Sunday, October 30, 2016

Temple Devotional

This morning we skipped our church meeting to attend the devotional in the Manti temple.  They opened the doors a twelve.  We were there about 10:45.  There were about fifteen people a head of us.  The weather was cool, but not to bad.

I will report all that I can remember.

He first mention God wants all of his children to return back to his presence.  It is our right to have our own children back into His presence.

He mentioned the first missionaries who went to England to gather the House of Israel which were primarily the house of Ephraim.  These people moved to the Rocky mountains.  Their children went to back to England and to the Scandinavian countries. Later many more missionaries went further north to Russia and the countries and gathered more of the house of Israel.  In many of the branches of the church of those who have received their patriarchal blessings; one could ask what was their lineage all twelve tribes would represented.

Pantry & Laundry

From the kitchen past the fridge there is the laundry room.  Carol, while in there a couple of days ago.  She began to move a few things on the shelves above the washer and dry  that we don't use anymore and have been there for nearly twenty years.  She dropped them in the garbage which is between the washer and drier.  She called for help, I came to give her assistance.  I stood on a small stool and gave her the boxes, bottle, and other things.  Chemical paint cans, cans of starch with missing nozzles.  I took three garbage bags out the garage.  I put them in the big bag in the garage.  I could hardly lift them to put the trunk of the car.  We then hauled them out to the dumpster which is a couple of miles north of down.

The two photos below is how it looks after we finished.  The towels and tissues were in the pantry.  We took them out of the pantry, which left a whole lot of room in the pantry.  We were then able to take some of things on the floor and and put them on the pantry shelves.

After this we drove to Utah County.  I got a hair cut and did some shopping.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Carving the Pumpkin

We dug over half or our potatoes yesterday.  The ground was too hard.  The sprinkle run on them for a couple of hours.  This afternoon Carol and I began to dig.  I dug and she gathered the into buckets.  It was pretty muddy and there were a lot of volunteer carrots.  We also dug themI left them on the lawn for a couple of hours while I cleaned the carrots.  No picture.  Pictured below are all the potatoes that we dug.  They are grade according to size.  The largest are in the top right bucket.  There is more than enough for us.
We bought a pumpkin a couple of weeks ago.  I was going to carve it a couple of days ago, but forgot, and didn't want to start after the sun had gone down.  I went online to get some ideas.  I then looked at pumpkin carvers on utube. I then made a design to work from.
I got some of my wood carving tools together.  The worst part of carving a pumpkin is removing the seed.  I used spoons and a curved scrape used in concave wood projects.  It was almost perfect removing the slimy seeds and fibers.   On the left is the scraper; next is a little gouge used for carving the whiskers.  The longer one is a small gouge used for carving around all of the openings.  One right is a saw type tool.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Carol & Doctor

Carol gets out of breath after only a walk across the room.  Yesterday, she had a cat scant and there were no blockages in her lungs.  Today she was at the clinic again.  This time it was a lung pressure test.  It was to see how much air pressure she do when blowing into the device.   Her test was normal.

When in Fillmore yesterday, I bought some white spray paint for Carol.   She wanted to paint the Halloween gourd white.  It really looks nice. 

Here it is with lights from a couple of years ago. 
This is the way the gourd looks after I had finished the carving.  There is a hole in the bottom for the lights.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Carol's Dr Appointment

Over the last month or so Carol has been experenceing shortness of breath.  She has been on oxygen during the night and occasionally during the day.  I have encouraged for some time to see the doctor.  Finally she called this morning and got a 3:30 appointment.

They did a EKG, cat scan, and a few other tests.  The test results are emailed to doctors in Utah county.  Dr. Gross called around seven with the results.  Her shortness of breath is caused by some blood clots in her lungs.  This could turn into a serious health problem.

Carol sends money to the grandkids on their birthday.  She used to put a dollar bill in the envelope; one for year of age.  As the grandkids have grown older, she now sends them some money.  Emi, is elven and she gets elven quarters.  We have two large jars in the pantry with coins. One is two quart size and the other one is one quart size.  The larger one was full of coins.  Needed some coins, so she went to the coin jar for the quarter.  The large one was missing.  It was there in the beginning of October.  Richard was here a week ago Monday.  Robert and Frank were her for a couple of hours last Saturday.  Holden and Meagan where here Saturday afternoon.  That is the only people that were in the house.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

To Provo for Supplies

We drove to Provo this morning.  Our first stop was at Walmart in Payson where I bought an alarm clock for Carol.  The one that she had did not work.  It would ring at strange times and did not ring when it should.  When we got home I plugged it in, put the back-up batteries in, tried to set time and the alarm.  To my frustration I could not do it.  What did I do?  I read the directions and followed them perfectly I thought.  I read them several more time.  I was standing, then I found a place to sit.  Finally I got it.  It is really easy. 

I bought a timer that would turn the lights on and off in the hen house.  The one that I had for three years wore out.  A couple of days ago when a frost was forecast, I went out to turn a hose on to sprinkle water on the luffa sponges.  It was around eleven and when I walked past the hen house, the lights were on.  I pulled the plug.  I checked the clock and changed it to the correct.  Later I saw that it was on in the middle of the day.

Today I bought a new one; when I got home it was a lot easier to hook up than the alarm was to set the time. 

We stopped at Sam's club.  The usual thing we get there is cat food.  We bought batteries for Carol's clock, and a few other things.  We had lunch at the Golden Coral in Orem.  I never get my money's worth.  It come to $20.  At other places we can get a pretty good meal for half that price. One plus is that we saw Joe Liddell and his wife Eloise. who is my cousin. 

On the way home we stopped at Costco where I got a bundle of socks and filled the car with gas @2.049 a gallon.  Nearby is a new Walmart where I bought the timer for the chickens.  We got home at 3:30.  Then I got the two clocks working.

Some of the tomato plants in the garden did not freeze.  The last two nights I left the sprinkler on the luffa sponges.  To night, I covered them.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Sunday Conference

We watched both sessions of conference today.  As was yesterday,  The speakers inspiring.  I took a few notes which I want to post on face book a quote from each speaker.

Between sessions we had lunch.  Carol did barbequed ribs which were the best she has ever made.  Potatoes, beans, and cooked beet greens are from the garden. Gravy is from a mix.  All is very good.  The beets were planted in the late summer.  The were excellent.  First beet greens that I have had in years.  Not pictured is a carrot salad.
Richard came at the end of afternoon session of conference.  He has a court appearance at nine in the morning.