Thursday, August 3, 2017

Started in house one - ended with tomato cages

I made five or six more hooks this morning.  I worked in house one most of the morning.  I used the hooks two hang tomato plants that were being held up by four foot bamboo stakes.  They were determinate tomato plants with some large tomatoes.  I will watch and see how they do.  Below is the twine and tomato clips.
Yesterday, I braced up the egg plants on the south end of house one.  Before lunch, I braced up the egg plants and pepper plants on the south end of house one.  Now they are braced all the way.  I drove some stakes in the ground and stretched the twine between the stakes.  Many of the plants are over three feet tall.
An interesting pepper.  
 Here is another version of a two basket tomato cage.  The difference is the adjustable height.
These pieces of wood have holes drilled at and angle.  The wood is the right size for driving it into the pipe for a tight fit.
A nail inserted into the hole.  Then the cage can be lowered or raised depending on the height of the tomato plant.
Below I drove in a screw which holds the cage in place.
I weeded about half of the onions yesterday and Carol finished it off this morning.  the weeds are on the left side of the row.

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