Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Wrapping Presents

We spent most of the morning and part of the afternoon wrapping presents.  Most of our children and grandchildren is getting a card containing some cash, and a large candy bar.  Carol was really tired, but she kept on going until she was finished.

I had to take all the seed boxes off the table.  It is in Carol's bedroom with the presents.  I took the picture after we were finished.
This picture is to help me remember what I did today.  I filled the bird feeder.  The birds so showed up.
I worked a couple hours on the lumber rack. Most of the pieces will be used to space the shelf supports and the others are for the shelves.  In reality there are no shelves,  the first board becomes a self for those above it.  All that is left to do is to make eight, eight foot posts that will be attached to the wall.  All the lumber comes from benches in the nursery.  Could be called: reclaimed wood.
The ice pile has grown considerably since the first picture.  It is freezing every night and most of the day.
This tomato plant with a salsa type tomato.  I took two cutting and they are in a window in the house.

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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Temple & Plant Growth

We had a good day at the Manti Utah Temple even though we are up by 3:30 am.

I changed clothes after we got home from the temple.  Everything in house two was good except the fan that fills the space between the two layers of poly. The air was escaping around the fan.  At the left of the fan near the top you can see part of tear where the air escapes.  I found some poly tape and taped all the way around the fan opening.  I think that it will work better.
The last time that I looked at the pole beans was Sunday.  There has been substantial growth in the beans.  In the photo below the bean plant has begun to wind its way up the trellis.
This tomato plant is a little harder to see.  I stuck in a bamboo stick and attached the tomato plant to is in several locations up the stick. I cut off two branches last week that are in the kitchen window.  They should have some roots in a couple of weeks.
I watered everything in house two.

I watered some of the carrots in house six.  I was able to dig a bunch of them.  I washed them in house two and now they are in the fridge.

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Monday, December 11, 2017

Service Car and Off to Walmartk

As soon as it was light enough I could see that the water mister was still running water.  After breakfast I called Deardens to have them service our car and do an oil change.  I then drove to Fillmore.  They took it right in, but it took about an hour before they were finished.

We then drove to Payson where we stopped at the Walmart store where we got a few things.  I bought Carol a wedding band.  She lost hers several years ago.  The clerk put it in a tiny paper bag.  I put the tiny bag in the cart with other things. I put the other things in the trunk and pushed the cart to the cart place. I walked away and the young man gathering the carts saw that I left that small bag. Holding it in his hand, he hollered "you forgot this" Grateful for honest people.

We went to Sam's Club, Home Depot, Penny's, Burlington, and bed bath & beyond.  We finished all of our Christmas shopping.  We gassed up at Costco in Spanish Fork and drove straight home.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

The Dedication

Late September or early October, we went the Cedar City Temple open house.  We toured the temple and the beauty and construction was magnificent.
Today we went to the Fillmore stake house and witnessed the dedication of the Cedar City Temple .  The meeting was very spiritual and testimony building of the work of salvation for the living as well as salvation of dead.  Covenants for the living and the dead are made.  Ordinance, such as baptism are performed for the dead and marriages are also performed for the living and the dead.  Only those members of good standing and with a recommend from their bishop can enter the temple.

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Friday, December 8, 2017

Started the Lumber Rack

The first project was to build a base for the metal silhouettes of the Three Wise Men and the Baby Jesus.  They may be designed to hang on a Christmas tree.  Carol had them on a book shelf leaning against the wall.  I have some walnut wood and made a base for each.  It may have been better to have used some maple to contrast with the black silhouettes.  We got the manger when we went to tithing settlement last year.  The bishop gave us the Wise Men this year at tithing settlement.
I had four six packs of Basil.  I transplanted them to the small round pots.  I fertilized them and we will see how the do in the short days.  There are sixteen.
It is time to plant the native plants.  The pictures below show the packet labels.

I made eight trays.  Some of the seed is very old, therefore I planted it thick.  I moved the to house three where they will get the natural freezing and thawing to aid in germination.
Another picture of the ice project. Check this link.  It gets a little bigger every day.
The Lumber Rack is made out of 2x4's.  Each benches below had four 16ft, 2x4's.  The rack needs eight.  I will get my eight by cutting each one in half.  I removed the nails and screws from two benches.  Some were not easy to remove.  Some of the screws brook.  Some of the nails were so hard to pull out that some of the wood was ruined.
I got eight 2x4's x 16ft, in which I should be able to get four good ones.  They are in house six to keep them from getting wet.  They are stacked together.  I will clamp them together to keep the straight.

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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Transplanting in House Two

After breakfast and after the news and after the sunrise, I went to greenhouse two.  There were plants to be transplanted and pole beans that were ready to climb.  In the pictures below I made a trellis for the pole beans.  I drove to 1/2 inch conduit intp the ground on both sides of the bean row. I wired it to the boards to stabilize it.

The arrow peas are ready to climb.  I drove in a shorter conduit on each end of the peas.  I then strung to pieces of twine to hold the pea vines upright.  There is now wind in the greenhouse so they should be alright.
I found a piece of oak.  I drilled holes in both ends of the oak and inserted a large nail through the hole and into the conduit.  I tied twine to the heads of three other large nails.  They hung down over the pole beans.  The other end of the twine was tied to the wood at the top.
I had twelve bush beans which are planted in the center of the picture below. there are two rows.
 I put the sweet corn in two rows in a different raised bed.   At the top of the picture there are four Yellow Crock neck summer squash.
 I am going to put two raised beds on the west side of house two and they will be in the north south direction.  I took off one of the 2x4's of the bench that is there now.  That took awhile to remove all the staples and screws that was holding it together.  I took the 2x4 that is laying on the floor to the garage.  It has a nice weathered side that I hope to use in some type of furniture.
The amaryllis below was full of weeds.  I pulled all of them out and the dumped out the amaryllises
There were four small bulbs and two larger bulbs.  I put the largest one in the original pot.  The next on in a larger pot and the four in smaller pots.
 They are pictured below.  Several had long leaves that I pruned some.
I dug up a tomato plant in the garden that had a different type of tomato on it.  It is growing as shown in the picture below.
 I cut off two of the stems and put them in a bottle of water.  I cut off the lower leaves.  They are in the kitchen window and should grow roots in two to three weeks.
The following photos are of the ice display, that grows daily.

 This one is in a different location.  Two hose are joined together here and has a leak. It sprays some and is making another ice display.
 I walked to the south east corner of our yard.  The large poplar trees have weakened and I am afraid that the wind might blow them over.  I was investigating to determine the best way and time to cut them down so they won't fall to the east and breakdown the power line and break the neighbors horse fence and corals.

This saw buck was out by the poplars.  I brought it to the patio and took it apart.  I could use the wood in some future project.
 Here,the pieces are stacked.  I put them in the garage.  The bottom one is a large piece of pine.

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Christmas Lights & One Fast Project

We started out the day with a quick trip to Fillmore for a few groceries.  Also, I made a deposit and a payment.  We prepared our Christmas cards.  I updated our label list. Carol mailed them.

We have Christmas presents to wrap.  I built a small rack to hold a roll of wrapping paper.  I used long roll I thought, for the measurements.  It turned out that there were several rolls longer.  The one i built fits our kitchen table.  It can be fastened to the table on the far end and the whole table is available for pulling the paper.  
I use two small clamps.  One on each end.  I made long square piece of wood to hold the roll of paper.  It is easily moved for and other roll of paper.
The ice display continues to grow.  The following pictures are of the same things but from different angles.

 This show the branch from the nearby sycamore tree that is bent over with the weight of the ice.
The pictures I took were so shaky that I got the tripod for the next pictures.  They are still a little shaky.  The first picture was taken from the road.  The flash shows the dried up plants in the native garden.

 The picture below clearly shows the red light on the Christmas wreaths.

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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Ice When at Home

It was cold yesterday and the ice pile grew somewhat.  The water run all night and most of the day when we got home this afternoon I took the following ice pictures.  We were quite surprised at the interesting formations.  The water looks like steam or even smoke.
Ice has frozen around the pipe.  The hose is visible because of the warmer water.  The spray covered a branch of a nearby tree.  The weight pulled it to the ground.  Branch won't get any heavier.  All the picture show the same ice, but from different angles.  Some are cropped differently.

Every evening around three or four, the cats show up for something to eat.  When the door is opened, One of our cats, Freckles, looking through the screen door,  takes a peek inside the kitchen.

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