Friday, October 30, 2015

Working in the Office

The lawns were very wet this morning.  I started out by working in the office.  That is my bedroom.  I always sleep in the office.  I spent most of they organizing my files and organizing the seed boxes.  I printed labels for the folders and removed most papers that  were dated 2014 and older.  Were dated as twelve years.   I have a file box where nearly half of the papers inside went to the round file.

Yesterday, Carol got her annual driver license letter from the state driver license division.  We drove to Fillmore where she turned in at the clinic.  They will sign it so she can get a license for next year.  Emi is staying with us next week.  We bought some groceries so there will be food for her.  Carol and I sort of piece, graze during the day and don't often do a lot of cooking.  We cook for Sunday and have warm-ups the rest of the week.

This afternoon we moved the cabbage and broccoli growing in tubs in front of our house to greenhouse two.  There are some good hard cabbage heads the size of baseballs.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Provo in the Rain

It rained some in the night, but only enough to have a good wet lawn and wet sidewalks.  I did a little watering and we then drove to Provo to do some shopping.  The weather has been cool and no sunshine all day.  It sprinkled off and on all the way up and all the way home.

I bought me a small lamp for about five dollars and a timer for the same amount.  On the way home we stopped at the Red Barn in Santaquin for ice cream.  Carol got a soft ice cream cone and a I got a small cup of ice cream.  Mine was huge.  It had two scoops and lasted me nearly two the Yuba lake exit.  Next time I will bet a little cup which has only one scoop.

I am not to lift any thing weighing more than ten pounds.  Carol had to lift the cat food and the soap products. 

I set up the time that will turn the lamp on about 5:30.  I don't want to use the alarm clock to wake me up,  I would like to think that the sun light is coming through the window.

The last thing that I did was to carve the pumpkin.  A picture tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Check Up

Two weeks ago today I had my hernia operation.  Today was my two week check-up.  The appointment was at ten and we were there a little early.  There was only a few parking places in front of the clinic.  The waiting room was packed and only a few  empty chairs.  I spoke to the receptionist and I just barely sit down when they called me.  The doctor said that everything went well.

We were finished and did a little shopping and went home.  I worked most of the day organizing the folders laying around and in the file cabinets.   I renamed the hanging folders and placed the in alphabetical order. 

We had the coldest night so far this fall.  Checking out the garden this afternoon revealed the extent of the frost.  the squash and cucumbers were frozen, and tomato plants that were not well caged.  Those higher in the air were frozen only on the new growth. 

The only thing done at the nursery was the watering. I watered everything.

We had home teachers tonight.

Friday, October 16, 2015


Today as gone very well.  I slept good last night even thought I made a lot of trips to the bathroom.  I could lay without any pain.  Getting in and out of the bed was a little painful, but when settled everything was good.

I haven't done much today.  I did walk at Carol's side giving her directions on what to water and how much to water.  I made a couple of videos of the Roundleaf Buffalo Berry.  I deleted the first one will put the second one on You Tube.  A professor at Utah State University wanted some information on growing that plant.

That is about it.  I had a nap this morning and again another one this early afternoon.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Surgery This Morning

I got the watering done at the greenhouse and in the back yard.  Carol took care of the dogs that she is baby sitting or should I say dog sitting.

When she got back we picked the tomatoes.  There is not as many this time because day light is nearly two hours less even though the days have been in the low 80's.  In spite of this were able to get nearly two bushels of tomatoes.  We picked these for Lisa who for the first time is putting the in the bottle.  We then picked beans.  Here we got two, 2 1/2 buckets full.  We gave these away.

It was nearly eleven this morning when we left Holden to meet up with her to transfer the garden goodies.  Carol called her a little earlier and she reported that she was really busy and indicated that it would be difficult for her to meet us.  We decided to deliver them to her house.  I called her and told her what we had planned.  The traffic moderately heavy, but we made it with out any difficulty.  The used to have a road split, this time there was not a split.  The concrete company has a huge gravel pit at the point of the mountain.  The have mixing machine that makes the concrete which is loaded on a conveyer belt that dumps it into a container which is loaded in a truck which takes it a section of road being built.  The procedure surely save a lot of time, whereby, trucks don't have to leave freeway and then return loaded.

We stopped at Sam's Club in Provo.  I bought a blue tooth device that is worn around the neck with ear buds for music and telephone conversations.  I wanted it to transmitted voice to my iPhone videos.  I did not do that.  I returned all the parts and receipts hoping for a refund.  After answering a few questions as to why I retuned it.  He credit the amount to my credit.  Thanks Sam's Club.

Our next stop was at the Red Barn where we got some ice cream.  Mine lasted quite away past Nephi.

I had my hernia operation.  I did not eat anything after ten last night.  This morning I read a chapter in the Book of Mormon.  The chores had to be done early.  I watered the nursery, watered, and fertilized the pots and tubes in front of the house. 

We entered the hospital in Fillmore and they were waiting for us.  All my vitals were recorded.  There were a lot of papers to sign which took quite a while.  They gave me a gown to put on.  I then made a trip to the bathroom.  Next was the electro cardiograph, Interesting when read was better than the one I had about five years ago.  I was then hooked up to the IV where I received medication and anesthesia.  More questions were asked by the doctor and anesthesiologist.  Then I came back in about an hour.  I was a little dopy but soon went home.  Carol has been taking care of me until I went to bed.