Friday, January 27, 2017

I forgot to write a little about yesterday, Thursday.  I was instructed not to bath.  A shower was okay.  The groin puncture was uncomfortable, but not painful.  The dressing that they put on was quite large, about the size of a credit card and the clear tape of that was twice as large of the credit card. 

I took it pretty easy yesterday.  In the afternoon I removed the dressing.  There was a slight bleeding.  I didn't have another band aide ready.  I was blotting the blood with a tissue while trying to find a band aide.  The bleeding stopped.  I put on the band aide.  The home teachers came at six.  I asked Jim Masner to come at six and help with a priesthood blessing.  As soon as Jim put his hands on my head to seal the anointing, I knew that everything would be okay.

This morning I did not shower.  I took off the band aide.  There was no bleeding. but a small scab.  We have a gallon size zip bag which had an assortment  of band aides and gauze.  I found one about the size of a quarter.  It was perfect, and no discomfort.   The swelling is gone, but there is some black and blueness. 

We drove to Fillmore to gas up the car to be ready for our trip to Linden Monday morning.  Also, we got some cash.  We were back home in time for lunch and the 12 O'clock news.

28 January 2017   Saturday
I watched the wood working show this morning.  Robert was here around ten.  We took a tour of the nursery.  Also, we walked around the yard through some crusty snow.  I had no heart pains during that time.   As you know he and some of his friends want to change the way that the nursery is being operated.  He is planning on a You Tube channel to document a more sustaining way of using the greenhouses and the adjoining orchard and garden.  We talked about a no dig gardening system using a lot of compost and manure.

This evening before it got dark I took some food to house two for our cat.  I had some mild heart pains.  They went away when I set down in our house.   Carol was at the temple and she got home a little after ten.

Robert went home at two.  I watched a number of wood working shows,  which I found very informative.

29 January 2017 Sunday morning
I took cat food out to Tiger, our cat.  She wasn't there.  My hear felt a little stressed.  When back to the house I rested a little and no more problems.   I attended all our church meeting.  There is quite a few people who commented on my up coming operation that is the day after tomorrow at 5:30 a.m.

30 January 2017  Monday morning
I made an appointment to have the car serviced at 10:30 a.m. and an appointment with Charles Dahl, my cardiologist to have an angiogram,   I met with him at two.  The angiogram was for Tuesday morning.  I was given some cleaning materials.  I was to wash by back and front with this soap that they gave me.  Inside scrubbing brush filled with soap.  one side soft and spongy and the other side is somewhat bristly.
I was to do the same thing the following morning and be at the hospital at 5:30 a,m.

31 January  Tuesday
Here I am hooked up to all the machines and monitors.  This is before the triple by pass happens.  The Surgeon, Dr Dane, was going to harvest vains from my left leg and left breast.  They harvested from my right leg and right breast.  The operation lasted for 3.5 hours.  In recover there was nurse sitting outside by my door.

This is before I went in for the operation room

6 February Monday.
The day went well.  I did my walking and breathing exercises
7 February Tuesday

I shaved this morning.  The last time I shaved I didn't.  There was a nurse on each side of me as I lay on my hospital bed.  One shaved my right side, and the other on the left side.  I had four days of facial hair when I woke up this morning.  I shaved this morning.  I was a little shaky close to my lips and gave myself a nice nick.

We drove to Fillmore to make a deposit and the bank.  I stayed in the car while Carol went into the market.  Earlier Carol got a call from an appraiser, who would be at the house at 11:30.  They were not there so I prepared some lunch.  The appraiser, from Nephi arrived.  He wandered around the house, going in and out of each room, and taking pictures.

I walked around the house four different times for ten minutes each during the course of the day.  I also sucked on the device picture below to measure my inspired volume. The range is from 250 ml to 2500 ml. I started 500 and each day I can suck more.
I have felt really good all day, but have been a little tired.

8 February Wednesday

Feeling good all day.  I went on several 12 minute walks today.  The first one was around the house.  I walked out to the nursery several times where Carol did some of the watering.

About ten days ago, I filled each weeks pill holder for four weeks.  When I got back from the hospital and had several new prescriptions and was instructed to discard some other prescriptions.  I undid all of the pill packets, removed the discarded pills, and added the new ones.  The two photos below illustrated all of the pills that I have.

We drove to Fillmore early this afternoon to delivery documentation of the cost of the shingling of the house.  Late this afternoon I walked north on 100 west for six minutes.

I made me a salad for supper using toast, tomatoes, raisons, sunflower seeds, frozen peas, and lettuce.  It was a big salad and I ate the whole thing.  It up set my stomach and gave me the diarrhea.

9 February 2017 Thursday

As usual, I was up several times during the night for the bathroom.  Feeling much stronger this morning.

10 February 2017 Friday

Sleep came hard last night.  I got up more than usual.  My bed seemed hotter than usual.  Watching the digits slow count forward.  Finally I removed all the blankets except one.  Sleep slowly came by until Carol turned a light on.   I showered and Carol helped me dry off.  I put some clothes on while Carol had her bath.  By then my leg dried which made it easier to put on my compression socks.  In thirty seconds the sock was on my left leg.  My right leg is swollen and took over a minute to put the other sock on.

The angle shows that the left leg is swollen, but the right leg which is black and blue is swollen.  It is tight to the touch and somewhat painful when I push with a finder.
I sucked on the breathing instrument three or four times today.  Also, I walked for eighteen minutes three times.  A couple of walks around the yard.  My glucose was high, 184, this morning and before lunch it was 104, which is really good.
I had a visit with Robert by phone.  He has some big plans for the nursery this year.

11 February Saturday

I made two 18 minute walks today. 
 12 February 2017  Sunday

I showed, got out of the tub, dried off, and dried off the tub without any help.  Not much going on this morning.  Watched several TV shows dealing with the scriptures.  Carol went to sacrament meeting while stayed home.  I could have gone, but the stress that would have tired me out.  Also, there is a lot of flue going around that I don't need to take any chances of catching any of it.

When I went to sleep last night, my left foot was badly swollen.  This morning the swelling had gone down.  There is still some swelling on my right foot, but not nearly as much as last night.
I went on two walks today.  The first one was for nineteen minutes.  The second was for twenty.  We were stopped by a well wisher so I didn't walk the full twenty minutes.

I was walking out to house six to take some pictures.  I heard some talking.  I thought it was the neighbors to the east of us.  I walked back to see if there were any eggs.  There wasn't.  I walked to house five and to my surprise  Robert, Frank, and Tom were there.  They are on their way to Lund, Utah which is 35 miles west of Cedar City.

Andy and Dusty Bray were out for a walk.  They came by our house, knocked on our door, visited for awhile.  We exchanged hospital stories.

13 February Monday

The swelling in my right foot when I got up was almost gone.  But a couple of hours later my foot was swollen.   I called Kelley, my contact with the Doctor, did not answer.  I left  a message and she called back before lunch.  She told me that it was normal and walking was the best thing that I could do.  She also said to keep wearing the compression socks.

We drove to Fillmore.  I walked in Duane's market around the outside perimeter of the store and then up and down the isles several times.  I was stopped by people that I knew several times.  But time we got out I had walked for 20 minutes.

We came home for lunch.  I did some laying down on the couch with my feet raised above the level of my heart.  Later this afternoon Carol and I went for a 20 minute walk.

Carol went with me for a walk this morning.

14 February 2017  Tuesday

Two twenty-four minute walks today.  Carol walked with me this morning, and this afternoon I walked alone,   Max and Pat Wood gave us a visit this afternoon.  Max wanted some a few six packs and some pots.  My right leg is feeling much better now.  My chest has only a little discomfort once in awhile. 

15 February 2017 Wednesday

This morning we took a different route. Instead of walking north and back home on 100 west we walked up to main street and then walked the sidewalk.  When our time was up we traced our steps back to the hours.  It seemed to be more tiring because going east was a steeper than staying on 100 west.  I am measuring the circumference of my right ankle and right calf to determine if the swelling is going down and how much.

16 February 2017  Thursday

I measured my calf and ankle again this morning.  Carol walked with me this morning. We walked for 24 minutes. We were stopped several times by friends who drove by.  We did go as we thought that we might go.   After lunch we drove to Scipio to do something different.  We drove up and down every street and observed many old pioneer barns and a bunch of new homes.  The pioneers home were much more elaborate than the ones in Holden.  They must have been much more prosperous than people of Holden. 

I went for another walk.  This time is was for thirty minutes.  I made it a little passed 400 north before the fifteen minutes were up.  I suck the instrument.  I is much easier now.

17 February 2017  Friday

This morning after breakfast and watching the news, I put on my heavier coat and went on my 15 minute walk.  Carol was waiting for me to get back to drive to Fillmore to buy some groceries. After lunch I read a chapter from the Book of Mormon.  I prepared my sales tax report.  It took awhile, and it is ready to mail.   Didn't do to much.  Watched a couple of You Tube videos.  Supper, more TV, removed the compression socks and off to bed.  The swelling on my right leg and ankle is the same or down a little.

Received calls from my two doctors reminding me of my Tuesday appointments.    Carol has been a great help.

18 February 2017 Saturday 

I had my best sleep last night since I have been home.  I got up three or four times, but went right back to sleep.  My right leg has felt much better.  Robert and his friends came.  They got started on their planting activities.  I then went for my thirty minute walk.  I walked to 200 west and then turned to the north.  After fiftheen munutes I went back to 100 west and walked home.   Carol left for the temple at 11:15.

I got some supper and have been watching basketball games.  Carol got home a little after ten.  Ankle and calf swelling remains the same.  Calf at 15 and ankle at 9 inches. 

19 February 2017  Sunday

Showered, shaved, and put on my compression socks.  Wore my pajama bottoms until time to go to church.  Church went well.    Calf and ankle measurement stayed the same.  The Charlesworth  brought dinner to us.  Carol brought me home and I watch several church programs.   After lunch I went for my 36 minute walk.  We watched some TV.  I rested with my legs elevated above my heart.  At nine Carol pulls of the compression socks.

20 February 2017 Monday

Robert, Maison, and Sadie were here.  Holden and Megan came a little later.  The helped me with some of the tasks at the nursery.  I a back tooth from my dentures came off. 

21 February 2017 Tuesday

I finished my morning chores and activities.   We went to Provo for two doctor appointments.  We bought a bunch of needed cat food and cleaning supplies.  First we met with Dr. Dane's assistant.  He reported that everything is going well.  He gave me a lot of instructions on my activities.  From there we met with my cardiologist who was much more liberal than Dr. Dane's assistant.

We met Lisa at the Golden Corral for lunch.  I put my dentures in for lunch and got along pretty good.  Well, I had my dentures in for my visits with my doctors.  We stopped at Miles and Nyleen's home for a short visit.  I got an other start of his grape vine.   We gassed up at CostCos, bought a container of chocolate almonds.  Our last stop was at the Red Barn for ice cream.

22 February 2017  Wednesday

Put on new compression sock this morning.  It covers half of my foot and reaches to just below my knee.  yesterday the last tooth on the right side came out.  I took my teeth to the dentist and remained toothless most of the day.  We drove to Fillmore to pick up my new medication at the Service Drug.  I got a loan from Zion's bank to pay for bills related to the nursery .  I was toothless most of the day.  I couldn't chew anything so I had chicken noodle soup in which I put in broken bread.  It tasted really good. I went for a 36 minute walk.  I finished the ward history.  Several times today I rested with my legs elevated above my heart.   It began to hail and I got a call to pick up my teeth.  It got cold and late tonight it began to snow.  Looks like and inch or so on the lawn. 

23 February 2017  Thursday

Snow this morning.   Paid a few bills and went to Fillmore to make a deposit.  I am the ward Historian and we took the ward history to the stake historian.   After lunch I laid about 45 minutes with my legs elevated above my heart.
It has been pretty cold today, so I did my walking in house six.  It is 98 feet long and it takes about one minute to walk from the east end then to the west end and back to the east end.  Quite a mouthful there which a could have written it in a much shorter way.    I walked for 32 minutes which ended up 1 1/8 miles.   I am taking medication that is to reduce the swelling of my right leg.  I have not notice and changes yet.  the calf and ankle measurements have not change.  My leg aches more while sitting and less while walking.

24 February 2017   Friday

Woke up to a couple of inches of snow.  It has been cold all day and very little of it has melted.  I elevated my feet for nearly an hour today.  Before lunch I walked 32 minutes.  I turned around at the Bray's home.   After lunch we went to Fillmore and signed a stack of pages to complete our home improvement loan.  Carol fixed tuna fish sandwiches covered with cheese.  I went home teaching tonight and got three of the four families. 

25 February 2017 Saturday

Robert's Friends were here 11:30 to 2:00.  They did a lot of planting and cleaning. Ray and MaryAnn picked me up and went to Santaquin for the 50th wedding anniversary for my sister Karla and her husband Jim Cory.   We had a nice visit.  I walked the church hallway several times.  My right leg doesn't hurt as much if I walk some.  I got home about 6:30.  I had to make house two cat proof.  The were a couple of cats in there.

26 February 2017  Sunday

I attended all of my church meetings today.  At five finished my home teaching.  Carol hasn't felt well and she stayed home.  My right leg is still painful, but the swelling of my toes has gone down some. 

27 February 2017 Monday

I think the swelling in my right leg has gone a little.  Carol was able in less than a minute to put my compression sock.  It has taken up to two minutes in the past.  I walked out to the nursery several times.  It is cold outside.  After lunch I rested with legs elevated about one hour.  I left Carol a note that I was going for my forty minute walk.  Snow flakes were beginning to fall.  I was about two minutes from Highway 6 when my time rang.  I turned around and began walk home.  Dusty Bray met me as I past her house.  She offered me a coat and gloves.  I thanked her and told her that I was okay.  I was two blocks away from home when Carol drove by and made me get in the car.

The snow is accumulating, and by the evening there were at least five inches.  Carol removed the snow from the dish, and I did it two times.

28 February 2017  Tuesday

This morning we were up at 3:30 so Carol could go to the Manti temple.  It had snowed during the night and it looked like the roads would be snow packed.  She did not go and I went back to bed.  I got up at 6:30, showered and read from the scriptures.  We went to Fillmore for some groceries and to get a prescription filled.  Later in the day I walked for 40 minutes.  My compression sock had slipped down to my ankle during my walk. That would indicated that the swelling is going down a little.

1 March 2017  Wednesday

Carol made an omelet for me for breakfast.  All the ingredients are put in a Zip lock bag.  The bag and ingredients are put in boiling water for eight minutes.  It tasted really good.  Later this morning I made another forty minute walk.  I put the sucking machine away.  I was able go above the 2500 mark ever time.  Carol and I drove my walking distance.  It came out to be 1.8 miles.  Not to bad for forty minutes.  It would take me about three hours to walk to Fillmore.

2 March 2017 Thursday

Regular breakfast, egg on toast with catchup.  Put the compression sock on by myself.  The toe end was rolled a little bit and was to tight on my foot.  I elevated my legs.  I worked in the nursery some this morning.  After lunch I went on my forty minute walk.  We then went to Fillmore to buy some groceries.

3 March 2017 Friday

I spent some time in house two this morning.  I cleaned potting soil and dried plant material that was on the south end of the heating bench.  I did some watering. Miles and Nyleen came.  Miles cut my hair.  We then walked out to the nursery.  Later we had lunch at Cosata Vieda in Fillmore.  A lot of people there, but most were traveling.  We went home and visted a little longer.  They went home and I went on my 40 minute walk.

4 March 2017 Saturday

Watched some TV this morning.  Did some cleaning of the heating bench.  Met with Frank and Roberts friends.  Drove with the Masnor's to the Manti Temple.  I was floor coordinator which was a pretty easy assignment.  Hardest part of the day was the ride home from Manti.  Right leg was somewhat painful.  Came home, had a sandwich,  removed my compression sock, and went to bed. 

5 March 2017 Sunday

We attended all our church meetings.  The right leg pain is easing a little everyday.  After church we prepared dinner for the Charles Worth.  We delivered it to their home and afterward ate our dinner.  The rest of the day was inside.

6 March 2017 Monday

A couple of inches of snow on the ground this morning.  Took some pictures.  This afternoon I walked for 42 minutes.  I almost went to the stop sign at highway 6.

7 March 2017 Tuesday

Up at 3:30, put on my compression sock and off to the Manti temple.  I parked the car and walked rapidly to the north door of the temple.  I was a little out of wind, but there was no pain.  I did a lot of walking, up and down the stairs.  Also, a lot of standing.  I got a little tired, but no heart pain.  We had to leave early because Jim Masner became ill.  We hurried home and they went to Delta to see his doctor.  After lunch I walked for 42 minutes.  We then drove to Fillmore to resolve some banking issues.  We stopped at the grocery store,  got gasoline, and an ice cream cone. 

8 March 2017 Wednesday

I have been able to put on my compression sock each morning with out any help.  This morning I put a new sock on.  I couldn't to it.  With a little struggling Carol was able to put it on my right leg.  I elevated my legs for nearly an hour.  After lunch I went for another walk.  It was over two miles.  I made a meat and vegetable soup for lunch.  It was good. 

9 March 2017 Thursday

Warm weather today.  Drove to the Manti Utah temple to participated in stake temple day.  We had a enjoyable time.  Needed the car AC on the way home.  Stopped in Salina for soft ice cream.

10 March 2017 Friday

This afternoon we drove to Fillmore to get the truck.  Also, I got some supplies for house six. Late this afternoon I went for my walk.  Another 42 minute walk.  Feeling better everyday.

11 March 2017 Saturday

Went to Manti Utah Temple.  Right leg is still improving.

12 March 2017 Sunday

Attended all church meeting.  Right leg is still improving.

13 March 2017 Monday

I went for  45 minute walk this morning.  I walked west to the corner, turned south between the Gates, and then turned west.  It was all downhill from this point.  I turned around at the end of Robert Steven's feed yard.  I followed my trail back to the house except on short detour.  I walked to Robert's small reservoir.  I took a long lunch break.  I worked at the nursery most of the afternoon.  We took the rest of the Christmas decorations down.  Warm weather all day.   Right leg still improving.

14 March 2017 Tuesday

Spent the morning at the Manti Utah Temple.  Parked the car and walked back to the temple.  No heart problems.  I did my assignments and part, no problem.  After lunch at the temple cafeteria we came home. Not much work done. 

15 March 2017 Wednesday

We drove to Utah county to get some groceries and shopping.  We walked through the big box stores.  We had lunch at the In & Out store.   I did not do any street walking.  I worked in the nursery when we got home. 

16 March 2017 Thursday

Walked up Wide Canyon road late this afternoon.  I set the time for 23 minutes.  I walked past the Remkes garden and home.  It was pretty steep.  I stopped and rested several times.  I crossed the bridge over I-15.  It is a wide bridge and is showing some signs of decay.  I continued walking east of the bridge. I was nearly at the crest of the hill when I had to turn around.  It is a whole lot easier walking down than it was walking up.  However, there was some pressure on my knees walking down.

I finished building a cat trap.  I started this several days ago and finished up this afternoon.  Chicken wire covers the sides and bottom and top are made of old plywood.  The handle is bolted to the top making it easy to carry with one hand.  I haven't figured out how to make a trip mechanism.  Now there is a nail holding the door open.  I can tie a string to the nail and from a great distance I will pull it out and the door will drop trapping a cat.  I put some dry cat food in a small frying pan covered with some baloney.  I expect it to be gone in the morning.

17 March 2017 Friday 

Todays 46 minute walk started after the 9 o'clock news was over.  I walked one block north, turned east and then north where the new sidewalk begins.  I turned east and then north at the church.  I continued past the last street.  My timer went off.  I turned around made it home, but I didn't retrace my walk.  I was gone for 45 minutes.

18 March 2017 Saturday

Went to the temple and did my assignment without any difficulty.

19 March 2017 Sunday

Attended all meetings.  Heart working well.

20 March 2017 Monday

Swelling of right calf is nearly down.  Washed the kitchen floor.  Ray did the tilling.

21 March 2017 Tuesday

We were at the temple in Manti.  Steady improvement of right calf.  Worked in nursery this afternoon.

22 March 2017 Wednesday

Watered, worked on cat trap, and changed a hose bib.  Right calf continues to improve.

23 March 2017  Thursday

Rain and snow today.  Removed snow from dish four or five times.  Worked in house two all afternoon planting.   No pain in right calf.

24 March 2017 Friday

Drove to Provo this morning.  Had an appointment with my cardiologist.  He examined me and declared everything looks good.  My next appointment will be in Friday 22 September 11am.  I won't be writing much on this page.

Comments and Suggestions are welcomed

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


We were up at five, and left for Provo and 5:30.  The worst part of the rode was from Holden to Scipio Summit.  It was clear until we reached the Payson area, where they become snow pack and slick.  fortunately,  traffic slowed down and there were not accidents.

We parked and went to the admission desk and checked it.  We were directed to take the elevator to the second floor, where we turned to the right.  At the end of the hall were a pair of closed doors.  We picked up the phone, which after a minute or two, seemed longer, began to ring.  We were ushered to the changing station.  There I removed all my clothing and put on the hospital gown.  The nurses drew blood, put an Ive on my left arm.  then a ten point electro cardiograph was attached to different place from my shoulder two my feet.  It took only seconds to complete.  We then waited for my cardiologist to come.  We waited there for over an hour. 

I was wheeled into another room   The I was put to sleep and a little over two hours was taken back to my change room.  I had to lay there for four hours without moving.  I could drink some water.  I took only little sips.  I didn't want to over fill my bladder.

My doctor found two problems.  first, the sting was not allowing much blood flow and second, blood flow was restricted on both arms of a branch. The surgeon explained the need for three by passes.  they will take veins down the inside of my left leg and another vein under my left breast.  The photo below was taken just before we left the hospital.
Surgery is schedule for Tuesday morning.  I will go in sometime Monday afternoon for tests and bloodwork. They said that it would take four hours.  Then Tuesday morning we report at the hospital to do all the preparations
.  The surgery should last four hours and another two to fours for recovery.  The next morning I will be taken out of recovering room and then into the intensive care room.

We had ice cream at the Red Barn.  The roads were clear and dry all the way home.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Snow and then a Turn-around

Last night I checked the roads between here and the Manti Temple.  I couldn't much after it got dark, but during the daylight hours, the roads looked pretty good.  Even at night there was a car in the UDOT picture that showed we roads and free from snow.

This morning were up at 3:27 and were ready to leave at a little after four.  The freeway to Scipio was clear of snow.  We drove from Scipio to somewhere around Scipio lake.  It was hard to tell were we were because of the snow and fog.  Carol was driving slowly by now. There was a big semi-truck behind us.  Carol went slower and slower hoping that he would pass us.  He did not,  she signaled to the right and stopped on the sided of the road.  She quickly turned around and we slowly made our way back.  We got back home a little after five which was close to the time I usually get up.

I checked the UDOT road report and it appeared that most of the road were only wet.

We drove to Fillmore to take the necessary papers for the home equity loan that were are getting to pay for the shingles.  We had all the papers needed except my retirement amount from the state. 

Monday, January 23, 2017

Interesting day.  We made arrangements to have our car serviced and Carol arranged to have a mammogram, which was to be this afternoon.  We were going to meet Lisa at Murdock Motors in Linden where the car was to be serviced. 

All the weather forecasts for Holden, Linden, and Layton where Lisa lives. We canceled our appointments.   I check UDOT several times during the day and the roads in all three places were free of snow, but wet.

We went to Fillmore to Zion's Bank taking care of a loan to pay for the new shingles on our house.  It took some time, about one half hour.  I had a difficult time figuring out the three loans that I had with them, eventually I got it.  There was a heavy rain and cold wind on the way.  The rain had stopped when we got there.

I did some ranging of boxes in the garage.  My shelf space is filled and I have a little more floor space in the garage.  We also took a box to the dump.

The day has been a yoyo.  Periods of no rain or snow; periods of rain; periods wind.  most of the time there was no inclement weather.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Shelves and Snow

As soon as night turned to day, it was clear that there was new snow.  The tractor was easily started.  I cleared nearly three inches of snow from our driveway.  A little before ten I started the tractor again and moved around two inches of snow from our driveway.  I then went to our neighbors to the west and cleared the snow away from around their parked cars.  Next it was to the Masner's.  I moved the snow away from around their cars.   We usually ride with the Masner's to the temple.  But because of the heavy snow, we chose not to go.  That gave me time to work on some projects at home. 

I paid some bills.  I worked in the garage a couple of hours.  I found the Kreg tool box that I looked for a couple of weeks.  In it were some 2 1/2 inch screws that I need.  I used three clamps to hold rails in place while I drove the screws through the pocket hole into the style.  The shelf so far is standing in the location where it will be placed.  I hope to get some more screws next week in Provo. 
As the day came to an end, the sun began to shine.  More snow predicted for tomorrow.

Friday, January 20, 2017


The rails containing the pocket holes are resting on this temporay bench.  I practice the drilling the pocket holes on a spare piece of wood until I thought that I could do it somewhat accaratly.   I then using the drill jig, I drilled holes on the same side of the rail in each end.  There are ten rails 21 1/2 inches long and ten that are 29 1/2 inches long.
Below is one end of the shelf that I am building.  I used ten Crag screws for one style and tried to use three inch grabbers on the other style.  The grabbers did not work to well.  Now it looks somewhat like a ladder.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Eagle Mountian and Quinten

This morning we made a quick trip to Eagle Mountain.  It wasn't that quick.  We left at eight and got home at four.  Our new week old grandson.  This is our first visit with him.
Merrill and Carol Johnson with Quintin, our new grandson who is a week old.
Merrill Johnson with Quentin, my great grandson, on the right side and Paityn, my granddaughter  on the left side. 
This is quinten Johnson, another grandson,  the son of Eric and April Johnson
Ezra Holden Johnson our Great Grandson.  He and his mother were with Eric and April.
Merrill Johnson  and our granddaughter,  Hanna Johnson
Carol Johnson and Hanna
 Leaving Eagle Mountain, we headed east.  Mount Timpanogos was in front of us all the way to Linden.  We stopped a Chinese buffet for lunch where filled up.  We stopped in Provo at Sam's Club for a few things and gasoline.  We were going to stop for ice cream.  We were still full, so we came home.  We were home by five.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Robert Came to Help

Carol and I had gone to Fillmore to for a few groceries and to pick up a speaker for my laptop and the chain for my chain saw.  While we were there, Robert called.  He is coming to Holden to take home some of the things of his that are in our garage.

He and some of his friends are opening a YouTube channel to cover a wide range of activities the involves gardening, greenhouse gardening, small animals, vines,  and orchard.  It is a big project.  We walked through the greenhouse and around the yard, explaining different options.

I have been building in a large set of shelves for the garage.  More shelves allows me to get more boxes off the floor. 

 I used a three of the four boards and cut them to the length of six feet.  I glued three of them together two make the styles.  The stiles are the vertical parts of the construction.  I cut the board below into four styles.  I wanted four 1.5"  squares, six feet long.  I cut the squares a little wider so I could use my thickness plainer to get the to wanted thickness.  I left them at the original size.
In the photo below shows the wood for the rails.  Rails are horizontal.  I used 2 x 4's and 2 x 6's and other two inch wood that I could find.  For four shelves I made 10 rails. Five on each side. they were 21.5" long.  The front and back rails were 27" inches long.  Five in the back and five in the front.
Here are the four completed styles.  The gray board on the left is a piece left over from a 2x4.  I have some new Kreg tools, which I received for my birthday.  I have watched a lot of YouTube videos showing how to use the tools.  We worked with them for nearly and hour and finally got it figured out.  I needed a different screw driver to attach the rails to the styles.  It was getting late and Robert wanted get home before dark. 
 After Robert went home swept the floor of the garage.

Photos From FaceBook

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Photo from facebook. Mother, Betty Johnson, on the left, and Sister, Annalee Church on the right.  Mother did a lot of catering at weddings.  The photo seems to be take where she was the caterer.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Todays Work

I have a list of things todo

 Cleaning the fridge

went to Fillmore

Worked in the garage
Last week I sorted of finished the shelves that I made on the west wall of the garage.  There was a lot of boxes there which have been there since we moved her nearly twenty years ago. 

Friday, January 6, 2017

Cardiologist and Angiogram, is That All

Yesterday, the phone rang, I answered.  It was a recorded message from the clinic reminding me of my appointment today.  I had forgotten and could find nothing on the calendar or pinned to the fridge with a magnet.  I thought the time was ten today,

Still talking about yesterday, it had snowed all day and there was around eight inches of new snow.  That presents a problems of driving.  How safe would it be?  Carol and I discussed this numerous time.  I checked the forcast for tomorrow.  The forecast was for sunshine, but very cold.  We decided not to go.  I looked at the photos provided by UDOT, but were hard to determine road condition because of the darkness.  I decided to wait until in the morning which is today.  As soon as it was beginning to get light, I logged on to the UDOT web page.  All of the images showed I-15 free of snow.  We decided to leave at eight.

There were a few places where the road was icy, but part the roads were wet with even a few places looked dry.  We arrived at the Revere Health center about 25 minutes early where I checked in and was told that my appointment was at elven.  I did my cholesterol test.  We did some shopping a Sam's Club.  We wanted to get a large calendar to hang on the wall by the fridge.  The office supply store had moved to a different location.  We didn't pay close attention to the message which was on the door as we drive through the empty snow packed parking lot.  We then went back to the Revere Health Center.  Cardiologist

I was soon called. the nurse took weighed me, took my vitals, and updated my medications.  It was quite a bit later when Dr. Dahl came in.  It was determined that I was to have a an angiogram  It is scheduled for 25 January 2017.  In the testing room, I met with a technician who drew three vials of blood.  I had been gone a long time and Carol was waiting for me in the waiting room.  I finally showed up.

We stopped for lunch at the Golden Coral.  The food was good, and it seems to me that I would have to eat to much to get my money's worth.  We picked up a calendar at Staples.  I turned 79 on the first of this month.  Eric and April gave me a $50 gift certificate to be used a Home Depot. Carol also gave me $50 for my birthday.  We stopped at the Provo store where I bought a Kreg Jig k4

We stopped at Costco to get gas and my ink and a few other things.  I was nearly five when we got home.  The roads were dry all the way.  We had an invitation for dinner at the home of the Charlesworth.  We had for gotten all about it.  They called and told us to go through the garage door which was a great reminder.  They had a good dinner for us.  We visited for a while and ended the day.

Every Monday morning Carol washes and irons my white shirt that I wore the previous week.  Twice at the temple and once on Sunday.  Something was wrong with her iron.  She would plug it in, but it would not heat up.  We bought a new iron at Roper's and found out that it was identical to the one that she had.  I don't know how many years ago it was purchased.  Strange    Can you tell which is the new one?  The new one is on the right..