Friday, May 10, 2013

Melissa & Derrick

Miles and Nyleen called earlier saying that they would come for plants.  They here about 10:30.  We had a short visit and then went out to the nursery to get some tomato plants.  They will be back  in a week or two for more.

Melissa and her boy friend, Derrick came this afternoon to stay a couple of days.  Derick wanted to practice on us.  We really didn't know just what he wanted to do.  They arrived a little before two and brought in all of their things.  Of course they had two different rooms.

Derrick started of showing a short video on his  ipod.  It was a short introduction of a person who is giving him some training.  I watched it and then we had a short discussion about it.  I didn't have a clue as to what just what his objective was.

I had eaten lunch a little earlier.  Carol had sandwich meat prepared for them.  Melissa started to eat and Derick was still with me at the sofa.  He completed his little presentation and joined Melissa at the kitchen table.

I made preparation for mowing the lawn.  It takes a while to move all the hoses and other items that might be on the lawn.  While doing this Carol showed them around the nursery.  It takes me about an hour to mow the lawn.  Today, dumped the grass catcher once.  Usually I have to dump it twice.

Melissa could not find her car key and the key to her apartment.  She searched by retracing her steps all over the yard and up the street.  She then all over the house.  We had Lorena's kids looking for those lost keys.  She came back in the house and looked through her purse again.  She found them in another bag.  She was greatly relieved.

Later we drove to Fillmore and had fast food at Costa Vida.  This is the second time that we had eaten there.  I had a chicken burrito which was good, but didn't seem to taste as good as the burrito that I had the last time which was about six months ago.

We came home and he started to set up his equipment for the presentation   He had a white board which was placed in front of our TV which was the same the same size of the TV.  He had a choir director's stand which he used for a podium. A loose leaf note book contained the talking points.  He asked how long of a presentation that we wanted to hear. After giving several options, Carol one hour would be fine. The second half of the hour seemed to go faster than the first half.

He had Melissa introduce him as speaker.  I thought that was a really good thing for Melissa to do. She was pretty shy about it and finally made it through.

He spent an hour on the presentation.  It seems that he is training to be a motivational speaker.  He did a pretty good job.  I think that it would have been better if he had a larger audience that Carol and me.  After each talking point he would open his arms wide and ask if we had any questions.  I asked how to do it type of questions.