Friday, August 11, 2017

Irrigation, Robert, and Frank at the Same Time

I was up early to get the water.  It was beginning to get light and there was also a bright street light at the ditch.  There were a lot of weeds growing.  I came back with the weed whip and cleaned the weeds.  The water was there by seven.  Robert and Frank also were at house one by seven.  Robert began to pick eggplants, tomatoes and peppers.   Here is Frank with some of the tomatoes.  They are taking them to a farmers market this evening.  There is a tote at the bottom left full of rejected tomatoes.  Most have cracks.  Carol and I will turn them into veggie juice.
I picked some black cherry tomatoes.  Also, there are some sweet pepper plants.
I began the irrigation by running the water through the pipes to the north and east lawn.  While the water was running there I tied more the summer squash to their stake.  I watered all of the plants in that part of the garden.  Below is a yellow crookneck summer squash.  
Below: cucumbers on the right and the summer squash on the right.
There is water running on the lawn west of the garage.  The gate valve can be faced in any direction to water grass or part of the garden.
 Here the water is running on the front lawn directed into a four inch pvc pipe.
The poles that were to hold the wires up began to lean to the side.   One row would lean toward the other row, making it difficult to walk between the two row.  I tried several ways of keeping the up straight.  I tied the pole to the purlin,  That was hard to tie and get the pole straight.   Then it occurred that if I drove a stake in the ground and attached the pole to the stake the pole would be straight.  The stake was a three to four foot half inch steel conduit.  The first stake was plumb.  The pole was able to pull the stake out of plumb.  The rest were driven at a light angle.  Then the pole pulled the stake in to plumb.  The one below shows the stake and pole being held together with a wire wrapped tightly around the stake and pole.  I drove a screw into the pole and hooked the two together with a wire around the stake and wrapped around the screw.   Most of the poles are standing up straight now.
These two barrels might be used to make a digester of plant material to be used as fertilizer.

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