Saturday, July 25, 2015

Wedding # 2

The long awaited day for Holden and Megan finally arrived.  For six weeks there has been a daily count-down on Face Book. There was a trip to the Payson Temple where Megan reiceved her endowments.  We have visited them several time during this period of time.

This morning we did the watering and left Holden, Utah for Salt Lake City where we met then in the Salt Lake Temple.  We were there plenty early and were able to visit with his mother, and sisters before we went in the temple.  There was a nice group of friends and relatives in attendance.  After the sealing ceremony was over we were able to give our congradulations and warm wishes. 

We waited for them in a waiting room adjacent to the temple and temple grounds where pictures were taken.  They soon showed up to cheers and well wishes.  Tai, Holden's cousin, took the pictures.  There numerous pictures taken with various groups of family and friends.

In the afternoon we met them again at The Barn in Mapleton, for a dinner hosted by Megan's parents. It was a delicious meal.  We visited with family and friends.  Carol was really tired so we left before the reception really began.  It was a good thing because there were some plants that had really wilted for the lack of water.  The celery was really droopy.  If we were 30 minutes later it would have been to dark to see.