Friday, August 4, 2017

Rain To Night, but Only a Momment

There are a lot of weeds growing north of our gardens next to the road.  I put two cups of round-up in the sprayer tank and put in eight gallons of water.  I began spraying weeds between houses five and six.  There is no poly on house five and the wild lettuce was over five feet tall.  I sprayed a little in the orchard and then on the north edge of Robert's garden.   This tank is stored in house three.
When I finished spraying I made some hangers.  Then out to house one to hang the tomato plants.  These cherry tomatoes were sprawling all over the ground.  I got them hung in spite of how tangled they were.  In the photo they are on the left.  I cut of the branching and they and the weeds are on the floor of the isle.
Below are the determinate tomatoes plants that are supported by bamboo stakes.  The board on the
floor is for kneeling.  It is wet and I get my knees wet.
I ran out of hangers and made eight more, but only used a couple.  Below is the north end.  I got one plant ready to hang when Carol called me.  My phone is not working.
After lunch I brought the lawnmower back out.  I mowed a small strip on my way two house five.  I parked the mower and did some watering.  When I started it up, there was quite a noise like I hit a rock.  I turned the blade of and then back on.  There was no noise.  I mowed around the back lawn and noticed something wrong.  There was only one blade cutting grass.  I lifted up the deck and locked it into place.  The right blade was missing.  I quickly found the blade and the nut and two washers.  I sharpened the blade, and put it back on.  It took me awhile to find the right size of wrench.  I then remove the left blade and sharpened it.
The plants in house five were filled with weeds.  I have been watering some dead plants every day during most of the summer.  I removed the dead plants and pulled up some weeds.  Below is a curl leaf mountain mahogany plant.  Below is how it looks without the weeds. 
I started mowing and sharpening the blade really helped with doing a good job.  I was almost finished; the wind came up and it started to rain.  I finished and dumped the grass in the garden.  I hurried back to house three to park the mower.  Turning the corner to go into house three the back of the mower knocked the bench over.  I will have to remove the plants, but the bench back on the blocks and put the plants back on the bench.
 This bench is in house three.  I hit it with the back of the mower and bumped it of the blocks.

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