbarrow load at a time.
 I dumped and spread it in the south garden.

 This is by the tomato plants.
 This salad I made from things from the garden.  I had it for lunch.