Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Quick Update, My How The Veggies Grow

Tuesday morning is our day at the Manti, Utah temple.  I did the watering as soon as I got home.  The next thing was to pick the cucumbers.  I will pick every day except Sunday.  If I don't some of the cukes will get way to big.  On the left below are the Armenian cucumber and the right are the burp-less cucumber.

l walked through the melon garden.  Every day the melons get a little larger.  Frank's watermelon below.
 And the Crimson Sweet that I started.  It was a late start, but there is plenty of time for them to ripen.
I am investigating the way of packaging the cherry tomatoes.  I used a Dream Whip container to determine how many tomatoes make a pound.  Below are black cherry tomatoes.  One of my favorites.
The other is not a cherry, but a small salad tomato called Juliet.  I put them in a plastic bag.  They are quite firm.  Whereas the Black cherry would be bruised in plastic bag.

Comments and questions are welcomed.

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