Monday, August 7, 2017

Started with Ben --- Ended with a Hook

Ben was a little after eight.  I had him water the new corn plants and those on both side.  He finished that and we put tomato cages on two tomato plants.  There were three plants that needed cages.  We used the two tree baskets method for the two and I found an old concrete wire cage that I used for the last one.  Below are two tree baskets right side up and the other one upside down.  We used hog ties or hog rings to hold them together.      Watch my You Tube Channel  There are three hole drilled at the top of the square piece of wood for three heights.   A nail through the hole holds the tree baskets up.
Last week I hit two bench with the lawnmower.  Ben helped me put the back up.  We removed the plants on the bench so we could lift it.  Ben lifted it while moved the put the cement block back in place.  We moved the bench further west so I could drive the mower in and out without hitting the bench.
 The above bench is outside of house three.  Below is the bench inside house three.  We lifted it, moved the blocks, and put the bench back into the right place.
Ben went home and I did other things.  The pumpkin gourd bamboo extension bent over.  I had to rewire it.
Carol came out and found one bean in pole bean row.  A little later, I found one.  Hopefully there will be many more.
There have been robins in houses one and six.  I have felt like they are eating worms.  Today our visitor found two tomatoes in house one that had been partially eaten by robins.
Pulled weeds in west side of house one.  There are three rows of egg plants and a lot of fruit on them.  I picked a purple and white one.
The banana squash and pumpkins are doing very well.  I tied most of them two their stake.
 The staked watermelons are doing good.  I added an extension to one of them.
 I picked all of the cucumbers and filled a tote with them.  Carol took them the a neighbor.   A sister temple worker stopped by and I showed her around the gardens and the greenhouses.  After she left I picked the Armenian cucumbers.  They are coming on fast.
 There is a purlin on each side of the greenhouse.  I wrapped the twine around the purlin twice and a weight on the end of the twine to hold the tomato plant.  That made it hard two drop the plants for easy picking.  I made two hooks.  One was with tie wire and the other with the 9 gage wire. on the left is the tie wire.  On the right is the heavier wire.  The tomahook is then hooked to the purlin hook.
The above photo is pictured shows the eastside, and below it shows the west side.

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