Tuesday, June 18, 2013

High Hopes For Monday

06/18/2013.     Monday
I started out the day with great hopes of accomplishment, but no way.  We have a pussy willow tree next to the north west corner of the garage.  The tree is mostly dead and rubs against the eves when the wind blows.  In the spring when there should be pussies, there are none or at the least very few.  I had planned to have that cut down and loaded one the trailer by nine this morning.
But again, that did not happen.

The box was on the truck and needed to be removed.  I use my tractor to help lift it off. It won't lift high enough, good idea came into my head. With a pallet the length of the forks would be extended about six more inches. I was able to get the stakes out off their holes and the pallet underneath the cross bars.  I carefully lifted it up. The box sifted to the left and nearly fell off the truck. It took nearly an hour to get it off.  By then it was ten.  I got two thirds of the tree cut down and loaded onto the truck.

Lorena did the watering and then had to leave to take care of her husband  and nephew and their new job at the Duckworth dairy.  She was gone the rest of the day.  I had to take care of the nursery  and wait on customers.
Customers were the the rest of the day.

I had an order from a man Reno Nevada to fill.  I started doing that at six. i
boxed them a little differently this time which speeded things up some. finished up at 7:15.  carol was not able to help because of nerve pain, she was able to get the garden watered.