Sunday, July 31, 2016

Trip to Riverton

This morning we had planned to be up at 5:30 to get things ready for attending Larry and Leslie's mission report in the Riverton Farm Ward.  We didn't get up until six.  We really hurried to get the fruit ready.  We had melon, watermelon, and grapes.  With not much traffic we were able to get there with twenty minutes to spare.

After a good meeting we went to their house for something to eat.

We then got home at 1:30 where I watered the nursery.

I had pulled some carrots and later I cut them up to be boiled.  I turned the gas on and the began reading in facebook.  I read a cheap way to heat your house.  I clicked on it and listen to the presentation.  It said that I would be told how to do it in three minutes.  after five minutes it still was going.  I thought I would listen to the end.  After 30 minutes I shut it off.  In the end I would have to by a kit that had a video and plans to build it.  It didn't show the cost, but I bet that it would be as much as $50.  While I was doing this the water boiled away and the carrots were burnt and took a long time to clean the pan.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A Full Day's Work

There were three cabbage plants growing in house one.  Most all the plants have died for the lack of water but these cabbage plants have been watered several times a day this month.  I planted them in the garden where the peas had been growing.

I added two more outlets to the north garden watering system.  I extended the pipe 3 1/2 feet to the north.  I can now water without having to remove the hoses.

I staked up an other row of corn to protect it from the wind.  I can do it fairly quickly.  I put a tall stake on each end of the row.  I then stretch bailing twine between the two stakes about eighteen inch above the ground.  These are pulled tight.  I put three shorter stakes in the row between the two pieces of twine.  The twine at the point of the stakes is looped over the stake.  The corn is now secured.

There were some new runners on our strawberry plants.  I secured them with staples made out of electrical wire.

I put in a rain bird sprinkler on the west end of the back lawn.  It is not the style that I wanted, but it will work. 

Removed two dying tomato plants and replaced them with two new ones that were growing on the bench north of house two.  One five inch pot hat a cherry tomato, a brandy wine tomato and an egg plant.  We had potted some perennials using soil from a germination tray which previously tomatoes in it.  The other one had a black cherry plant in it.  This will be an interesting project to watch.  Both plants have never been in a greenhouse and thy should grow without any transplant shock or sun burn.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Quick Trip by the Batty's

hadn't finished breakfast. 

Get hair cut

They leave

started tractor and moved potting soil

cut rest of peas vines down

cut Texas Sunflowers down.  They are tall and falling over some annuals in one of our flower beds

did the watering

kittens moved to a new home

made seven new baskets.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

July 24 Celebration on July 23

I will write it tomorrow I hope

watered early

Robert was here early

the parade

The prayer

the breakfast

working in Robert's garden

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


This morning I watered the baskets in the front yard.  A little while later Ann came over and I showed her what to water while we are gone to Los Vegas.  She has be a great neighbor and help.  She will be in St George tomorrow and will not be able to do the watering.  She will water twice on Friday.

Jim came over a little later.  He will water the plants and nursery in the afternoon tomorrow.  An will water on Friday.

We have a bad infestation of Daddy Long Legs spiders.  I have tried to kill the with a broom, but the broom is to large.  yesterday, I took a long stick and wrapped around the end of the stick/ part of an old sock.  This helped to crush the spiders.  Today I made some improvements.  I walked out to the nursery to get and old broom and use the wooden handle to make it more comfortable in my hand.  Ii was in the shed.  I brought it out and a customer drove up.  They were with the state department of agriculture.  Both of them bought some plants.

Carol asked me to move the surfinias baskets from the kidney.  Most are dead and the others are no flowering.  I had explained to Ann and Jim that they should be watered twice each day. 

I spent much of the afternoon getting all the gardens watered and hope they will be alright until we get home Saturday afternoon.

I dug some volunteer potatoes.  We will take some of the with us tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Todays Work

My alarm went of this morning at 3:27.  Carol was all ready up.  I showered, shaved, and had a quick breakfast of raison cooked in oat meal mush which was prepared two days earlier. I make on batch of mush and divided  it in to three portions.  I eat one and save the other two in the fridge.

We picked up three other passenger and arrived at the Manti temple at 5:30 which is when the doors are unlocked.  Our shift is over at 12 noon.  We usually eat in the Temple Cafeteria.   On the way home we always stop in Salina where we get an ice cream cone.  We got home around 2:30.  I change clothes as quickly as I can and begin to water the nursery.  The plants were not suffering any for the want of water.

I then began to water the baskets, and the garden.  Some of the garden was stressed a little.

I stretched some heavy twine on both sides of a row of corn to brace it from the wind which at time will blow the corn over. 

That pretty much takes care of my day.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Trip to Linden

We drove our car to Murdock Auto in Linden to replace the front under cover and to have them determine what was making the road noise.  We did some shopping and came home.  The watering this morning at six lasted until we got home.  The worn tires were making the noise.  They quoted a price, and I thought that I could getter price at Costco.  Costco price was about the same and tires would not be available until tomorrow.  We stopped for ice cream and got home about three.  I called Steve's Tires.  They had some and would be able to put them on at five. 

I fixed the watering of Robert's garden which makes it much easier to water.

Late this evening I began work on my new compressor.  I have had it for nearly a month and need it to keep the tires inflated.  There is still one small part that I need before I can turn it on