Wednesday, August 31, 2016

More Quail Eggs

I have a few quail eggs left  Breakfast

put up tomato veggie juice, 17 quarts

picked watermelon

Hauled Elder Berry pruning to the Dump.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Quail Eggs

We have two patches of snap beans.  We picked the north row of bush beans first.  We filled two bowels of beans.  We then picked a lot of cucumbers.  Some of them had grown quite big.  They filled a five gallon bucket and a little more.  After taking them to the house, we picked the pole beans.  We picked more pole beans than bush beans.

We then picked the tomatoes.  I picked 25 ripe tomatoes the from the plant  on the west end of the row.  Carol helped me or I helped her.  We picked about a bushel.  When we finished we started breakfast.

Saturday Robert brought a large container of quail eggs.  He had some pickled eggs at the luncheon after Skyler home coming talk.  I fried eight  quail eggs for breakfast.  I had to cut off the top of the egg with a seirated knife and then poor the egg out into a small bowel.  After the frying pan was hot I pored the eggs into the pan.  After one side was cooked I turned them over. 
The following picture shows the eggs on a dish with a piece of toast.
I didn't get the lawn mowed last Friday, so I did it today.  One of the tires needed air.  I was easy with my new compressor.  It usually take an hour to mow the lawn.  It was no different today.

After mowing I started the weed whip and cut the grass missed by the lawn mower.  I put the weed whip in the truck and cleaned the ditch where we get the water.  It was full of an annual grass.  Carol saw me drive up and asked.  "where have you been? I replied, "Cleaning the ditch where we get our water."  She completed the conversation by saying, "We won't get another water turn."  Interestingly,  the water master came by and told me that I will be getting the water on Friday.

I weeded rye grass between south garden and Robert's garden.  It thought if that was cleaned up some, the place would look neater.  The I cut out all of the dead wood in the huge Elderberry shrub.  It looks a lot different now.  Tomorrow I will haul it the dump.

There is a pine tree and a English walnut tree that hasn't been watered for a long time.  I pruned the pine tree and gave it a good drink.  I also watered the walnut tree.

We have an ugly, large Elderberry bush that blooms but never sets fruit.  There is a lot of dead wood in it.   I worked for over two hours cutting out the dead branches and some live branch that were hanging down to the ground.  Below is a before pictures and  an after picture.  There is still some clean-up to do.  It looks pretty good.

watered nursery second time

Friday, August 26, 2016

Elizabeth is Here

An easy day for us

The typical breakfast I eat has the following. egg
  • over easy and served with toast
  • boiled. I make an egg salad with mayonnaise, homemade relish and served on a slice of buttered toast.
  • fried egg with yoke broken.  Turned over and cooked until yoke and white is cooked.  It is served on buttered toast and homemade sweet relish.
  • Scrambled served with toast and homemade salsa sauce.
  • Old fashion oatmeal mush and raisons sweetened with honey.  One batch is divided into three parts. I eat one and the other two are put in the fridge to be eaten on the next two mornings.
Elizabeth cooked the mush and prepared the open face egg salad.

I did the watering and fertilizing

Several months ago the fan that blows air between the two layers of poly on house two began to make a lot of noise.  I tried to lubricate it, but that didn't work.  Finally it would not turn at all.  I shut the power of and about a month ago I took it off and ordered a new one.  Today Elizabeth helped me replace it with the new one.  We had to remove the electrical cord from the old one and use it on the new one.  We could not remove the electrical clamp on the old one.  I found a new clamp in the garage.  We connected all the wires together and secured them with screw things.  We hooked it up and discovered that the electrical cord was three inches too short.  We remove the fan and turned it 180 degrees which would put the cord close enough.  the fan would not fit that way so we turned back like we had it.  We put the three nuts on.  We used an extension cord to make it work.

While we worked on the fan, a customer came and got a bunch of wave petunias.

We went to delta, picked up fertilizer and pots at Steve Regan.  We had lunch at Ashton's.  I had hamburger with swish cheese and mushrooms.  It was very good.

I began to empty the pots that contained dead flowers.  There are a lot of them. I filled two big black nursery cans.

When I got back to the house Elizabeth had cooked lunch.  She did a good job.  She made a dish with chicken breasts, fried potatoes, and mushrooms and gravy.  It was very good.

Carol and I went to the viewing of Madalyn Bennett.  She was 60 years old and had breast cancer for the last eight years.  She will be missed in the ward.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Eagle Mountain

I got up a little after five this morning.  We need to be at the Durfey Cleaners in Provo by eight and I figured that we would be there a 7:30.  I read a chapter in The Book of Mormon.  The time got away from me and I thought that we wouldn't make by then.  I had a quick breakfast.  my jaw on the left side has been hurting.  It is hard to eat solid foods.  Breakfast was creamy wheat and egg salad sandwich.  I ate the egg of the bread and slowly ate the bread on the road. 

We made a bathroom stop in Nephi and then on our way.  We arrived at the Durfey Cleaners around 8:10.  I took my suit in and we were in luck.  He went to the back.  When he came to the front, he told us that it would be ready by 3:30.

Next we found a Jiffy Lube, where we got in line to get an oil change.  They changed the oil, checked other fluid, washed the window, and vacuumed the car.  We had to wait 30 minutes before they finished.  We got the oil change and then headed for Eagle Mountain.  That took about twenty minutes.  We had a hard time finding it Tuesday afternoon, but much easier today.  Today it seemed like every traffic light turned red just before we got to it.

We had another nice visit with Eric and Megan.  We also enjoyed our great grandson, Ezra, and two grand daughters, Payten and Hanna.  After our visit we brought Elizabeth back home with us.
Merrill and Hanna
Merrill and Payten    Below left is Payten swinging and below right is Hanna swinging
We met Lisa and Skyler at the puppy barn in American Fork.  They sell a lot of different breeds of dogs.  All of them are puppies.  The prices ranged from $250 to nearly $1,200.  We were there for quite a long time.  One had to put a disinfectant on their hands before they could touch a puppy.  It had to be done again before touching another puppy. The following scripture was posted on the wall of the Puppy Shed.   "A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast" Proverbs 12:10
We all met in Orem at a Chinese restraint for lunch.  I ate only the foods that did not take any or very little chewing.  The food was good.

The next stop was in Provo where I had left my suit.  It was ready.  We went to Costco to buy gas and get the ink for my printer.  I also had my glasses fixed.  I bent them several months ago.  On the way home we stopped off at the Red Barn for ice cream. 

We got home a little after six.  The car was unloaded.  I took the cat food out to Tiger, our kitten that was neutered yesterday.  She disappeared last night, but showed up this evening while I was watering.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Our Mother Cat is fixed.

Before breakfast this morning, we picked a five gallon bucket of cucumbers, and a bunch of beans.

Tiger, the name of our cat, was found on a road west of Fillmore, Utah, several years ago.  It was a small kitten left on a country road.  I brought it home.  Early this spring it produced four kittens.  They were gentle from the very beginning and they were fun to watch grow.  They lived in the shed next to greenhouse one.

We gave those kittens away.   We did not want anymore kittens from tiger.  A couple of weeks ago we made an appointment with Dr. Anderson, the vet.  Today is the day.  We took her to Fillmore today.  Dr. Anderson's practice is in Delta, Utah.  He comes to Fillmore several times a month.  Our appointment time was 9:30 to ten.  He was a little late.  We left Tiger there and was to come back around three. 

We did so and brought her home.  She staggered out of the cage.  She has not completely recovered.  We gave her some food and fresh water.  We locked the shed door.  I checked on her several times and the last time she was out of the shed.  There is a hole in the plastic door that she was able to get out of the shed.
While this was going on, I began to pick the grapes.  I put two trays in house six.  I took the tray in the spare bedroom out to house six.  I picked another tray and was going to put it in house six, but it was so hot there, I put all the trays and a couple more in house three. It is in shade a large part of the day.

Tiger left the shed and we haven't seen her.

I watered everything tonight.  We are going to Eagle Mountain tomorrow to get Elizabeth.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Bear Lake

I was up early Sunday morning, a little before it got light, about five.  With my head lamp, I did all the watering in the greenhouses.  With Carol's help, I began the job of loading our car with our tents, blankets, cooking stove, etc.  We were completely loaded by seven.  We had a little breakfast.  I forgot the hanging baskets in the front yard.  I then did it. 

We left a little after eight this morning for Layton, Utah.  Skyler Gray, our grandson,  reported his mission in the Weaver second ward. We arrived at the ward house about 10:40.  We were the first ones there.  We set partway to the front.  It wasn't long until other family members began to come.  Some we did not see until after the meeting because they were close to being late of were late.

Skyler was the first adult speaker, and did a good job.  Eric Gray, his father and our son-in-law was the other speaker.  He is on the high council.  He Did a good job.  Afterwards, we had a luncheon at their home.  Eric and Lisa had put up a lot of shade tents.  There was a lot of good food.  Carol made some Frog-eye-salad.  The open house lasted for over two hours.

We took Elizabeth with us.  It was really crowded.  I set in the back and Elizabeth was in the front.  Skyler made a map for us with the directions on how to get there.  We drove to Brigham, then to Logan, and the rest of the way through Logan Canyon.  That was one winding road.  We bought gas in Logan.

The was a big fire near Lake Town.  We could not see the Bear Lake because of the smoke. 
We finally arrived.  It seemed like we would never get there.  We drove past our campsite, and had to turn around.  As soon as we got there we began to unload.  Melissa and Derick were already there.  We hadn't put up our tent for a long time.  We could not remember, but finally got it nearly up.  In the meantime, Derick and Melissa were trying to get there tent up.  They bought them a new tent.  We stopped working on our tent and helped them put up their tent.  We then tried to get our tent up.  Several pieces were missing, but after trying many different ways we got our tent up.

Our dinner for the night was tin foil dinners.  We got a fire started to make the coals.  We then made our foil dinners.  They were filled with sliced onion and carrots and potatoes and hamburger.  Lisa's kids showed up about then.  Their dinners were prepared at home.  By now the coals were good.  The tin foil dinners were cooking and just needed a little more time.   They were pretty good.

I filled the mattress with air using the battery powered blower.  It worked well.  We made the bed ready for the night.  The park host told us that there were skunks in the area and we were to keep out tents closed and food would be kept skunk proof containers.  Any garbage should be kept in the car during the night. 

It was about 10:30 when we went to bed.  I slept pretty good and woke up at five to go to the bathroom.  The bath rooms were really nice.  Clean flush toilets, warm water, and a place to have a warm shower.  I came back to bed and got up when it began to get light. 

We had a bacon, eggs, and pancake breakfast.  Elizabeth did all the cooking, and there was plenty to eat.  The rest of the day was a day of doing nothing.  It was a pleasure to be able to do nothing.  But really there were some things that I did.

  • Skyler found sort of diftwood walking stick.  It was weathered drift wood from the lake.  The branches had broken off.  Skyler tried to cut them off with a pocket knife.  I had a small hand saw I let him use.  He had no idea how to use it.  I showed him how, and he still struggled to make it work right.  He pushed down hard on the saw and the same time was pushing the saw forward.  I then got my prunners and that made it a lot easier.  He then wanted to carve it.  Both ends of the stick had broken leaving splintered end.  I told him that he should saw the end off. 
  • This started a new activity.  I suggested that we should have some competition in how fast it would be cut off.  Skyler did it a little over eight seconds.  Chase did it in a little over nine seconds.  Emily took the longest which was about 1 1/2 minutes.  I did it in less than eight seconds.
  • Later in the day we took chairs out on the beach.  The kids played in the sand and water.
  • Eric and Lisa came.  They put up their tents. 
  • Dinner for the night was dutch oven cooking.  It contained chicken thighs, potatoes, onions, carrots, and cream of chicken soup.  It was very good.
The night was not as comfortable as the night before.  I got up twice during the night.  Once at two and again at five. 

We had the same breakfast again this morning.  Pancakes, bacon, and eggs were prepared again by Elizabeth.  As soon as breakfast was over we began to load our car.  We had a little more room in the car because of the wood and food that we brought which we didn't bring back.   We also put our tent in the dumpster.  We cleaned our campsite and said our good-byes.

I took a few pictures of the Brigham City Utah Temple.  We had a sandwich which was not to good at an eating place south of Brigham City.
 Brigham City is noted for all the Sycamore trees that lines both sides of main street.

Our next stop was in Eagle Mountain where we visited with Eric.  We dropped Elizabeth off there.  Eric has a beautiful home.  The kids were asleep.  Holden and Megan live there in a basement apart which is supper nice.  Megan is the nanny and Holden is fifteen minutes from work.  We then drove home.

Thursday, August 18, 2016


I spent much of the day working on the payroll taxes.  The 941 which was due by the end of July.  I kept putting it off and then forgot about it until today.  I got it figured out.  I was off 80 cents.  There is another one from 2013 to do. I have until September 17 to get it done.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Visit Dr Brown and Quick trip to Provo

I had a Doctor's appointment with Dr. Brown at eleven this morning.  I worked some in Robert's garden, and did the watering.  Our sweet corn in the south garden north of the beans looks a little yellow.  Several years ago I got some organic liquid fertilizer. I mixed it with water in a watering in a watering can.  I pored some down both rows of corn and then turned the water down those two rows.  I will watch it for the next couple of weeks to se if it has helped some.  If this doesn't work, there are two other options.  First.  Epson Salt.  Second: I have some other liquid organic fertilizer that I haven't used that was given to me several years ago. 

It was 10:15 when we headed out to Fillmore.  I reported in, and after a short wait we were directed to an exam room.  The nurse weighed me in, checked my blood pressure and my 02 level. (155lbs, 100 over 55, and 95).  Dr. Brown came in latter and asked me all the question.  He did a lot of resistance test, and basically past them.  He hold my hands down and I lifted up.  He held my hand in and I pushed out.  He held my hands out and I pushed in. 

He recommended physical therapy.  We are going to start that tomorrow.

As soon as we got home, Carol made two cheese sandwiches.  We ate them and headed for Provo.  Carol bought a lot of small toys for our family reunion Saturday.  At Sam's Club we bought a lot of hard goods for the house.  It was little after six thirty when we got home.

We have had some rain, but very light.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Temple Dream

I dream every night, and most of them are gone from my memory by the time I wake up.  Early this morning this amazing and a little frightening dream showed up.  I, we, were at the temple.  A large, maybe fifty or so group of hippie and that is the best way that I can describe them, were at the temple.  They took control of it.  They had various, strange, hair styles.  The room looked more like a stake house than any room in the temple.  There was a large stage at the end of the cultural hall that could accommodate them with plenty of room to spare.  They began to dance and sing.  They performed as if dance had been carefully choreographed.

They were truly desecrating the temple and no one made any efforts to stop them.  After some time I tried to stop them, but they kept one doing their weird dancing.  finally, I pulled all the plugs that operated the music, microphones, and what not.  The vigorously complained and began to leaved.  That is when I woke up.