Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Another Day of Unplanned Outcomes

We drove to Fillmore this morning where I made a deposit at the credit union.  Each fall I get letter from the department of motor vehicles.  It has to be signed by my doctor.  We also bought a few groceries.

Another unplanned project was the table I made that sets at the backside of my table saw. I started before lunch and finished after lunch.  I gathered several 2x4's that used for the legs.  I cut the four legs which are 1 1/2 inch square.  The skirt was made of other 3x4's are 20 inches long.  The top is made from an old piece of 2/4 inch plywood.   It has and six inch over hang on the four sides.  When sawing from now on the pieces will slide on the table instead of falling on the floor.

My plan was to continuing the job yesterday of removing the Four Wing Salt brush.  'The photo shows two saws that I used.  The hand saw with the yellow handle was used first.  There are some clippers with red handles I used to cut away the top branches.  The branches at the top had the leaves.  With them gone I could see some branches that I cut off with the pruners. Finally I could the base of the Salt Brush.  I laid down and using the hand saw I cut them off.  Some of the branches were nearly eight feet long.  I cut enough of these off, then I used the chain saw to cut off bigger branches.  It took me several hours and was able to cut all of them off. They were so tangled with each other that it was difficult to pull them loose.  To the left of the hand saw are the stumps.  They are very clear in the photo.  
The stems and branches are piled all over the place.
Another view

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Monday, October 16, 2017

Today's end was Unexpected.

When it warmed up I checked out the greenhouses.  House two was warm and the others were frosted.

From time to time our cat, Tiger, comes into the greenhouse;  Today, he jumped on the bench that I was using.

Yesterday while cleaning in house four, I found some wire baskets.  Below I covered on basket with clear plastic wrap and placed another basket on top of it.  Next spring I can use these two get an early start on melons, cucumbers, etc.

The potting soil in the soil been is powdery dry.  I started to wet it down before lunch and finished after lunch.  It took a lot of watering and stirring to get it all wet.  I filled one 1206 tray with the wet soil.  Later I planted two six packs various seeds which included, basil, cauliflower, cabbage, sweet corn, and pole beans.s
Richard lived with us for about a year a couple of years ago.  One thing he left was this gun safe which his ex  broke it open.  It won't lock any more.  I moved it into house two and to put a couple of shelves in it.  This would give us a handy dry place for some of the tools and supplies we need for planting.  I put some 1x2 runners on each side, and then set a shelf I made out of plywood on top of the runners.
There is a small shelf near the top of the gun safe.  I then added another shelf and put some of the items in it.

The tomato plants in house one have suffered frost damage for about a week now. I started to remove them and put them in the compost pile.  There are two rows in the center.  I removed the tomato clips and pulled out five or six plants in each row.
I planted a fruit tree in the west end of the orchard.  This used to be a plum tree, but it died and a new tree came from the root stalk.  A couple of years ago, it fruited while in the pot.  There weren't very many, but they had a good taste.  While I was watering today, I watered this tree and decided to plant it.

There is a grove of Four-wing Salt Brush.  I don't think these desert plants are in groves.  Many years ago I had gallon pots of the Four-wing Salt Brush in this area on top of some weed barrier.  Most of them didn't sell so I threw them away.  The plants had rooted through the the weed barrier.  I broke of those that had rooted and later the roots produced new stems and plants.  Now they are pretty big.  This evening I started to cut them away.  I would liket to build a fence around the orchard for a new place for chickens and maybe ducks.  The Salt Brush is in the way of this project.  The two photos below show a little of it.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

House One - Hard Frost

Hard frost this morning.  The garden hoses were frozen.  The furnace was working in house two.  Below are two photos that shows the tomato plants and some tomatoes in house one.  Vine were shot. Some of the tomatoes are still good.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Cold Day, But Warm Inside

The Gambel Oak acorns are now in the fridge.  I am waiting for the germination.
 I built this drawer for my Kreg tools, screws and clamps.  These tools were not used to build it.  It worked out pretty good, but far from being beautiful.  It is made out of recycled wood and the bottom out of Masonite.
 I bought a bunch of drawer pulls from a hardware company when the went out of business.
 I found this squash bug in greenhouse two which is heated.  No squash vines any where in house two.  I squashed it.
 We dried onions yesterday.  Carol took them out of the dryer this morning.
Planted radishes in the raised bed.

I did some of cleaning in house four. I found some things in there that I forgot that I had them.

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Friday, October 13, 2017

Potatoes are Dug, But Midgets

I picked some tomatoes this morning and took them to the post office.  Over half were gone by evening.
I gathered all of the acorns from the Gambel Oak that is growing near the road.  There are over  acorns.  They are scheduled put in a zip bag with some potting soil and then in the fridge until next spring.  I check on them every month.

Carol started to cut up the onions.  I got the dehydrator ready.  We cut enough onions in to small pieces to fill the dehydrator.

We finished digging the potatoes.  We started Monday and finished today.  Most of them are small, but did find a few bigger ones.

When we finished digging the potatoes, the garden looked like this. The whole thing looked like it was spaded.
It has been a long time since I built something in the shop.  Today I made a stool.  It is about fourteen inches square and fifteen inches high.  I will use it in the garage to reach the things on the top shelves. It took me a couple of hours to make it.  I made a few mistakes.  Will do better on the next one.

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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Trip to Saratoga Springs - A Bust?

This morning Andrew Brown, a furnace repairman, worked and hour on the furnace in house two.  The pilot light went out, and the fans turned on blowing unheated air which was cold.  He tested different systems and replaced the thermo-coupler.  The pilot light was on tonight after we got home.
The rest of the day was most interesting and somewhat frustrating.  We stopped at a couple of stores to get some supplies and a few groceries.

Our family dinner with my brothers and sisters and their spouse was to begin at four.  Carol and I were there about one half hour earlier.  We waited and waited.  Four o'clock came and went and still no one.  The phone rang and it was my brother Paul wondering where we were.  It ended up that we were at the wrong place.  Gary, my brother in law tried to give us directions.  We did our best to follow them and we drove up and down Redwood road.  That would be north and south.  He told us of different landmarks.  Like Walmart, Jiffy Lube, etc.  We finally arrived.  It took us about twenty minutes to reach the Café El Lago which was about a half mile from our first stop.  We had a nice dinner and visit.
After we drove to Robert's new home in Orem.  We were on the right street but it was getting dark and we couldn't see the house number.  I called him and he came out where we saw him.  It is an older home with and upstairs and downstairs with four bedrooms and a few other rooms beside.  he has a fairly good size lot.  We visited awhile.  We stopped for gas on the way home.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Stll Diging Before Their Frozen In

I was walking on the west side past hen house.  I had let the chicken out earlier this morning.  there was a black cat in the chicken run that looked like Socks.  I could not see a tail.  It then made its way out by going under the fence.  The photo does not show the small hole.

West of house five there has been a pretty flower bed growing all summer.  The frost a couple of nights ago froze the annuals.  At the left of the picture are the perennials.

More Saffron flowers are blooming.  I cut the flowers of and took them into the house and remove the stamens.  My little dish has a bunch of them.
We dug some potatoes this morning and some more this afternoon.  Yukon gold is pictured below.  We dug some of these yesterday and dug the rest today.  The potato vines died and dried up several months ago.  The ground is somewhat dry and it had to dig them with a shovel.  I tried a pitchfork and that wasn't any easier.  I have another shovel that is heavy and I don't use it much.  But it worked well with the potatoes.  the blade more pointed and narrow than the other shovels.  I helped a whole bunch.
 We dug all of the Red Lasoda potatoes today.  They are a potato that stores well and does well in hot dry areas.
We also dug the All Blue potato.  they were not very big and tuber is the same color as the soil making it hard to see them.  I didn't get a picture.

I pulled the stake out of the ground using the shovel to dig a little and then hooking to the corner of the stake and pushing the shovel handle down I levered it up.
I coiled up the hose in a figure eight pattern that was used in the melon garden  to prepare for next year.  I can pull the hose back on the garden without and kinks.
On Monday I planted red beets by droping a seed in each cell.  I my plant was to remove the Styrofoam after the beets were going up through the cell.  I moved the Styrofoam today and the covered the seeds with    ?????             and put the Styrofoam back on top of the seeds.  The seeds will not be washed away.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Dug Potatoes and More Cleaning

Started out this morning picking tomatoes, egg plants, peppers.  The tomatoes and egg plants came from house one.  The peppers came from house six.  and by the way the tomato and pepper plants in house six sustained heavy frost damage.
 There were more peppers than I thought.  There is a bunch left.

There were a whole lot of egg plants in house six.  I used pruners to cut the egg plants free.
I paid some bills.  We drove to Fillmore for a few groceries and made a deposit at the bank and credit union.

We have about ten rows of potatoes.  Actually they are Roberts potatoes.  He planted quite a few different potato varieties.  We started digging a purple skin potato.  They are so small.  We moved over a row and dug the Yukon Gold potatoes.  When we were finished with the row, we had a bucketful.  A fuzzy photo.
There are a lot of Armeian cucumbers in Robert's garden.  I gathered them up.
I cut the roots loose and started to pull them.  I pulled them into the wheelbarrow.
The wheelbarrow was pretty heavy..
The new compost pile with the cucumbers on top.
How it looked after the cleaning.
I finished the day removing the tomato clips from the burpless cucumbers.  The plants need to dry more to remove the vines from the cages.

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