Friday, January 29, 2016

Picture Frame is Glued Together

We went to Fillmore this morning to get a few things at the Market. 

Carol wanted to get the big TV out of her bedroom. It hasn't been on for years and taking up a lot of room and collecting dust.  I is very heavy.  I can't lift it by myself.  Unconected the power card and we slid it onto a bench nest to the table it was sitting on.  It would move.  I did not disconnect the signal cable.  I got that done.  We then picket up the bench and TV and slowly move it two the front door.  We stopped several times to rest.  The doorbell rang and our neighbor brought me some tax papers.  He helped us get it to the end of the sidewalk.  I brought the car over and we stuck it in the trunk.  It was so big that we couldn't close the trunk.  We slowly drove on the frontage road and took it to the DI drop off.  There was a person there who helped us lift it out of the trunk.

While there I bought another piece of glass, 8 1/2 by 11 inch.  When we got home I got a 8 1/2 x 11 and cut in to one square with 8 1/2 inch sides.  I designed the frame on top of that paper.  I determined the short side and long side of the frames.  I cut the rabbits and mitered the ends.  I turned the miter gage at a 45 degree and attached a four foot board to the face of it.  By using a stop block I was able to cut the sides to the same size and the same for the ends.

I joined the miters together and made the rectangle.  I got the glass to check it to fit.  It didn't fit.  The outside of the frame fit the glass perfectly, but would not fit the rabbit.  got the problem fixed and made new sides and ends larger.

After lunch I got it all glued together and clamped.  Clamping was a problems.  I drilled holes through the rabbit.  Then placing a little dowel to keep the two pieces lined up.  I glued the all together and used four clamps.

Late this afternoon I ordered plants. 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Picture Frame 2

I spent two more hours today to make a picture frame.  I ended up with more fire wood.  I made the rabbit two hold the glass and the frame parts were a little bit too short.  I kept making the bigger and always to short.  The short side of the frames should be next to the fence when fed through.  Some of them were fed through and made a cut. Upside down, backward, almost every way that I could.  I made these mistakes without carefully checking each piece.

Early this evening, Anne next door, called and needed some help with some invitations for Valentine party next month.  Their printer would not work.  Raymond, her husband, emailed it to me.  It was not a file or attachment but just a note on the email.  Later, Raymond came over to get it.  It wasn't ready, finally I got it ready and printed it.  I did not look like a wanted it to look.  We had supper and I went to the other computer, and was able to get it looking right.  I take it to them in the morning.

Carol has been nursing her left leg all day.  For some reason it has been very painful.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Another Snow This Morning

I had my chapter in the Book of Mormon read and posted comments on Face Book by seven this morning.  I am reading chapters from the Book of Mormon that are our Sunday School reading assignments.

Carol had the cat's food ready.  I put the TV on pause and did my chores.  I made me a one egg omelet which tasted pretty good.  I also made three bowels of oatmeal mush.

It snow some during the night which amounted to one half inch.  Carol mentioned to me that should clear the snow where the Masner's cars were snowed in from the storm of last week plus the snow plows that piled the snow behind their cars.    I pushed the snow out of the way making it a lot easier to park their cars and enter their cars without walking through the deep snow.

I pushed snow away from one of the Stephenson's car.

I drove the tractor up the street two the Miller's yard.  The snowplows put a lot of snow blocking two cars and one truck.  There was a lot of hard packed snow which it took several passes to get it moves.  Richard the neighbor across the street came over with his shovel.  He shoveled snow that was close to cars, and I pushed it away.  The truck was gone which made it much easier to push that snow away.

After lunch we drove to Fillmore.  I got a piece of glass to use in a picture frame and some sandpaper.  We then went to the market and got some groceries.  I also made a deposit at the Credit Union.  On the way home we stopped for soft ice cream. 

We drove around town and checked driveways for some snow removal.  They were all done.  I came home and began to sand the little table that I made last week. I made a new top for it, then stained it.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Another Space Saver

I worked on my business taxes this morning.  The Federal withholding taxes and the state sale taxes.  What more can I say about these.  I had no employees the last quarter of 2015 so I had no money to pay.  I did sale some plants during the last quarter and had to pay some sales tax, but not much.  That took much of the morning.

This afternoon I worked in the nursery for about and hour.  The weather has been quite warm. 

The late afternoon I built a little shelf for the pantry and organize powered sugar, brown sugar, shredded coconut,  and some odds and ends.
The partial box is 16 inches deep, 8 inches deep, and 18 inches wide.   Items are put into small totes with two on the top and two on the bottom.  The totes are labeled as to what they contain. 
Last spring was the first time that we have tried to grow luffa sponges. We started with transplants which were started late in the spring.  We tried them anyway.  I don't know if anyone else started any.  We had about five plants.  It took a long time before we saw any flowers.  When we did, they were the male flowers.  We saw a lot of male flowers before there were any female flowers and then some fruit.  Once they started growing we could see a difference everyday.
This  pictures is of the first luffa that started.  It took quite a while before we saw any other sponges. There were about eight more sponges.  Most of the were smaller than the one above. 

Friday, January 15, 2016

Provo City Center Temple

Tuesday, Jim and Carol Masner invited us to go the Provo City Center Temple open house on 15 January.  The Provo tabernacle burned down five years ago and later the Church announced that the tabernacle would be rebuilt and as a temple.  It is finished and the open house began today.  The Masners had four tickets

Last night snow was the forecast for today.  Sure enough, when we got up it was snowing and by 8:30 there was two inches of snow.  I talked to Jim and we decided that we would go and he would take his four wheel drive truck.  They picked us up and we could hardly get on main street. The roads were pretty slippery.  The freeway appeared pretty bad when we reached the north entrance to I-15.  There was some discussion; should we turn around go back to Holden or should we go to Scipio and turn around.  The road north from Scipio looked only wet.  We drove on the Provo with a quick stop at the Deseret  Book Store in Spanish Fork.

We were an hour early to the temple, but went in any way.  There were volunteers all along the way to keep us going in the right directions.  We put on white plastic booties over our shoes to keep the temple clean.    The were four video rooms where we watch a wonderful video explaining the purposes of temples.  We went on the elevator to each level.  The instruction rooms were very beautiful.  The celestial room was on the top level.  There was a constant feeling that this was the house of the Lord.

After the tour of the temple was completed we visited the area that had a bunch of displays.  There they had two large pictures of the temple and they would take pictures of us in front of it. They emailed it to us.

When we were finished with the tore, we went outside and Jim took this picture.  This is Carol and I on the outside of the temple.  I believe that this area will open to all after the temple is dedicated. 

Carol had special feelings there because of the many times that she attended various meetings in her youth.
On the way home we ate at the La Casita Mexican Restaurant on main street.  The food was very good.  The owner, who was also the host was very entertaining.  It took us quite awhile to be served.  The place was really crowded.  We then came home.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Varnishing My Table

A stool that I use at the kitchen table has a large potted plant on top of it.  The stool that I use at my desk top computer is moved from computer to table back to the computer.  To day I decided that I would varnish the top of the plant table.  I used a spray can and did not want to get it on the legs.  I have some screw holes that I need to plug before that.  I wrapped paper around the legs to shield them from the varnish.  I the sprayed it with many coats.  It is out side so the smell will dissipate. Tomorrow I will bring it into the house.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Can Storage

Our pantry is just off the kitchen.  When we are preparing a meal, it is a few steps away.  It is so handy, but over the years we bring things in and nothing goes out.  That is not entirely true.  There are some things that have come out, but ended up in the garage.  Now the garage is another problem to deal with.
Above is a look in the pantry.  It has been worse. There are times that we can't walk to the back without stepping over things.
This is a looking to the right.  This where our bottled fruits, beans, sauces, juices, jams and jellies are kept.  Most are used during and replenished when our garden begins to produce.  Canned fruits and vegetable that we buy from time to time are stored on the right.  Can in the back exceed their "eat by" date.

So I am looking for a way to organize the all the canned goods.  First place to look is on You Tube.  In the past I have seen storage containers for cans in the big box stores, but lately I haven't been able to find them.  One of the many You Tube videos I viewed impressed me.  I viewed it a dozen times.   I got the plans, but the dimension would not fit in the place where I was going to put it.   I had to design one that would fit. 
You may not be able to see the above drawings.  Plans are usaually made to scale.  This is not to scale, but to exact size.  I then used the plans and measured each piece, cut them out, and did a little dry fitting.  I glued some or the parts together, others I glued and nailed and some I used screws.  When finished I put cans in it.  Some cans got stuck.  I made several adjustments, and finally it works the way planned.
The picture above and the one below show the finished piece.  It is a little rough looking.  I made only one unit to get the design right.  The next project will be to make one that is about four feet long.  I should be able to put all of our cans, then use the oldest first.   I put new cans in the top and take the older ones out the bottom.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Not Finished

Yesterday I started making a small table.  I had the legs and trestle made.  All I had left to do was finish the table top.  I left it in the garage all night to be sure that the glue had cured.  This morning it looked really good.  I need to put a frame around the top to cover the cut edges.  I trimmed the end grain to prepare to glue the frame on. I attached the top to the legs.  That took awhile.  I glued two frames opposite on opposite sides.  I clamped it thought that it the glue would bond this afternoon.

We went to Fillmore to get a few groceries and fill the car with gas.   After lunch I worked in the nursery. 

The table is waiting in the garage.  I bought a spay can of varnish.  I am not sanding any of it.  I want the rustic appearance, not the fine sanded, high gloss appearance. 

Watch tomorrow I will have a picture for you.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Building a Small Table or Stool

Yesterday, I wanted to build a stool.  I run out of  time before I run out of something else to do.  Last night I sort of sketched a design of a small table.  I have a large stool for the table that where I eat.  I have small stool at my desk top computer.  This morning I began to build it.  I am calling it a table because it is square.  I build it out of out of old weathered 2 x 4s and some other weather one inch pickets from someone's fence. 

I cut four legs, four trestles, and four skirts out of 2 x 4s.  the 2 x 4s are 1 1/2 inches thick.  I cut all of them in so they are square except the skirts.   There is a pile of mistakes that I made which caused me to take some apart.  The skirts were cut to short.  They were to be put under the seat and screwed to the legs.  I had to cut them shorter and place them between the legs.  The trestle were put together in and "H" shape.  I wanted to have the weathered wood showing,  I ended up trimming the weathered trimmed off both sides.  I had to make a new one. 

I made the top out of  four 2 x 4 x 11 inches long.  they  should have 13 or 14 inches long.  I trimmed weathered sides off the centered board and one side off the two edge boards.  I glued the boards together and clamped them.  I moved them two separate times before the glue had set and the came apart at the middle.  I then put more glue on, and clamped them, and will wait till tomorrow to finish the table.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Making Blocks

My table saw sled is finished.  I left the sled and scraps of wood on the table saw Saturday evening.  I cleaned up this morning.  Sometimes I can't find my check book and the receipts piled in a stack by my printer.  I made a small wood box  to hold the receipts and my check book.  The receipts go in first and the check book on top of them.  It is setting in a prominent place on my desk. 

I used the sled to cut the pieces.  It worked out pretty well.  There is a base, two sides and the back.  I glued the two sides two the base.  The sides and back are made1/8 inch plywood. The base is made out of 3/4 inch pine.  I glued the two sides to the base.

 While they were drying I filled five tube trays and planted one of them with Salvia pachyphylla seed.  After lunch we went to Fillmore to make a deposit and check on the house insurance.  Carol cashed her check and I took her to the grocery store.  I checked on the house insurance while she was at the store.  The insurance was okay.  Lastly we got some gas and got and ice cream cone.

I glued the back on the box.  While it was drying I started making the blocks. I cut a two inch strip from some cedar that I have had in the garage ever since we moved to Holden.   I cut it to 2x2 by 7 feet long.  I run it through the thickness plainer so all side were equal.

 Next I cut it into blocks.  I made several adjustment and made 36 blocks.  I needed only 27.  I didn't get the blocks square.  I glued them together to make the cube.  One the left is a cube puzzle I made over 30 years ago.  On the right is one I made today.   I hurried with this and did not get accurate cuts.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

First Sunday of the Year

Not to much today.  Finished all my chores, which didn't take long.  I read one chapter from the Book of Mormon and shared it on Facebook.  We are continuing our fast which started yesterday at two.  Lost about three pounds when I weighted this morning.

Sacrament and Testimony meeting was good.  I bore my testimony that Jesus is the savior, the Book of Mormon is a true book and other things.  Sunday School went well.  Mark Stephenson, our former bishop presented a good lesson.

After our priesthood meeting we came home and had warm-ups which was left over f rom our lunch at Costa Vita yesterday.  I ate part for lunch today and ate the rest tonight. 

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Making a Table Saw Sled

Got up at regular time this morning.  Being Saturday, I turned the TV on for the six O'clock news.  I pushed the pause button and then had my shower and shaved.  I pressed the play button and fast forward to the national news.  I watched for a 30 minutes and then read another chapter in the Book of Mormon. 

Now that the Christmas tree decorations are put away, there is still a mess on the bedroom floor.  I spent about an hour getting that cleaned up.  I then worked in the garage.  There is a lot of saw dust and other things on the floor, and small pieces of wood that I needed to take care off.  Much of it was kindling and firewood.  I gathered it up.  There were some pieces  that were too long to fit in a stove.  I cut them into smaller pieces. I took them over to Raymond, next door.

I cleaned some of the paths through the snow and made them a little wider.  I did the watering in house two.  I then went back to the garage to build a Table Saw Sled.  I have watched them being built on You Tube.  I got it started.  We ate lunch at Costa Veita in Fillmore.  It was a birthday gift from Carol. Their serving are more than we can eat.  Therefore,  we brought most of it home.  It is fast Sunday tomorrow and we won't be eating again until after Church. 

Worked some more on the table saw sled.  I used a 2 x 4 for the front of the sled.  There was a fairly good size piece or 3/4 oak plywood. I cut it in half and attached the 2 x 4 to the front of the plywood,  I glued and screwed the runners that fit in the groves on both sides of the saw blade.  I got it put together, but the runners would not fit in the groves.  I took it apart.  The 2 x 4 was bowed.  I used my jointer to remove the bow.  Glued the runners back on.  This is not a very good photo.  It was a little dark in the garage.  The saw cut down the middle is where the blade is raised.  The fence is at the bottom of the picture.   There is a stop held by the wooden clamp.  I can then push the wood I am cutting next to the stop and make number of pieces the same length.
I worked in the greenhouse while the glue was drying.  Several days ago i filled four con-trainer trays with soil.  This afternoon I planted Salvia pachyphylla seeds in the trays.  I now have nine trays and probably have enough seed for four more trays.

Now back at the garage I finished the table saw sled.  I cut several pieces of wood to test it out. It  seems to work very well.  Next week I hope to make a cube puzzle.

I built a tool to hold safely the wood on a jointer.  I also built out of Masonite a pusher where I can safely cut 3/16" pieces of wood.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Remove the Christmas Tree

Yesterday we drove to Provo to do a little shopping, and get some tools at Home Depot.  The roads were wet all the way and there were a few spots of slush on the road.  I got a $50 gift card and Carol was going to add another $50 to that.  We were north of Nephi and Carol asked me if I had the gift card.  I did not, I left it home.  We had gone to far to turn around so we decided to keep going and come back on another day.  We did our shopping, got a little to eat and went to Robert and Jeanne's house for and evening of New Years eve party.  We haven't found a direct way to their house and a direct way back to I-15.   So it took us a little longer to get there from Provo and to find our way back to I-15.

Those attending are:  Holden and Megan, Jared and Hallie, Dalston and Maison, and Sadie, who left a little later to attend a party with her friends.  We played numerous games, of which I did not do to well, but Carol did very well.  We left about 10:30.  The ride home started out on wet roads, but soon dried out.  There were a few places where the wind had blown snow across the road, and there were a few spots of thick fog.

Today, New Years, is my birthday,  I had some presents from Lisa and Eric, and Melissa and Derick.  I opened them.

It was after twelve when we went to bed.  I turned of the alarm light because I didn't want to get up that early.  I did get up a little before seven.   I turned the TV on and put it on pause so I would not miss the 7:00 news.  I then bathed and watched the first half hour of news.  Carol was up by then and started to remove the snow flakes from the tree.   I fed the cat in house five and fed the chickens. 

We had breakfast and then proceded to remove all of the ornaments from the tree.  I got the boxes ready and it went pretty well getting the ornaments in the right box and then fitting the boxes in the tote.  Putting the tree back in the box has always been a chalange. but it seemed to be most difficult.  I wrapped each of the four section tight with heavey twine.  I couldn't close the lid.  I cut the twine loose and reloaded the box, but still couldn't close the lid.  I shifted the tree sections around a little and was able after much pressure I was able to close and lock the lid.  I took the tree and boxes back to the garage.  Carol vacuumed the rug and I swept the kitchen. 

We watched part of the Rose Parade which I had put on pause.  We had lunch and then I watched a football game.  I was able to watch only one.