Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Ben & I Hanging More Tomato Plants

I picked a tote of tomatoes before breakfast.  Carol gave them to the Masner's

Ben came a little after eight.  I hadn't finished breakfast, so I had him water in house three and the plants south of house six.  He did this.  I finished breakfast and met him outside while I was heading out to house one.  We worked there for nearly two hours.  We hung several plants and others were damaged by walking on them or rough handling.  We can now walk down every isle.
I worked some more after he left.  There are some large fruits on the plants.  There a bunch of sweet yellow cherry tomatoes.  I made more hooks and made one for the purlin.

After lunch I started weeding the tomato plants.  There are three rows and there were weeds around the tomato plants and in the space between the plants.  It was hand and knee work.  I run water down the rows which made the soil soft and made it much easier to pull out the weeds.
The row of onions were terribly weedy.  Most were purslane.  There was also red roots and wild lettuce.  Again this was knee and weeds.   Or kneel and weed.
Here the weeds are out.  A small purslane plant in a couple of week will grow to be quite large.  If a leaf is kept moist, roots will begin to produce roots.  The purslane one either side of the onions will be removed with a stirrup hoe, which is stand-up work.
I planted three varieties of black-eye Susan earlier in the spring.  I planted them in the flower garden west of the driveway.
The egg plants in house one are getting large and falling into the isle which make it difficult to walk down the isle.  I made a retainer with three pieces of half inch conduit and heavy twine.  The photo below shows how this is done.   You see one of the half inch conduit and twine at the bottom right corner.
I used the device below to bend the wires to make the hooks.

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