Saturday, August 12, 2017

Robert Came Alone -- Work

First project this morning was to make a vegetable juice, using tomatoes, peppers, onions, celery, and parsley.  Everything was cooked.  We had breakfast while it was cooking and then juiced it.
After breakfast, Carol put it in the bottles and processed it.  Eleven quarts and one pint.

Most of the time Robert and I worked in house one pruning tomato plant branches.  That is a constant job.  We prune at one end of the row.  When we come back we see a lot of branches that were skipped.  Then in a week they may grow twelve inches.

We drove to Meadow, Utah, and visited the Pahvant Valley Trading Post.  We had hoped to sell tomatoes and peppers.  There were several venders there and no customers.  The owners said that they might have to close down.

I have made a lot of TOMAHOOKS to hang tomato plants to a support wire.  Today, we made a video.   TOMAHOOK

After lunch we again worked in house one.  We were pruning and hanging.

This evening we, Carol and I went to Delta for a family reunion.  Many brought prizes to give away in the following game board called PLINKO.  Board is made of a peg board.  There are many versions of it on YouTube.
Everyone that played got a prize.  The last drawing was for the winner of the quilt.  Mary Anne is announcing the winner.
There is the quilt.
 My brother Paul and his family winning the golf tournament.
After I got home, I tied up the squash and pumpkin plants.  They have really grown the last couple of days.
I asked Rod who mows the ball park to dump his clipping at our place.  I won't be able to move them to the garden until Monday.  I hope they don't begin to stink.

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